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A Message from the Sheriff
By Richard Mack 
Richard Mack
I received a call from Sam Girod's son last week and he advised that the appeals for Sam have all been denied. It appears that the federal judicial deck has been thoroughly stacked against him. He will serve at least 80% of his six year sentence unless we are able to get President Trump or AG Sessions to intervene on his behalf.  
There is a slight possibility of SCOTUS doing something about it as we have CSPOA members writing letters to them on Girod's behalf.  (In the monumental SCOTUS ruling of Gideon v Wainwright, Gideon actually wrote to SCOTUS from his prison cell with just paper and pencil. A clerk made certain that some of the judges looked at it and Gideon was granted a new trial. He was exonerated.) Maybe we can do the same for Sam Girod. 
I do know for a fact that one of Girod's US Senators knows about his case, because I spoke with Senator Rand Paul about it face to face just a few weeks ago. It appears Senator Paul is not interested in helping an innocent Amish farmer.
Steve and Dwight Hammond do not appear to be fairing any better than Sam Girod. Their appeals likewise are falling on deaf ears.  It is beyond  disgraceful and outrageous that our public servants have allowed these injustices to stand. 
We are certain that President Trump is aware of Cox and Kettler's plight, but we are still not 100% sure that he knows about the Hammonds and Girod. 
We still hope and pray that we can help these victims of federal and judicial tyranny. Please pray and donate what you can.
Update on Cox/Kettler Case in Kansas
by Robert Wood
Shane Cox, the father of a currently serving Marine, and Jeremy Kettler, an honored Veteran, were arrested, tried and convicted in Federal Court for following the Kansas 2nd Amendment Protection Act (SAPA) by manufacturing, selling and purchasing "Made in Kansas" suppressors, which were legal under the Kansas law.  The Kansas Chamber of Liberty continues to hold gun rallies and we continue to fight in defense of these men. 
 The Kansas Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and most State Legislators who sponsored, passed and signed SAPA into law stood by and did nothing as two citizens the law was made to protect were made felons.  The Federal agency that arrested them in Kansas actually committed the felony under the Kansas law, but the Kansas Attorney General refused to file the charges and the Governor refused to faithfully execute law as required of him in the Kansas Constitution. 
 Several updates to this case occurred this year.  On January 16th their appeal was heard at the US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Here is a link to the streaming audio of the case before the court. 
It's remarkable that the case seems to revolve around
the Federal government saying that the National Firearms Act is a tax even though it would make it the only Federal tax collected at the BATFE and not the US Treasury.  The case also revolves around the case being a tax, but they cannot tax a right or it makes it a privilege. 
 The justices on the court seem to contend that a suppressor is not an "arm" as listed as a protected right in the 2nd Amendment, but they must be completely unaware that the National Firearms Act itself classifies suppressors as a firearm.  Also if the BATFE were just interested in collecting a tax, why did they not serve notice to Cox Kettler of taxes due and a time to pay and why didn't they do the same to the 20 some others that bought suppressors from Mr. Cox in Kansas?  It's obvious the NFA is not a tax and it violates our right to bear arms.
Another update in the case came on February 17th of this year when the Kansas Republican Party passed a resolution asking Trump to pardon Cox and Kettler.  That resolution was sent to Trump and still nothing has been done to pardon or restore the rights of these men.
 On April 13th of this year a Suppressor Fix Amendment was attached to a Kansas gun bill HB 2145, passed and signed into law by Kansas Governor Colyer.  The Suppressor Fix was in response to the excuse the Kansas Attorney General used as to why he would not
 act to defend the rights of Cox and Kettler or our Kansas law.  When Derek, Schmidt the Kansas Attorney General, was pushed to intervene in defense of Cox and Kettler during their initial trial he found an old obscure Suppressor law in Kansas and put it in the intervention document to the court.

This basically threw Cox and Kettler under the bus and the  judge used it during the instructions to the jury before they deliberated. Nobody in Kansas knew about this obscure Kansas Suppressor law, but in the opinion of many the 2nd Amendment Protection Act overturned any previous Kansas or Federal gun control law by its clear statements of our State returning to the original intent of the 2nd Amendment as understood when we joined the union in 1861.  

The Suppressor Fix Amendment was made to fix any issue with suppressors in the 2nd Amendment Protection Act retroactive back to when it was signed into law.  For our State Legislature to pass this fix signals a doubling down of support for the bill on paper and now there are no excuses from anyone to not defend the rights of Cox and Kettler or others following our law.

Unfortunately all of them are still remaining quiet and refusing to stand in defense of it to this day.  Not even Kris Kobach that had a hand in drafting the bill and who is currently running for Governor in Kansas will stand firm on our law or make it a part of his campaign to defend.
 Finally, a significant situation has arisen lately with Trump and our neighbor State to the west that should be a rallying cry for Conservatives running in Kansas.  On April 13th of this year Trump made a States Rights Agreement with CO US Senate Republican Cory Gardner to have his executive agencies and the DOJ stand down on the prosecution of marijuana in the State of Colorado.  Citing States Rights and Federalism, Trump indicated that it was the right thing to do for Colorado and he would also push for Congress to pass a bill along those same lines that he promised to sign into law.  Here is a link to the article 
Trump must be pushed to support a States Rights Agreement on "Made in Kansas and Stays in Kansas Firearms" like he is doing on Made in Colorado and Consumed in Colorado Marijuana.  The gun owners in Kansas have been pushing KS Secretary of State Kris Kobach to get this agreement from his buddy Trump. 

