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June 13, 2019
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NEW 20-Minutes-to... Trained Video Modules!
You’ve come to rely on ATIXA for Title IX training and certification for coordinators and investigators, but what about the trainings coordinators must provide to hearing panels, administrators, and appeals officers? Building on the success of our brief-topic format, ATIXA now offers 27 fully-updated modules within our web-based video training series to meet your training needs. 20-Minutes-to… Trained  is designed to meet (and exceed!) all hearing-related training requirements for Title IX and VAWA Section 304.

20-Minutes-to… Trained  module averages 20 minutes in length, give or take. This gives you the ability to plan modular trainings based on the topics you want to prioritize, or to allow trainees to take all 27 topics over time, but in bite-size chunks of easily attained and retained information.
Everyone can agree that the courts have become more directive to college and university administrators, and that litigation is driving our practices, at a level exceeding any other time in history.

How do you keep up? How can you interpret the cases and implement their lessons? How do you stay on top of what seems like a weekly deluge of new cases?  TNG  is here to help.

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We are pleased to provide the article, "Addressing Compassion Fatigue & Vicarious Trauma: What is My Responsibility" from the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs. This resource provides terminology, warning signs, and support.
Highlight on East Coast Annual Conference Featured Session Speakers, Georgina Dodge, Ph.D., & Sheilah Vance, J.D.
Title IX and Race: Conscious Compliance
Georgina Dodge, Ph.D., Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, University of Maryland College Park; ATIXA Advisory Board Member
Sheilah Vance, Esq., Attorney Private Practice; ATIXA Advisory Board Member; TNG Affiliated Consultant

Various disciplines and professions have their definitions and understandings of conscious compliance. The speakers will present a vision and program of Conscious Compliance as it relates to Title IX and race. A post-racial, color-blind society remains elusive, and “thorough” and “impartial” are hallmarks of compliant Title IX programs. Conscious compliance with Title IX’s sexual harassment and discrimination provisions requires educational institutions to be aware of racial dynamics, biases, and equity strategies. This session will examine Title IX litigation that addresses race, the impact of race on constituent group attitudes and culture towards Title IX compliance; race and the student-athlete; how to detect and correct bias in your Title IX program; and how to develop education, training, prevention, reporting, investigative, and decision-making programs that address and respond to racial dynamics. 

Register today for the 2019 East Coast Annual Conference .
Georgina Dodge, Ph.D.
Sheilah Vance, Esq.
Tip of the Week
Disclosures in Campus Climate Surveys
By  Leah Gutknecht, M.B.A, Assistant to the President for Compliance and Equity Management & Title IX Officer, University of Northern Iowa; ATIXA Advisory Board

Conducting a confidential campus climate survey has its downsides when allegations of sexual misconduct are revealed through the survey results. Is it ever acceptable to act on the information provided in these circumstances?
Highlight on West Coast Annual Conference Featured Session Speaker, Jason Laker, Ph.D.
Dr. Laker will be speaking on "Don't, Can't & Won't Versus Do, Can & Will: Building Capacity for Sexual Agency Among Students Using Peers' Consent Success Storie s." Despite the many creative and well-intended reforms to prevention efforts, sexual coercion and assault rates haven’t changed in over 60 years. Their causes and effects are multidimensional, as are the thinking and action required for transformation.

The inconvenient truth is that sexual consent policies, prevention education, and students’ intimate lived experiences are not aligned. Study participants include a diversity of cultural, gender, and sexual identities and practices, providing a rich and actionable collection of vignettes useful for constructing new approaches to consent education. Please join us at the 2019 ATIXA West Coast Annual Conference .
Jason Laker, Ph.D.
Campuses and the Courts: A Spring 2019 Webinar Series from TNG
You’ve always been able to count on TNG to translate the voice of the courts into practical advice for practitioners, and this webinar series will continue that tradition. You’ll understand the voice of the court, but also benefit from our voices on the best ways to interpret and implement, as the courts become ever more interventionist in administrative practices, policies, and procedures.

If you were unable to watch the live event, four recordings are now available for purchase.
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