DRCC Program and Service Updates

Please be advised that in accordance with public health guidelines, the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup's office remains closed until further notice, but we are continuing our operations by phone and email. You can reach the RAP Coordinator at 519-982-3722 or postmaster@detroitriver.ca.

At this time, all DRCC programming is cancelled until June 1, 2020. This includes public events, festivals, workshops and other in person community outreach events. Check out our social media channels for updates. 


Thanks for your understanding during these uncertain times. Please continue to take care of yourselves and your families and we look forward to seeing you soon at our events once it is deemed safe to do so by public health experts.

All the best,

Jacqueline Serran Gina Pannunzio
Detroit River Canadian Cleanup
Remedial Action Plan Coordinator 
Detroit River Canadian Cleanup Remedial Action Plan Assistant 

Wreath put in the Detroit River. Photo credit: CBC Archives.
Earth Day 2020

Small acts = HUGE collective impact

On the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, an international funeral was held for the Detroit River because of pollution. We've certainly come a long way, but still have a long way to go - together! We've been working hard to improve habitat, water quality, and the environment on the Detroit River with our partners for decades. REMEMBER that small acts by many have huge, collective impact. 
View the video of the funeral here
Gina Pannunzio visiting Earth Day trees planted at Malden Park in Windsor. Photo credit: Dan Janisse
/ Windsor Star.
Earth Day History in Windsor-Essex

2020 was the 21st year that ERCA has celebrated Earth Day in the Windsor-Essex region! While we were not able to plant trees together and celebrate in person, we want to share a bit of the history of this special day.   
Check out the blog article here
Kayaker participating in a Belle Isle litter cleanup. Photo credit: Belle Isle Conservancy
Binational Detroit River Coalition Plans #eEarthDay to Fight Plastic Pollution

The DRCC was featured in an article for the International Joint Commission's April 2020 newsletter.Jackie Serran, the RAP Coordinator, co-authored the article and discusses the Detroit River Coalition formation and the eEarth Day initiative!     
Check out the article here

#eEarth Day Pledge

The #eEarthDay initiative was created by the Detroit River Coalition as a way to virtually engage individuals in honor of Earth Day and it's 50th anniversary milestone.  
Many thanks to EVERYONE from Canada and the United States who participated in the eEarth Day pledge! We heard from 163 people on both sides of the border who replaced a single use plastic item at home with a more sustainable option!  
Some of the common swaps include:  
  • Single use beverage containers swapped to reusable tumblers, metal or glass containers.
  • Plastic produce/grocery bags left behind for reusable cloth or mesh bags.
  • Single use Styrofoam plastic plate exchanged for a reusable one at home and at work.
  • Beauty products that are contained in plastic items were switched for products that had minimal packaging including shampoo and soap bars as well as bamboo toothbrushes.
  • Single use cutlery was replaced with a reusable fork for meals at home.
  • Refusing (politely) plastic cutlery when ordering take out and using reusable ones at home.
  • Switching from using short-lived plastic containers for food to long-lasting recyclable glass containers.
  • Swapping saran or cling wrap with reusable containers, reusable snack bags and beeswax snack wrappers. 
  • Packing reusable grocery bags when shopping and refusing plastic bags offered at checkout.
Allen Park High School Earth Day rally on April 22, 1970. Photo by Michael Mouradian
Great Lakes Moment: Earth Day turns 50

Dr. John Hartig wrote a column for Great Lakes Now reminding us that, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day,  it is important to remember how far we have come in 50 years. Today we are standing on the shoulders of the environmental giants that spoke out on the first Earth Day and we have a responsibility to protect and enforce our environmental laws that we benefit from and the previous generation fought so hard to enact. We must now do our part to pass on a clean environment and a healthy ecosystem as a gift to future generations. Check out his column here.
Habitat restoration project in the Detroit River at Stony Island. Photo credit: Friends of Detroit River.
Restoring fish and wildlife habitat on the American side of the river
The Friends of the Detroit River created a habitat restoration video, produced by Great Lakes Commission to celebrate Earth Day! 
Check out the video about their progress on habitat restoration on the American side of the river here.

ERCA supporting at home learning with education resources

ERCA wanted to do their part to support students, parents and teachers with continued at-home learning, and have developed a variety of environmental and human history themed educational resources to share. The materials have been developed by ERCA's Environmental Educators and include resources to start a nature journal and go on a sound safari from the safety of home. These activities encourage ecological literacy and investigation skills, while also allowing students to flex their creative muscles. The suite of resources is equipped with activities for grades 1-8, and new content will be added to both units weekly. Check out the resources here.
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!   
The Detroit River and Great Lakes in the news. Here are some links to articles that may pique your interest. Click the link to read on.  

The Detroit River Canadian Cleanup is a partnership between government, industry, academics, as well as environmental and community organizations that work together to improve the Detroit River ecosystem through a Remedial Action Plan. Our goal is to remove the Detroit River from the list of Great Lakes Areas of Concern.