May 2017
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Whether it’s the first crocus pushing up or our wonderful volunteers, spring can be hard work. Recently volunteers cleaned all the garden beds to prepare for what we consider our "award-winning" glorious flowers this spring and summer. 
May Retreat Programs

Visit our  retreat calendar web page  for more program offerings and descriptions.  Visit the reservation page for information  or call 715.267.7507. 

Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation with Andrea Russell

May 5-7 (Friday-Sunday)

Visit Andrea’s website to Learn More and to Register.

Forgiveness and Emotional Healing

May 8-10 (Monday-Wednesday) with Lama Yeshe 

Tuition: $150, plus lodging and meals.

Learn techniques and practices of forgiveness that begin with ourselves and extend out to those we want to forgive and those from whom we seek forgiveness. The program includes sitting meditation instruction and meditation, teachings, and discussion that focus on forgiveness, love, compassion, mindfulness, and understanding.  Lama Tsultrim Yeshe is a retired prison chaplain and the director of the Hay River KTC Meditation Center. He teaches workshop participants throughout North America to use Tibetan Buddhist practices to explore the nature of forgiveness and heal old wounds.  Learn More 

Writing Our Way to Spiritual Realization

May 17-19 (Wednesday-Friday) with Mike Ward and Roseanne Annoni  

Tuition: sliding scale $150-$200, plus meals and lodging.

Writing is a powerful support for self-remembering. We start where we are, expressing what feels real and true. Then we dig deeper to reveal the truths beneath the truths. When we stay true to where we are, each step of the way, we can’t help but rediscover our ultimate essential nature. This workshop is not about the craft of writing but rather about accessing the natural creativity and depth that shows up when we turn inward, get present, and put pen to paper. You might be amazed at what your soul wants to say when immersed in an atmosphere free of judgment. Roseanne and Mike are retired psychotherapists. Mike is a published author and Roseann is a spiritual teacher of the Diamond Approach. Learn More 

Health and Inner Peace with Relaxation and Full Natural Breathing

May 23-24 (Tuesday-Wednesday) with Roberta Hodges

Tuition: $95, plus meals and lodging.

Learn body and breath relaxations of varied length and styles that can be done while lying, sitting, (in private as in a meeting) walking or standing (as in a grocery store line). Practices range from a one minute calming breath practice to the more lengthy Yoga Nidra practice of extreme relaxation. The practice will help you reestablish the healthy habits of longer, slower, deeper breathing. Roberta has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga in the Himalayan tradition for over 25 years including Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and more recently Tantric Yoga. She is a practicing massage therapist and energy worker. Roberta has created two yoga CDs. Learn More 

Mandala-Making: Open Studio

May 25-28 (Thursday-Sunday) Daily 10 am-12:30; 2:30-5 pm, including Sunday.

with Gabriele Uhlein, OSF, PhD

Tuition: $40 a day, plus meals and lodging and a one-time $15 materials fee.  ½ days are $20; evenings are free. Commuters are welcome: bring a bag lunch or purchase a lovely vegetarian meal for $16.

Creating a Mandala is a contemplative spiritual practice. Mandala-making can bring wholeness and healing. It can open us to an awareness of all that is holy. You’ll have historical, spiritual and cross-cultural examples of mandalas available for inspiration along with expert instruction and support. Enjoy working on black paper with luminous artist-grade colored pencils. No previous art experience is necessary and all materials are provided. Gabriele is a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Her art and spirituality sessions integrate contemplation with creativity and intuition, offering a unique opportunity for spiritual insight and deep self-exploration. Learn More 

Dependent Origination:  A Core Buddhist Teaching

May 26-28 (Friday-Sunday) With Susan Mickel, MD, PhD

Susan has been meditating for over twenty-five years, first in the Christian tradition, then in the Burmese mindfulness tradition, and since 2003 in the Tibetan Mahamudra and Dzogchen traditions. She learned Burmese mindfulness meditation from Mary Jo Meadow, and teachers at Insight Meditation Society, Spirit Rock, and other centers. Learn More 

Mahamudra 2: Meditation Taught in the Pointing Out Way Style

May 28-June 4 (Sunday-Sunday) With Susan Mickel, MD, PhD Learn More

  Spring Gardens  Coming Soon!
Other Good News

Benefits of a Rejuvenating Weekday Getaway
Replenish yourself with natural beauty and healthy meals in this sacred place.  Come
read, write, create, or just relax in the the stillness and peace of uninterrupted time. Spiritual Guidance available. Learn More
Yoga Festival Fundraiser Coming June 30-July 2 
A Celebration for Mind, Body, and Heart with Earth and Spirit
We invite you to join us for one of the many traditions that find a home here. The Christine Center, rooted as it is in the Franciscan mystical lineage, recognizes the diversity of forms through which the Divine allures the human family to deeper consciousness.  

We celebrate this festival as an opportunity to make friends and learn from one another.  Delighting in our common search for a peaceful world we welcome a weekend that honors a variety of spiritual practices while supporting the future of the Christine Center.

Work Exchange Volunteer Needed this Summer
We are accepting applications for a Work Exchange Volunteer to complete outside work such as painting, weed whacking, collecting wood, chopping and stacking wood, and upkeep of our trails.  In exchange for 35 hours per week, you would receive meals and lodging.  If interested, please email your request for an application  to Marge Zulaski at   
Because We Are Committed to Compassion

Read a  Circle of Compassion  blog post by Henrita Frost, SSND, a member of the Christine Center Leadership Team. Mandala by Henrita.

Often as I gazed on the image of Mary’s Annunciation in my office, a desire evolved within me to create a mandala with Mary as the center surrounded by a rosary.  Connecting the beads is the symbol of the Charter for Compassion, for Mary has become for me the Cosmic Mother of Compassion. Mary accompanies my meditations, my hopes and desires to bring passionate compassion to my daily journey and to the Global Community.  This desire grows within me as the presence of the rosary accompanies my life.  

The Christine Center is a member of the International Charter for Compassion.  Visit their website.
You can learn the joy of Mandala art.
No artistic experience needed.  Learn More  
The Christine Center