May 2019
Happy May!

This month we celebrate Mother's Day and the special women in our lives.    A gentle reminder when shopping for the perfect gift for mom -- avoid candles, perfumes and powders made with synthetic fragrances.  These innocent looking items, festively packaged for gift giving, can aggravate asthma, trigger allergies, disrupt hormones and potentially cause cancer.  Candles in particular create a toxic home environment when chemicals like toluene and benzene are released into the air.   Opt for natural products that protect the health of your loved one (see below for some ideas).

This Memorial Day we remember those who courageously gave their lives to protect our freedoms.  We honor their sacrifice and thank them for their service.
Please note that our offices will be closed on Monday, May 27th for the holiday.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Keri Chiappino and Dr. W. Brent Reynolds
What's In Your Health Toolbox?

National Women's Health Week fittingly kicks off on Mother's Day, and serves as a reminder for all women to prioritize their health by eating healthy, being active, kicking bad habits, managing stress and getting preventive health screenings.  Striving to live above the wellness line by being aware and making healthy choices helps bring harmony to the  body, mind, and spirit that can improve your quality of life.

Many working moms put their own health on the back burner as they juggle the demands of the workday and caring for the family.  Nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise and stress can spiral into chronic health problems.  Making health a priority and building positive health habits have long-term effects that benefit the whole family. 

Where are you on your health journey, and where do you want to go? What tools do you use to support your health? Essential oils are a great way to boost your overall health naturally... and your family's too! Check out Dr. Chiappino's video above about the many benefits of aromatherapy.   Want to explore a non-toxic lifestyle, but don't know where to start?   Give our office a call at 631.265.1223.   

Lastly, this Mother's Day, consider giving the gift of health.  The Young Living Premium Starter Kit is a great way to show the loved one in your life how much you care for her.  Purchase a kit for mom, and get a free gift for yourself!  All orders this month come with a free relaxation rollerball -- the perfect calming tool for days when life gets a bit stressful! 

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ADHD Alert: Pull the Plug on Toddler Screen Time

You may want to think twice before allowing your toddler to use your tablet or smartphone.  A new study finds that just two hours of screen time a day in children less than five years old is associated with behavioral problems and attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms. 

Study participants who  spent 2 hours or more looking at a screen each day were 7.7 times more likely to meet the criteria for an ADHD diagnosis when compared to children who spent 30 minutes or less each day on a screen.

In a separate announcement, concerns over increasing childhood obesity rates prompted the World Health Organization to issue warnings on screen time for children under five, recommending no screen time at all for babies less than 2 years old, and no more than 1 hour for toddler up to five years old.    The new guidelines offer physical activity and sleep recommendations in the interest of deterring sedentary behavior, which is a leading risk factor for long-term health consequences.

Long distance loved ones, don't despair --  video calling grandma is still A-OK!

Acupuncture Gives Prospective Moms and Dads Hope 
for a Successful Pregnancy

The journey to starting a family is often filled with twists and turns, especially for those facing fertility issues. The disappointment, frustration and anger felt by couples trying to conceive often magnifies the problem, adding anxiety and stress to an already stressful situation. New research has shown that women with high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme associated with stress, have a more difficult time conceiving.

While many couples turn to modern day techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), there is an old world option that can safely, oftentimes less expensively, increase the chance of conception.   According to Lori Fortunato, LAc, "Acupuncture is a natural and effective modality for not only relieving stress, but for increasing the odds of achieving and sustaining a pregnancy. There are a host of underlying reasons for infertility, ranging from genetic factors to thyroid disorders. For women, acupuncture helps regulate the levels of FSH, LH and E2 and raise progesterone to normal levels to improve the chance of conception. For men with infertility, acupuncture helps to stimulate sperm production and movement." 

In addition, clinical studies have also shown that acupuncture is an effective adjuvant to IVF therapy, helping to double the pregnancy success rate, as well as reducing first trimester miscarriage rates in patients undergoing IVF.

If you are having difficulty becoming pregnant, contact our office to make an appoint-ment with Lori and learn about her success with acupuncture for fertility. 631.265.1223.

May Essential Oils Class Schedule
S oothe your psyche and seasonal allergies, improve your sleep and more, naturally with aromatherapy!  Attend our informative workshops this month and discover the wide range of benefits that essential oils provide.  

Join us via the free Zoom video conferencing app for our webinars (download at    We hope to see you!  Register early! 631.265.1223 for questions/more info.

Wed., May 8th 7:30 PM
Premium Starter Kit 
Virtual 101 Class for Members

Are you new to essential oils? Do you have questions about your new kit? Join Dr. Keri Chiappino for this Zoom-based webinar to learn all about the many benefits of Young Living essential oils. We'll also be discussing NingXia Red, the superfood anti-oxidant drink that came with your starter kit.

Wed., May 22nd 7:30PM
Leader's Chat

Join other Young Living leaders on your team as we learn to share the love, maximize our purpose, and create abundance, one drop at a time. 

Mon., May 20th 7:30PM
Beyond the Kit: Toxic Free Living

The products we put on our bodies  are just important as those we put in! Take a closer look at toxic-free living with Young Living's personal care products for the whole family in this informative Zoom-based webinar.


Wed., May 29th 7:30PM
Young Living Virtual Office Training

Do you need help navigating your Young Living website?  Want to learn how to set up Essential Rewards or how to change your order?  Do you know how to get your link so friends can order a kit from you?  Join us to learn the ins and outs of your virtual office! Dawn & Maggie teach you all of this and more in this Zoom-based webinar. 

Not a Young Living club member yet? Call our office to learn how to enroll:  631.265.1223.
High-quality Supplements at Your Fingertips -- Online, Anytime! 

Boost your wellness potential with high-quality nutritional supplements. Stock up at our nutraMetrix and 
e-stores. Open 24/7 for your e-shopping convenience!  


Essential Oils:
Give the loved one in your life the gift of wellness this year!  The Young Living Premium Starter Kit is a great way to say "I care about you."  The kit comes with 12 quality essential oils, 1 beautiful diffuser, access to free "how-to" classes as well as a private Facebook support group.  Bonus: all purchases of the kit in May come with a free relaxation rollerball!

Massage:  Now Offering Raindrop Technique! 

Young Living's proprietary Raindrop Technique® combines unique, targeted massage with pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience.   Only $25 additional to your 1-hour massage session, or bring your own Young Living kit and no additional charge!  (Must book a 1 hour massage.)

Gift certificates also available for purchase for Mother's Day.   Call 631.265.1223 for more information.

  • $25 off an initial acupuncture visit with Lori Fortunato, LAc.  (private pay patients)

Call to take advantage of our Wellness Specials: 631.265.1223 
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