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May 30, 2019
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Your ATIXA Membership Spotlight!
We would like to highlight an important inclusion of your ATIXA membership, the Member Library. All levels of ATIXA membership come with a varied and in-depth library populated weekly to aid you in your work with resources, templates, samples, forms, case law, articles, and much more.

If you haven't been on the new website to view the ATIXA Member Library, please log in and visit as we have added new search functionality and an easy-to-use shareable link to all resources that will provide even greater ease of navigation.

Please make use of the new shareable link feature, located to the left of all resources in the ATIXA Member Library. This option allows you to reference and share ATIXA Member Library materials with your fellow ATIXA members, whether on the listserv or within your institution. The shareable link will work for two weeks, after which it will prompt anyone to log in to their ATIXA membership to regain access to member-only material. Please refrain from simply copying and pasting the resource URL, as it will expire much more quickly, as a way to preserve ATIXA member materials for members.

Check it out today!

We are pleased to provide the website NO MORE: Together We Can End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and its varied resources. The website provides facts and statistics, tool kits, campaigns, and resources to those committed to provide awareness to your community about Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.
Highlight on East Coast Annual Conference Featured Session Speaker, Dana Binder, Ph.D.
Dr. Dana Binder will be speaking on "Juror Perceptions and Expectations in the Age of #MeToo." She is currently a Senior Trial Consultant with Dispute Dynamics, Inc. and has been involved in all aspects of trial consulting, mock trial research, jury selection, case theme development and much more.

Sexual harassment is not a new phenomenon, but #MeToo has put it squarely on the radars of corporations, schools, and the front page. The presentation will examine how #MeToo has influenced perceptions and expectations for how to position cases for trial by jury. Register today for the 2019 East Coast Annual Conference .
Feminist Majority Foundation, et al. v. Hurley, Paino, and University of Mary Washington
By Anna Oppenheim, J.D. , Supervising Lead Consultant, TNG and ATIXA Advisory Board Member and Joseph Vincent, M.L.S. , Associate Consultant, TNG

Social media harassment can be difficult to manage on campus. If your institution believes they have no disciplinary authority over anonymous harassment, the courts have determined differently.
West Coast Annual Conference Call for Programs Due Soon!
The Conference Committee welcomes concurrent session proposals for the Conference, held October 28 th – October 30th, 2019 in Napa Valley, California.

Do you have a unique perspective on issues facing the field of Title IX, Policies, Advocacy and Prevention, Title VII, ADA/504, or the Violence Against Women Act 304? Best practice programs to share with peers or lessons learned from past experience are also welcomed. Please join us at the 2019 ATIXA West Coast Annual Confere nce .
Campuses and the Courts: A Spring 2019 Webinar Series from TNG
You’ve always been able to count on TNG to translate the voice of the courts into practical advice for practitioners, and this webinar series will continue that tradition. You’ll understand the voice of the court, but also benefit from our voices on the best ways to interpret and implement, as the courts become ever more interventionist in administrative practices, policies, and procedures.
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