Securing this provision for Kansas would help secure a win in his race for Governor in Kansas.  In fact Mr. Kobach and Ted Nugent are doing a Kobach for Governor campaign event in Kansas in June and it would be awesome if this was a key provision they would both secure with Trump.  This States Rights Agreement with Trump is key to truly Making America Great Again and if done in support of the 2nd Amendment Protection Act in Kansas it would change the entire narrative on  gun control all over the country and return power back to the States and restore the rights back to the people.

Constitutional Conservatives, or Rebellious Renegades?
By Rick Dalton

The question that makes up the title for this article was posed to me by a good friend after he posted a New Yorker article about CSPOA and the "constitutional sheriffs movement" as the author termed it.  The title of that article was The Renegade Sheriffs. The question is a reasonable one, and because it was posed directly to me by my friend,  it deserves a detailed answer.   
The answer begins with a recitation of several of the many many acts of protecting rights by CSPOA members and others who have sworn the sacred oath.

1. Was the Utah Sheriff's Association a group of rebellious renegades when they said, in a letter to Obama that they would refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun laws? About 340 elected sheriffs around the nation sent letters or voiced their stance in upholding their oaths to defend the Constitution.

Here's a news story about it.
"Calling the Second Amendment a sacred right of citizens to protect themselves from "tyrannical subjugation," the association state elected sheriffs said in a new letter, "we are prepared to trade our lives for the preservation of its traditional interpretation."  
2. Was Sheriff's Deputy Stan Lenic a renegade or an oathkeeper, when he defended citizens exercising their free speech rights at the Albany, NY airport against an airport manager who didn't like what they were saying and wanted them removed ?
3. Was Sheriff Brad Rogers, of Elkhart County, Indiana (where, just today, President Trump held a campaign style rally to a huge crowd) a renegade when he threatened to arrest federal agents who were harassing an Amish farmer, without probable cause, over federal agriculture regulations for selling raw milk to his neighbors? By the way, I have dozens of these stories of the legal doctrine of "interposition".
4. Was Sheriff Richard Mack, the founder of CSPOA, a renegade when he took the Clinton Administration to court over an unconstitutional federal regulatory scheme, the Brady Bill? Was the Supreme Court of the United States a bunch of renegades when they ruled in Sheriff Mack's favor?
5. Was Federal District Judge John Roll a renegade when he ruled in favor of Sheriff Mack, saying the Federal government cannot commandeer a state or local official to enforce or assist in enforcing a federal regulatory scheme? The ruling said that the Sheriffs were forced to chose between obeying the unconstitutional law or violating their oaths to the Constitution.
States O4.16(1) State legislatures are not subject to federal direction.
6. Was Nye County, Nevada Commissioner Dick Carver a renegade when he used a bulldozer to open a county road that had been closed by federal agents, thus keeping citizens from enjoying the beauty of the land in their county? And what about the hundreds of American Citizens who were there supporting him? Here's a news story from back in the nineties:
"With a couple of hundred supporters cheering him on, some of them wearing sidearms, Nye County Commissioner Dick Carver clambered aboard a bulldozer and punched open a long-closed road in Jefferson Canyon in the Toiyabe National Forest. Keeping just clear of the advancing bulldozer's blade, a hapless special agent with the U.S. Forest Service backed up the canyon holding a sign informing Carver that his holiday road-building was not authorized on federal land."
7. Was the federal judge Navarro a renegade when she dismissed the charges against the Bundy Family and other defendants, who had been held in prison for two years without being charged with any crime? She stated that the egregious and criminal acts of the federal government, including the BLM and others, had violated the rights of the defendants. That's a Constitutional conservative
8. What about the several juries who acquitted the defendants in several cases involving the Bundys and others? These juries were chosen as representative examples of average citizens to serve on the jury. In voting for acquittal, they were defending the Constitutional rights of the defendants. Are they renegades?
"Thank God for the Renegades", by Steve Vaus

From Nazareth he came, with a rag-tag band
To bring a revolution.
Some would make him king, others couldn't stand the man.
The Cross was their solution.
But he rose again, wise men follow him.
But he rose again, wise men follow him.

Thank God for the renegades and the lives they lead
Far ahead of their time
Without the renegades lord know where we'd be
When it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.

They railed against the crown
Another rag-tag band, declaring independence
Laid their bodies down, on a bloody war  
and liberty for their descendants.
Thanks to the renegades, we're free today.
Thanks to the renegades, we're free today.

Thank God for the renegades and the lives they lead
Far ahead of their time
Without the renegades lord know where we'd be
When it comes to heroes, the renegades are mine.   

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