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Now is time for action
Business-as-usual is a thing of the past. We have canceled our normal Spring Drive, but we still need to raise $200,000 by May 9 . This money will pay for everything from the vast power to run the transmitter to our music and streaming costs; everything that is essential for the operation of WBJC.  

We will bring you very short messages asking you to support the classical programming you enjoy.  We will not have long fundraising breaks interrupting that programming. There will be no volunteers answering phones or end-of-the-hour drama. We are committing to maintaining the calmness and sanity we all need in these times. 

Please think about what WBJC means to you. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest classical music and opera presented in complete form and programmed by people, not computer algorithms.

If you haven't already made a donation supporting classical music on WBJC, there's no better time than right now. In fact, between now and midnight Friday, your gift will be doubled. 

That's right, DOUBLED .

Generous members have pledged a total of $24,000 to match all pledges made in the next three days. We have to have your pledge to make that happen. 

If you've already given, or cannot give right now, you still have an important job. Get the word out. 

Tell a friend or relative, post on your social media, send the message to any and all classical music fans who can listen online to WBJC... Now is the time to make that pledge of support. 

As we stay at home during this pandemic, you will probably rely on WBJC more than ever. We are doubling down on our commitment to bringing you the music that means so much to you. As we come together as a community in this time of extraordinary need, please do your part in sustaining this service to everyone in our area. 

So give an additional gift or gift membership today. You can charge your pledge on our secure website .

Thank you for your continuing belief in, and support of, WBJC.

Sincerely yours,
Jonathan Palevsky
Interim General Manager

P.S. Above all else, stay safe and well.
We're all right here with you...
By Judith Krummeck | Posted in  Host Blogs  


This wonderful comment from Linda Cades is one of the many we have been receiving from WBJC listeners during the COVID-19 response. Linda was reacting, in part, to the interview I’d done with Dr. Leana Wen about the coronavirus pandemic, and, more specifically, to the tone poem, “In the Fen Country” by Ralph Vaughan Williams, which I programmed immediately following the interview. “Somehow the mood Vaughan Williams created all those years ago fit the current challenge we face,” she wrote. “It expressed the darkness of the moment, but at the same time it was calming and inspiring.”

Linda then went on to say, “The juxtaposition of your interview and the piece that followed it led me to go ahead and write to ask you a question I have been pondering these last few weeks.” The question is this:


This is such an interesting question, and I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. . On the conscious level, I knew that an interview about the coronavirus crisis could not be followed by a jovial march or an upbeat waltz. It needed something contemplative, and I felt intuitively that the tone poem by Ralph Vaughan Williams would fit the bill. The composer himself described the work as a “symphonic impression,” and it’s a musical picture of the bleak, marshy plains on the east coast of England. .. READ MORE

Check out two videos starring John Scherch... and John Scherch... and John Scherch??
How are you handling the stay at home order, social distancing or the disruption to “normal” life? 

The BCCC community — students, faculty and staff are showing that “ BCCC Strong” is all about supporting, encouraging and helping each other and our extended communities.

Join your friends at the WBJC and participate in BCCC Strong. Send in Selfies or photos with encouraging messages for your fellow listeners, students, faculty and staff. Show how you are “BCCC Strong” by sending in a selfie, short video or message of hope to Bcccstrong@bccc.edu
By Dyana Neal | Posted in  Host Blogs  

You’re probably seeing a lot of people wearing masks these days. Some are using paper ones, others are improvising with bandanas or ski masks, and those of us who sew are rejoicing because we finally have a legitimate use for all that scrap fabric that’s been driving our spouses crazy for years!
Last week, Jonathan and Kati asked me to make a couple of masks for each of them and I was happy to oblige. They kindly sent me the New York Times’ mask-making tutorial and I found it quite easy to use. So far, I’ve made a total of 16 masks for colleagues, my husband and myself, and friends....

By Kati Harrison | Posted in  Host Blogs Interviews  

During the Coronavirus pandemic we have been given instructions on how to protect our bodies from the illness. Body, Movement and Mindfulness-based Psychotherapist, Victoria Eisner discusses ways in which we can help ourselves to stay emotionally healthy in this stressful time. LISTEN HERE
Programming Notes

The Met season has been cancelled but they are kindly providing recorded performances of their scheduled broadcasts. The cast may differ from what is listed on our website!

May 9 - Maria Stuarda - 1pm

Operas from the European Broadcasting Union: Munich and Vienna State Opera

MAY 16 - Alceste / Gluck / Bavarian State Opera

MAY 23 - Tales of Hoffmann / Offenbach / Vienna State Opera

MAY 30 - Elektra / Strauss / Vienna State Opera

Lyric Opera of Chicago

JUNE 6 - Cosi fan tutte / Mozart

JUNE 13 - Turandot / Puccini

Your continued support for opera keeps the Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts and other live performances on the  WBJC Operafest  coming to you on Saturdays throughout the year. 

Join Judith Krummeck for an interview series on WBJC devoted to the world of books — from different genres, to book awards, to local and national authors — everything to do with books. Booknotes is made possible by YOU, our members.

This month:

An artist book of original images, poems, and essays, with the evocative title, Flying with Remnant Wings, has been published by Goya Contemporary in conjunction with two exhibitions featuring the work of Jo Smail.

Smiles are spreading
Behind my ears
Below my chin
I am light headed
A cloud of laughter sits on my neck
I find it hard to keep a hold on it
Like a helium balloon
It wants to take off
So I hang on and we bounce around the house

~ Jo Smail

Listener's Choice

John Scherch plays your requests every Friday evening during our long-running request show, Listener's Choice. You can request your favorite music anytime by emailing  listenerschoice@wbjc.com or by visiting us on  Facebook. You can even call in during the week (410-580-5800) and we'll make sure John gets your request!
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