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A Reminder to Always Work Within Your Strengths!

Recently, I had an important reminder of how important it is to work within your strengths - and outsource the things you aren't as strong at doing. While our family made the decision over a year ago to sell our house in the suburbs and move to a small hobby farm in Stillwater, the reality of all the work involved in getting our house ready really just sunk in a few weeks ago.  As our To-Do list for marketing our house began to grow, so did my anxiety! My mom might have been a talented Interior Decorator, but none of those genes were passed on to me. 

Thankfully, our realtor suggested we engage the services of a home stager to help us get our home ready to make an awesome first impression on buyers. Professional home stagers are practiced in the art of preparing a home for resale. They work with the "flow" of a home, suggest paint colors, eliminate clutter, provide and arrange furniture, and even assist in enhancing curb-appeal. 

As we began follow the stager's advice, our home began to look better and better. After they delivered the furniture, it soon began to take on the look  and feel of a model home. We quickly went from living in an 80's styled home to something you might even see on HGTV!  

The Gusick Kitchen and Living Room, Post-Staging

The final reward came when our home went on the market. It sold in three days and went for $7,000 over the listing price! I really believe that the reason our sale went so well is because we were willing to acknowledge we needed help - and we were willing to hire a professional to help us. Often the same is true with your marketing efforts. Know when you need help, then find the best resource!

Have you realized that you need help with your marketing efforts? If so, read the blog post Kristy just wrote called,  Thinking About Hiring a Marketing Firm? It will help you decide what type of marketing firm might be best to help you. 

You can also take our marketing quiz,  Is Your Firm a Good Candidate for Outsourced Marketing? to see if our firm's marketing approach is right for you. Good luck with your outsourcing efforts!
Terrie Wheeler & Kristy Gusick

Hot Off The Press!

R ead Terrie's most recent article in Attorney at Law
Magazine's May 2016 issue. Terrie's article is entitled,   Are You Engaginge? How to Drive Results on LinkedIn.  Many of PSM's clients know they need to be doing more to share their knowledge and expertise.  Terrie's article addresses what true engagement on LinkedIn looks like and how you can leverage your network online to provide effective results.  
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Marketing Motivation!

One of Kristy and Terrie's favorite business books: Eat That Frog!

"For people who are overwhelmed by tasks of all sizes, this book provides the 21 most effective methods for conquering procrastination and accomplishing more."

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Client Philosophy: "I believe that truly innovative solutions are born from great questions. Of all the questions, I find "What if ... ?" the most compelling. Great questions elevate the client experience and the final work product."

At  The Podium

Terrie will be presenting a one-hour CLE, Ethicial Marketing in the Millennial Age, to the Ramsey County Bar Association on Thursday, June 19. She'll cover Minnesota ethics violations, the rules related to marketing, and tips for compliance. 

Find out more information and  register here.

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