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I just found out "Imposter Syndrome" is a real thing.
Author Ann Dosen
According to Harvard Business Review, "imposter syndrome" is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It disproportionately affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments.

Normally, I’m a pretty confident person. I’m laid back; I assume everything will work itself out. I don’t concern myself with what other people think. I just do my own thing - in my personal and professional life. If you know me, you probably agree.

However, last weekend, while on vacation, I texted Sarah the following message. “I’ve never experienced this before, but the whole drive here I was having ‘imposter syndrome' thoughts. Like, who the hell do we think we are trying to pull off [3 BIG THINGS WE HAVE IN THE WORKS]?!?! I’m freaking out a little bit.

Thankfully, Sarah came back with, “Dude. We are hard core and brilliant. Believe and know your worth.” Unfortunately, even though her words were encouraging and made me chuckle, I was still scared.

Have you ever had this feeling? It’s almost debilitating. There I was, happily driving down to Florida, minding my own business, jotting down ideas about our upcoming projects, when suddenly, I was petrified and thought, “That’s it, we need to cancel everything. We’re going to fail.

I finally understand the quote, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re too small.” I could have easily called Sarah right then and told her we need to put two of our projects on hold so we can focus on the third so we don’t screw it up. Not to predict the future, but I’ll tell you how that would’ve worked out…

In a few weeks, all my excitement and ideas about those two projects on hold would be all fizzled out and we likely would never come back to them.

If this happens to you, I don’t know how to tell you to get past it. In my case, a couple of tasty cocktails and the beach helped. But I also took a great deal of time to put my thoughts and ideas on paper to work through my fears. I read articles, watched YouTube videos, and listened to podcasts related to the skills I will need for these three projects. Learning more boosted my confidence. I’m continuing to make that a priority.
(Side note: do you ever notice that when you’re learning something new, like a language or topic, your whole brain feels more awake?)

What is the point of all this, other than to admit my character flaws and shortcomings to over 13,000 adoring fans?

1.      Sarah and I have at least 3 super awesome projects that terrify me, but are sure to be spectacular; so stay tuned for that.

2.      For at least the past two years, I thought what Sarah and I were doing was innovative, challenging, pushing the envelope, ground-breaking… I now know that we haven’t even scratched the surface. Push yourself to think bigger. Take on projects and challenges you never thought possible – especially ones you’re sure you’ll fail at. Because guess what? We all fail eventually. But just think of what you can accomplish if you just say “yes” and keep going.

3.      When you feel that fear, that “imposter syndrome" telling you you’re crazy for thinking you can pull this off, shut that b*tch down and push through. If nothing else, you’ll learn something about yourself. Let that fear fuel you and make you better. (Side note to my fellow millennials – does anyone remember graffiti art with “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”?)

4.      Find yourself a partner that believes in you. There will be times you don’t believe in yourself and you will need to lean on someone else when that happens. Then, when they are having that feeling – because it will happen to us all – you can be there for them to return the favor. 
Monthly Quick Poll
Marketing tactics for our industry has changed a lot in the last couple of years given all the change with live events. We've been talking with exhibitors a lot lately about how they can encourage DPMs to see them in the exhibit hall for their latest and greatest...

Give us some insight... what pre-meeting communication tools do you notice most from exhibitors?
Before a meeting, I notice the following more so than any other type of communication:
Emails that run like ads (i.e. bulk via Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, etc.))
Personal email from my rep
Emails from the meeting that incorporate exhibitor information
Direct mail / post cards
Kent State University North Coast Foot & Ankle Symposium
Cleveland, Ohio | August 18-20

We are going to be there. Are you? Here's why we believe this conference will rock for both DPMs and vendors:
1. They have partnered with us to make sure it's awesome. That's probably the only reason you need, right? ;)

2. Lively events that give everyone an opportunity to network, re-connect, and share stories including a welcome reception, BBQ party (who doesn't want to get saucy?), and fancy-schmancy awards dinner.

3. Scientific content to benefit 400 DPMs looking for solutions to their clinical challenges and practice growth.

If you really need a 4th reason, well, we already said we're going to be there... soooo... basically a no-brainer.

We're excited to be there and hope to see you!
Make your plans now... it's going to be here before you know it!
Winner! Winner!
Congratulations to Dr. Angela Jacob from Oxford, Michigan! Dr. Jacobs took 5 minutes to complete our Young Physician Survey recently, and as a "THANK YOU", she wins $50!

We established this survey to gather your feedback so we are better equipped to share ideas and solutions with meeting planners so they can organize events with you in mind. Help us understand you better!

We select a new winner every month from the list of survey entries... take 5 minutes to tell us your thoughts and you could be the next winner!
We have another
WINNER to announce!

Congratulations to Tressea Harvey from Foot First Podiatry in New Albany, Indiana! Tressea took time out of her busy schedule to attend EVERY SINGLE ONE of our Practice Partner Academy sessions in April. Not only did she benefit from our network of experts, she also scored an extra $250!

Summer is hot and so is our upcoming schedule. If you want to be notified of upcoming sessions, simply click the poll selection below.

You can catch the replay of our previous sessions in our Academy Archives
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I'm not doing that! I'm a doctor.
Dr. Alan Bass for PowerStep

I have heard that phrase too often. Many physicians believe that anything other than providing medical care to their patients is not in the best interest of their practice. They want to provide podiatric care and then refer those patients out for everything else.
In the more-than-quarter-of-a -century that I have been in practice, I have seen the ups and downs of all things that podiatry has to offer. From the early days when reimbursement for surgical procedures was still good, to today when insurance companies make physicians jump through hoops to provide the basic care needed to give the best care to their patients.

When I first started in private practice and knew nothing about business management, the only thing that I could worry about was providing the best care I had been trained to provide. What I learned over the years is that providing the best care may include ancillary services that you never thought about. Not only are ancillary services a good clinical approach to the overall treatment of your patients, when done properly they provide a good return on investment to your practice.

To find out how you can add ancillary products/services to your practice, CLICK HERE and read the full article
Speak Up, Exhibitors!
The Exhibitors Have Spoken...
Over the last several weeks, we have had several focus groups with our industry's vendors/exhibitors in our Experienced Exhibitor Mastermind.

So much useful information came to the forefront that will allow us to share with meeting planners and organizers to make events more "fruitful" for all parties.

EXHIBITORS - If you have anything to add to these notes, please contact us to share your unique thoughts and ideas.

MEETING PLANNERS - here are just a few of the gems that were taken from these sessions that meeting planners should consider.
  • Survey your attendees on their registration sheet to determine what types of products and services they are interested in so you can provide them more details on the exhibitors that meet that criteria; this will create more traffic and qualified leads to your exhibitors.
  • Get creative with your exhibit hall hours/breaks. The quick, 30 minute intermissions between lectures isn't cutting it any more. There doesn't seem to be enough time to meet with exhibitors, get your badge scanned, have a snack, and mingle with colleagues in these short breaks. Consider fewer, BUT LONGER, exhibit hall breaks.
  • Offer a "build your sponsorship" deal vs. locking vendors into sponsorships that provide elements that don't meet their specific goals. Each vendor is unique, so some may need more pre-meeting offerings, while others need more on-site signage, for example.
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