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June 6, 2019
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Save The Date: Orlando 2020!
While we are in Minneapolis, MN this week, we are all looking ahead to our next Training & Certification Course offerings coming up in Orlando, FL from January 20-24, 2020 .

Course offerings and registration will be open in the summer, but mark the dates on your calendar to take advantage of this opportunity!
Everyone can agree that the courts have become more directive to college and university administrators, and that litigation is driving our practices, at a level exceeding any other time in history.

How do you keep up? How can you interpret the cases and implement their lessons? How do you stay on top of what seems like a weekly deluge of new cases?  TNG  is here to help.

Announcing the New Campuses and the Courts Monthly Newsletter ! Sign up today and read the press release here .

We are pleased to provide the Self-Assessment Tool published by FORGE. Is your institution or district ready to serve Transgender and Non-Binary Students? Utilize this checklist to determine which parts of your institution might not be as inclusive as you thought.
Highlight on East Coast Annual Conference Featured Session Speaker, Barbara Ziv, M.D.
Dr. Barbara Ziv will be speaking on "It's Not He Said, She Said, They Said: A Forensic Psychiatrist's Approach to Assessing Sexual Misconduct Allegations." She has been practicing forensic psychiatry for over 20 years and is currently a Professor at Temple University Medical School. Dr. Ziv has assessed both alleged victims and alleged perpetrators using evidenced-based practices. By using these best practices for assessing claims of sexual misconduct, more accurate, thorough, and even-handed resolutions will result. Register today for the 2019 East Coast Annual Conference .
Victim Not Wanting Police or College Involvement
By Belinda Guthrie, M.A. , Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator, Santa Clara University, ATIXA Advisory Board Member and TNG Affiliated Consultant

What are the internal and external obligations a Title IX Coordinator and institution face when a reporting party does not want any action taken? Learn about the difference between a little 'i' and a big 'I' investigation which will assist you in your determination.
Highlight on West Coast Annual Conference Featured Session Speaker, Jyl Shaffer, M.A.
Jyl Shaffer will be speaking on "Implementing Trauma-Informed Techniques During Respondent Interviews." She specializes in trauma-informed responses and trains campuses on how to implement these principles into their work. She will focus on three areas of practice: How to talk about "trauma-informed" in the context of parties other than the victim; strategies for intentionally implementing these best practices with anyone you interview; and how to prepare for push back or distrust with accused parties. Please join us at the 2019 ATIXA West Coast Annual Conference .
Campuses and the Courts: A Spring 2019 Webinar Series from TNG
You’ve always been able to count on TNG to translate the voice of the courts into practical advice for practitioners, and this webinar series will continue that tradition. You’ll understand the voice of the court, but also benefit from our voices on the best ways to interpret and implement, as the courts become ever more interventionist in administrative practices, policies, and procedures.
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