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MMS Monthly E-Newsletter |  May 2017
Dear MMS Families,

The month of May is always a busy one, and I look forward to seeing you at our many upcoming events!

Parent Conferences will take place tomorrow and Friday.  There will be no school on those days.  Be sure to sign up for Plus (if needed) by contacting Beth.

Please join us tomorrow at the Capitol Conference Center, 815 Lee Street West, between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m for a preview of our Montessori Masterpieces at Charleston's downtown ArtWalk . 

On Saturday, we will Paint the Town and celebrate arts in education at our annual event!  If you haven't had a chance to make your Paint the Town reservations, you may stop by ArtWalk tomorrow evening to take advantage of the special early-bird pricing ($75/person).

Other MMS traditions this month include Tie Dye Day, 6th Year Presentations, 8th Year graduation, 3rdYear Trip, 6th Year Trip, 8th Year Trip, Elementary Free Swim, and Primary Beach Day .  Finally, we will end the year with our traditional All-School Picnic on June 2, following noon dismissal.

We are still looking for a few volunteers for Paint the Town, the all-school picnic and elementary end-of-year free swim.  Please follow this link to view the options:  Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for sharing your children with us this year - it has truly been a pleasure.

Best wishes,

Parent Teacher Conferences | Thur sday and Friday, May 18 & 19
Paint the Town | Saturday , May 20  | 7:00 pm
Tie Dye Day | Tuesday , May 23 
All students should bring one white 100% cotton t-shirt with the student's name in sharpie on the collar.  The rain date is Tuesday, May 30.
No School, Memorial Day | Monday , May 29
Sixth Year Trip | Tuesday and Wednesday, May 30 and 31
8th Year Graduation | Wednesday, May 31
Elementary Free Swim | Thursday, June 1
Primary Beach Day | Friday, June 2 (details TBA)
Noon Dismissal/School Picnic | Friday , June 2 
All students will be dismissed starting at 11:50 on Friday, June 2.  Families should proceed directly to the School Picnic at Coonskin Park's Riverside Pavilion. There will be no Plus program on Friday, June 2.

Thank you for taking the time to observe in your child(ren)'s classroom this year!  It's been wonderful to receive your feedback on the observation forms and during our follow-up conversations!

These are some recent comments from observations:

  • "...calm, focused, quiet children..."
  • "I could sit and watch every day!"
  • "I'm surprised how the children interact with each other properly - very respectful to each other."
  • "The coffee was delicious!"
  • "Impressed with the variety of projects and level of concentration displayed by students at this age."
  • "I was really impressed with the level of independence given to the kids to choose their own activities at their own pace."
  • "Multi-age grouping yields multi-level of skills and activities demonstrated in the work."
  • "Impressed with how well the teacher seems to know the children's abilities"
  • "...the respectful interactions between the children.  When a problem arose the children reasonably worked through it and showed compromise and care for each other."
  • "The learning and excitement that unfolded as the students engaged in a measuring lesson.  They were very excited about what they were learning and were using problem-solving skills as they ran into obstacles."
  • "older children volunteering to help younger children"
  • "They were well involved with their studies with good communication and enjoying learning."
  • "There's a good consistent level of soft chatter from around the room, but it's not distracting to those focusing on their work.  No need for it to be totally silent."


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