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The air is thick with choking dust. The summer heat--well over 100 degrees--is searing. In the miserable conditions of India’s brick kilns, working horses, donkeys and mules are pushed to their physical limits day after day, hauling massive loads on their backs from dawn until dusk.

This punishing existence is the everyday reality for thousands of working animals throughout the developing world. Many of them work with life-threatening injuries and suffer from poor nutrition and dehydration. The future is grim for these animals, as their owners are also struggling to make a living in these brutal working conditions. Many owners simply don’t have the resources to care properly for their animals.

We believe that animal suffering is preventable, and that good animal welfare protects human livelihoods. Brooke USA is an organization that funds programs designed to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules. On-the-ground animal welfare teams work in some of the most challenging areas of the world to help relieve immediate suffering and create lasting change.

Your gift could help lighten the load for working animals across the globe. We rely on the support of our generous donors to expand our reach, helping more owners maintain their livelihoods by providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to give their animals the care they deserve.
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Chief Executive Director of Brooke East Africa Visits Brooke USA Donors in Wellington, Fla.

Fred Ochieng of Brooke East Africa made a special stop in Wellington, Florida from May 6-8, 2019. Local donors had the opportunity to meet with the man behind the projects and initiatives in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and Botswana. Brooke USA was fortunate enough to have two fabulous dinners at The Trophy Room and at Stonewood. We will announce our next project, supporting Brooke East Africa, in just a few short weeks!
Sally Frick of Motlow Creek Equestrian Center
Sue Bierer pictured with Chief Executive Director of Brooke East Africa Fred Ochieng and Dorothy Brooke Society Member Lisa Bair.
Brooke USA Honors Exceptional Volunteers Sally Frick and Sue Bierer

Brooke USA recently presented Sally Frick of Campobello, South Carolina and Sue Bierer of Wellington, Florida with the first-ever "Outstanding Volunteer" awards.

Sally and Sue are both members of the Dots, an affinity group consisting of 50 women dedicated to preserving Dorothy Brooke's memory by donating and raising funds for working equines and the people who depend on them globally. These two ladies went above and beyond, becoming shining examples of women living out Dorothy's legacy.

During the World Equestrian Games 2018, Sally opened her home to the Brooke USA staff, provided volunteers for the two weeks of working the booths, and assisted with setting up third party fundraisers in the South Carolina region.

Sue had the opportunity to shine during the 2019 winter equestrian season in Wellington, Florida, where she worked diligently to volunteer at the Lunch & Learn, throughout events during Paint Wellington Orange, and as the lead volunteer and coordinator at Brooke USA's Sunset Polo & White Party.

Both ladies exemplify passion and dedication to the mission of Brooke USA, and we are honored to have them as part of our Brooke USA family.

It is because of our amazing volunteers that we have had such success in bringing Brooke USA to the U.S., and we look forward to meeting and honoring many more exceptional volunteers.
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Thanks to Custom Ink, we are able to bring you a limited edition "The Donkey Load" campaign shirt, tank top or hoodie at no cost to Brooke USA! Your donation benefits our current campaign while keeping you in style this summer.

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Help Brooke USA significantly improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America by raising funds in your communities!

Paint America Orange
Paint America Orange allows you to create your own fundraising program or any type of event you want. Love dinner parties? 5k runs? Bake sales? Sport competitions? Give your passion a purpose by turning it into a fundraiser for Brooke USA. All proceeds go directly to Brooke USA.

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Thank You Clinky Mania Live!
A BIG shout out to Melissa Meader, who organized Clinky Mania 2019. Clinky Mania Live was held in Georgetown, IN on May 18, 2019. Clinky Mania Live is a model horse show for model horse hobbiests and china horse collectors. Hobbiest from 16 states attended the event. Horses are judged on best representation of their Breed in the real horse world as well as Collectibility (rarity of the piece) and Workmanship (craftsmanship of the china). This was the first year Clinky Mania Live was held, and part of the proceeds from the event went to Brooke USA.
Barn Challenge Coming in June!
Langer Equestrian Group (LEG) looks forward to welcoming competitors to their popular Woodside Summer Circuit where they are continuing to celebrate their 20 th  anniversary at Woodside!

LEG is excited to announce that  Brooke USA  will be conducting a fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for working equines around the world. During last year’s devastating fires in California, Brooke USA donated funds for displaced horses.

LEG is hosting a Brooke USA Barn Contest in which each barn's donations will be tracked throughout the Woodside Summer Circuit (June 19 - 30). In addition, there will be a barn decorating contest during the Bay Area Summer Festival, and then the Brooke USA committee will judge the barns on Saturday between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Points from the barn judging will be applied to the funds raised and we will present the winning barn with special prizes during the Bayfest Grand Prix on June 29, 2019.

Have You Pre-Ordered the Summer Guests?
From the New York Times bestselling author of the Beach House series and Brooke USA Celebrity Ambassador Mary Alice Monroe, comes a heartwarming and evocative novel about the bonds and new beginnings that are born from natural disasters and how, even during the worst of circumstances—or perhaps because of them—we discover what is most important in life. 
Late August is a beautiful time on the Southern coast—the peach trees are ripe, the ocean is warm, and the sweet tea is icy. A perfect time to enjoy the rocking chairs on the porch. But beneath the calm surface bubbles a threat: it’s also peak hurricane season.

When a hurricane threatens the coasts of Florida and South Carolina, an eclectic group of evacuees flees for the farm of their friends Grace and Charles Phillips in North Carolina: the Phillips’s daughter Moira and her rescue dogs, famed equestrian Javier Angel de la Cruz, makeup artist Hannah McLain, horse breeder Gerda Klug and her daughter Elise, and island resident Cara Rutledge. They bring with them only the few treasured possessions they can fit in their vehicles. Strangers to all but the Phillips, they must ride out the storm together.

During the course of one of the most challenging weeks of their lives, relationships are put to the test as the evacuees are forced to confront the unresolved issues they have with themselves and with each other. But as the storm passes, they realize that what really matters isn’t what they brought with them to the mountains. Rather, it’s what they’ll take with them once they leave.

With Mary Alice Monroe’s “usual resplendent storytelling” (Patti Callahan Henry,  New York Times  bestselling author),  The Summer Guests  is a poignant and compelling story of self-discovery, love, and redemption.

Pre-order on Amazon and send your receipt to to donate 20% of your pre-order to Brooke USA. Book will become available June 11, 2019.
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