Newsletter | May 2019
RAC Family,

We’re well into the Spring season and halfway through our Summer Fitness Challenge! Is your mindset where it needs to be?

Be careful what you say and think… your body is listening. The mind is your most powerful tool, but if you don’t rule it, it will rule you. Fortunately, you can train your mind to be your greatest asset. Just like you train your body, you must invest the time into training your mind as well. If you are flooded with negative self talk, this will inevitably influence your behavior. A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

You are not here to be mediocre. You are on the path to greatness. Here are some things to reflect upon that will keep you on the path to success.
Know your why. Knowing your motives and what drives you will help you develop vision. This vision paves the way for action. “ When your why is big enough, you will find your how.”

Be known for your persistence. One person with persistence can accomplish more than a thousand people with interest alone. “By perseverance the snail reached the ark.”

Don’t let worry direct your life. Worry is allowing fear to triumph over what you believe. It gives a small thing a big shadow. Fear and worry are interest paid in advance on something you may never own. If you are viewing your future from a position of fear, that view needs to be redirected. “When things are good why worry? When things are bad why worry?”

Sometimes you must take the path of most resistance. Sometimes opportunities are missed because they’re dressed in overalls and disguised as work. Shortcuts often lead you on a path to nowhere, so be cautious of things that seem too good to be true. “If you keep your attention on learning the tricks of the trade, you will never learn the trade.”

There is certainly no shortage of wise sayings and meditations that we should reflect upon. Whatever those may be though, commit yourself to training your mind daily. A runner preparing for a marathon is not going to wait one day before the event to start training. Rather, they train year round preparing their bodies to handle the demands of the sport. So it is with the mind. Be the whole person you can be. Your mind matters.

See you out on the fitness floor! -BG
May Events
May 3, 4 & 5
Tennis enthusiast, our Rollingwood Adult Cinco de Mayo Open Tournament is fast approaching so please don't miss your opportunity to sign up and participate in this fun and competitive event. 

In addition to tournament play, enjoy Mexican food and drinks on Saturday evening for all participants.This NTRP/USTA Tourney is available for all adult USTA members. Men's and women's singles, doubles, and mixed doubles will be held, in divisions 2.5-Open level. 
Saturday, May 4
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Fun filled kids activities! Games, crafts and a snack. Bring the kids to RAC and plan a day out! Ages potty trained - 12 years.

$14 per child | $10 for siblings | $16 each drop-in

Sunday, May 5
Time Trials at 1:00 pm
Social at 3:00 pm

A fun event for the whole Rollingwood Rockets Swim Team to get together and celebrate the upcoming season of big swims!
Wednesday, May 8
5:30 pm in the Cycle Studio

Unexplained Pains
We often experience unexplained pain. Our bones, muscles and nerves are all connected with tissue called fascia. Learn about this extraordinary web and how fascial pain affects the entire body.
May 10 - 12
Friday - Sunday

Bring a friend to RAC for the day for free!
Friday, May 10
4:30 pm in the Group Ex Studio
Align the physical and mental in a unique shared experience. Controlled breathing paired with a gentle flow and static stretches will leave your body feeling relaxed and restored. *Ages 8 years and up (ages 8-13 must be accompanied by an adult). Free class for RAC members.
May 11 & 12
A great way to gain experience and an opportunity to compete against other players in the greater Sacramento Area. This is a singles only event for kids 8 to 18, with a back-draw for any first match losses.
Adult members: During the Jr. Tournament, court reservations will be limited to one hour for our adult members only on Saturday and Sunday, so please don’t forget to reserve your court. 
June 1
Join us at 10 am for a warm up and drills. Then enjoy burgers and beer before starting Doubles Round Robin Tournaments. 
Players and participants can dress up as one of their favorite Classic Tennis Players from the 70’s, 80’s or early 90’s. Prizes will be awarded for best dressed 

Beginning 5/25, there will be a lifeguard on duty for Family Swim at the RAC outdoor pool from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on weekends.
Here are some reminders for a fun and safe time during RAC Family Swim:
-No running on the pool deck.
-No sitting or standing on lane lines or lane rope.
-No glass on the pool deck. (There are plastic cups available at the front desk.) 
-No “chicken fighting” or aggressive horseplay.
-Please do not impede the progress of someone who is lap swimming.
-The instructions of the lifeguards are final and must be followed by all members in the pool during Family Swim.
-The final ten minutes of each hour are Adult Swim, and children under the age of 15 must exit the pool during this time. The lifeguard will be on break and will not be liable for any incidents in the pool during this time.
60/60 Challengers are Leading the Way!
Get your mid-challenge results
All participants of the 60/60 Summer Transformer Challenge are invited to get mid-challenge measurements with a RAC Personal Trainer. We will be reaching out to all participants individually to schedule your session. Feel free to get the ball rolling and contact us today!
Nine Weeks of Camp
Our focus is to create a safe, fun place for our campers to learn, grow, make friends and
create lasting memories. We stay away from electronics and instead design each activity and
theme to promote essential skills that will last a lifetime.
Exploration, inspiration, imagination, challenges, creativity, problem solving and trying new
things motivates our programs, counselors and campers during our nine themed camp weeks.
Join the Rollingwood Rockets
It's not too late to become a part of the Rockets!
All you have to do is visit our team site at to register. On the team site you will also find the team practice schedule, meet and event calendar, and tons of other information.

Come out and support!
Rollingwood Rockets May Meet Schedule
Saturday, May 11: Home Meet vs Arden Hills @ Casa Roble High School
Saturday, May 18: Away Meet @ Rio Del Oro Rapids
Saturday, May 25: NO MEET (Memorial Day weekend)
Fitness News
Group Ex:
Self Defense - Friday (5/3) @ 4:30 pm!

Premium Fitness:
New Classes added to the schedule! Get those extra classes in for the challenge!

TruZones - Mondays/Wednesdays @ 4 pm!
(starts Wednesday, May 1st)

TruZones Express - Thursdays @ 5 am - 40 minutes! (starts Thursday, May 2nd)
General RAC News
Love to ride? This is perfect bike riding weather! If you are riding to the club, please bring a lock for our outdoor bike rack. We do not have space available indoors for bike storage. You are welcome to leave your lock attached to the bike rack for all future needs.
Want to know about the Pool time? We know we have a busy pool here at RAC. We want to make sure you can access pool information wherever you are. Find the complete pool schedule (classes + practice + lessons) on our website in the Aquatics section AND on the RAC App under the 'Extras' menu.