May 2021
Ready? Ready? READY!
Only a few more days and our 5 Grizzly bears will be running free once again. It has been an amazing time to spend with them, but we are all happy to see them go free once again. Dr Lana Ciarniello is hoping to monitor all 5 bears for the next few years, which will include field trips and exchanging radio collars as they grow.

Once the Grizzlies are gone, we will start returning 36 Black Bears to their home ranges over the next few weeks. 
Milk In Demand
The number one nourishment for our new arrivals, is species specific milk and it is already in high demand. Did you know that milk compositions differ widely from species to species? Subsequently we need to have a lot of different formula mixes on hand.

New arrivals for 2021 8 Black Bear Cubs, porcupine, squirrels, fox and moose have already arrived.
We Won!
The 2021 BC Achievement Award (Community)
Angelika and Peter have dedicated their lives to wildlife rehabilitation, public education and ongoing research for the betterment of both the wildlife and the public. Their work benefits not just their local community of Smithers, but the entire province and beyond. Initially funding it themselves, Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter (NLWS) has been a registered charity since 2001. NLWS garnered a huge amount of attention in the news and on social media, culminating in the development of the television series Wild Bear Rescue.

In addition to public-facing activities they have worked with government officials to collect valuable scientific information about the animals and hosted graduate students working on wildlife biology.

Their contributions to the scientific community have been extremely important and rewilding animals around the world has been more developed thanks to their efforts.

Thank you to all that have answered our call for help in raising funds for milk and miles. We still have a few days left to reach our goal of $20000 by May 31st, we already raised $17890.

Help us reach our goal!

If you can support this, please use the below linked button to make a donation, every dollar counts.

Best wishes,
Angelika & Peter Langen
(NLWS Founders)

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All-Star Bear Wrestling!
Enjoy this classic video of some of our past cubs having fun.
Our History