May 2018
Report from SBWPC Congressional Engagement Committee

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, thousands of first-time political candidates decided to run for office. Many were female. According to the Huffington Post, "Regardless of motivation, the numbers tell a clear story: Women are stepping up and saying 
they deserve a seat - or three or four or five seats - at the table."  Many political outsiders are being given a good chance to win in open seats and against vulnerable incumbents.   
SBWPC recognizes that our own CA-24 is considered a swing district, but we also want to make information available to our members about other important 2018 races so you can help change Congress. Although there are good candidates running across the country, our focus is on California.


#NoGagRule  #IStandwithPP

SBWPC stood with Planned Parenthood at the rally in front of the Santa Barbara Courthouse to oppose the proposed new "gag rule," the administration's latest attempt to control women's reproductive health care.  We cannot let that happen.  Watch out for upcoming action items.

Legislative Advocacy
SBWPC submitted a letter to the Santa Barbara City Council opposing any ballot measure providing for the appointment of a council member until the next  general election instead of calling a special election in case of a vacancy on the Counci l.  
Click here to read the letter.    We are happy to report that the Council is now considering appointment only until a special election can be held.

We also advocated on a number of other issues from sensible gun regulations to housing and sexual assault.   Click here for more detail.

2018 CAGV Gun Buyback  

SBWPC was on hand on May 12  to help with the Coalition against Gun Violence Gun Buyback.   260 firearms were taken off the street!

Participate in the SBWPC Pipeline Survey

SBWPC wants to identify and support a racially diverse group of feminist women and gender nonbinary people who might be good candidates for elected or appointed positions in government. If you are considering running for office or applying for an appointed board or commission OR if you know someone who you would like to see in such positions (even if you don't know if they want to do it), please fill out  this survey.
Upcoming Events

Don't miss the Double Dolphin Member Mixer
August 9, 2018, 6 to 8 pm- $30 
Join the SBWPC Young Feminists for a sunset cruise on the Double Dolphin.  Meet new members, catch up with old friends, and help introduce more feminists to SBWPC.  Ticket proceeds will benefit the Fund for a Feminist Future.  Sign up now:  seating is limited to 41!
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