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This season is all about hardware. Hardware is like jewelry for your home- except better. The hardware in your home has to last the test of time. Through wear, tear and weather these products are coming up on the top of our list this spring.
These hinges from Emtek are the talk of the town. They are both modern and classic and are sure to make a statement in your home.

Dreaming of that hand-crafted goodness? Classic Brass is designed around customization. Every home is unique, your hardware should be too.

Spring is in the air and colors are in full swing. Our minds are now focusing on fresh new ideas, picnics by the lake, and of course who could forget those home renos we've been dreaming of all winter long. We are loving these bright tiles that make a statement.
Go bold or go home. Red Rock Tileworks has got you covered for both. Their huge selection of bright bold tiles is sure to have something to revamp your space.

Another tile from Red Rock Tileworks is sure to meet your handmade tile goals come true. They focus on reduce, reuse, recycle when making their tiles. Take a look behind the scenes.

At Earth Elements we believe that great people make great teams. We never fall short of a good laugh. Creating memorable moments at work and outside of work is what we do best. Our employees are what make Earth Elements such a great experience. This month we are spotlighting Mike and Cally, both located at the Gallatin Gateway showroom.
Meet Mike!

Mike has been with Earth Elements in Gallatin Gateway for 4 years, recently moving from cabinetry to our new showroom manager. Although Mike grew up a snowboarder he switched to skiing when he had a family. His two kids are now both ski racers.
Meet Cally!

Cally has been with Earth Elements in Gallatin Gateway going on 3 years, she is the tile and flooring manager, currently focusing her efforts on our new downtown Bozeman location. Cally grew up flipping houses with her mom in Bozeman, so she's no rookie.
Who would have thunk
After a long winter your microwave probably got a lot of use, you know, all those TV dinners...we've all been there.
Here is a trick that will save you some time scrubbing. Fill a microwave safe bowl full of water, cut two lemons into halves, squeeze squeeze squeeze, then put the remains in the bowl as well, set the microwave for 7 minutes. When the time is up, your stuck on food and grime will be ready to be wiped out with ease. Remember that the bowl will be hot, so wear oven mitts when removing.
Water + Baking Soda
The Real MVP
And now for our next trick. Those beautiful porcelain tiles you just installed last spring have seen the long face of winter. There's a hack for that. Dust the surface with baking soda, then use a damp cloth or sponge and scrub away- but not too much. If you want to really get in there- use a toothbrush. Just be sure to use one that you aren't going to use again.
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Earth Elements Team
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