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Annual Company Iron Pigs Game
On April 9 th Hydra-Tech Pumps’ employees and their families all got together at Coca-Cola Park in Allentown to enjoy an Iron Pigs game from the Tiki Terrace. The Iron Pigs are the AAA affiliate for the Philadelphia Phillies. This has been a long running tradition for Hydra-Tech and its employees going back several years.

           Just like the game last year, the Pigs tried to win late with a 9 th inning comeback, unfortunately they didn’t quite pull it off. In the bottom of the 9 th the Pigs trailed the Indianapolis Indians 6-1. They provided some excitement as they rallied for 4 runs but fell just short of tying the game up, losing 6-5.

           Hydra-Tech Pumps’ employees and families enjoyed some good food, good drinks and the fireworks display after the game. This event is a nice chance for everyone to get together outside of work, see each other’s kids and spouses and enjoy a little leisure time with the extended Hydra-Tech Family.  
I’m sure you have heard the term “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. For us at Hydra-Tech Pumps it means we are always listening to our customers’ needs and requests for pumps and hydraulic power units that will meet specific requirements. Most of the time this means offering the right combination of hydraulic submersible pump and hydraulic power unit to address a challenging application. Once in a while it leads to something else.
Sometimes these ideas or challenging applications result in the development of new products that we can offer as a standard product. One case in point is the S3CHL pump. Sometime in 1987 a customer in Jacksonville Florida approached Hydra-Tech Pumps looking for a pump that would provide flows over 400 GPM, discharge pressures up to 175 PSI, fit into a 12” deck opening, portable enough to be carried by one person and handle a wide range of water and oil mixtures. This pump would be used for tank stripping and emergency tank transfer on tanker ships. We developed the S3CHL pump to do just that and more. This pump has found its way into other applications such as firefighting, deep well dewatering and irrigation.
           The S3CHL is available in aluminum or ductile iron and needs a maximum hydraulic flow of 30 GPM at 3500 PSI for full performance. But what performance you will get! This pump will deliver 500 gallons per minute with no head, but will still deliver 50 GPM @ 420’ of head! That’s a lot of capability from a small pump.
“It pays to listen” and we hear you. Part of our job is to solve problems for customers. Sometimes the solution lies with a combination of existing products, sometimes the solution involves a referral to someone else’s product, and sometimes the solution needs to be developed. Do you have any challenging applications that we can help you solve?
Product of the month:
Hydra-Tech’s S2TC-2, two inch hydraulic drive submersible trash pump is designed for jobs such as construction sites and manhole pumping. The S2TC-2 is very portable and versatile. The two channel impeller will pass 1 inch semi-solids. If you are using this pump for a job with limited solids, a small hole water strainer is available.  Combined with our HT6 through HT13 power units, the S2TC-2 is capable of flows up to 120 GPM. The safe and variable speed hydraulic drive can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical. For more information please contact us!
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