April 2018

Happy Earth Day

"Live Gently Upon this Earth"

Spring holds a time of rejuvenation and growth, with the greenery of the plants and the new flowering buds symbolizing new beginnings and commencements. It is time to break out of mental contemplation and spring forward into new ventures.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd which falls on a Sunday this year. Take this time to reconnect with Mother Earth. Sit outside and allow the rays of sunshine to restore, rejuvenate and relax you. Mother Earth speaks to you through every flower. Appreciate flowers covering the meadows, mountains and fields as you bask in the sun and allow yourself to be nurtured. Listen to the birds as they sing their harmonious tunes, and hear what messages they have for you on this glorious day. Go with the flow, allowing the waters to carry you with ease and grace on your journey. Enjoy the beauty as it is reflected back to you. Let your soul shine.

In my book "Messages Are Everywhere" I shared, "Some people think God/Source speaks through miraculous ways. For me it's been through nature. The gifts of nature provide many wonderful messages. They are around us as surely as the wind whispers to our soul".

Give thanks and appreciation for clean water, fresh air, warm sun and fertile ground. Keep close to nature's heart and remember Gaia by making a conscious decision to pick up litter. All acts of love and kindness will be manifested a thousand fold!
Blessings of Love and Light,
April Heavenly Guidance
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April Workshops

The Power of Nature 

Have you ever noticed how good you feel while out in nature?

You are an important part of nature. Come learn how best to connect to nature and synchronize your rhythms to the universal heartbeat.
  • Discover how to release long-held mental and emotional blocks.
  • Ground and release limiting past beliefs and conditioning and connect to your innate wisdom.
  • Kathy will provide a guided meditation while you meet your animal spirit guide. 
  • Each individual will be guided to receive a personal message.

DATE: Saturday April 21st @ 10:00-12:00

LOCATION: Serenity Center in Remsenburg

INVESTMENT: $40.00 advance/$45.00 day of

MUST Register Here: Nature
Reiki I Class

Reiki I helps you enter the flow by providing you with the tools for centering yourself, increasing self-confidence, and assisting you in manifesting your innermost desires. Once you are attuned to the energy, it is with you for life.

In this class:
Explore a blend of Reiki and Metaphysics, and learn the art of Manifesting. 

You are taught to be a channel for the Universal Life Force Energy - also known as Reiki. 

Learn the hand positions to channel this energy for yourself and others. 

Experience and receive four empowering attunements. 

You are taught the ancient technique to access your Higher Self for improved creativity, clarity, and intent of purpose.

INVESTMENT: $270 for the complete class 
DATE: Thursday 4/19 & Tuesday 4/24
LOCATION: Serenity Center Remsenburg

Email  kathybradleyconsulting@yahoo.com  or call 516-635-7248
Step Into Your Self Mastery 
The Angels and I send you Joyous Blessings! 

This Group is a circle where we can gather to share, create and cultivate the state of BE-ing that we want to embody as confident, empowered, Sovereign Beings. Enjoy being with like minded~hearted individuals as we embark on this loving journey of self discovery.

This circle is perfect for anyone who is passionate about living, learning, and taking responsibility for the Divine Beings we are. This circle draws on the truth that when powerful individuals gather with clear intention, and place our attention on the focused intention, we invite powerful forces to gather with us to create ideas and experiences which enhance our lives in a myriad of ways. 
Dale Carnegie, who wrote the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" attributed his success to "masterminding" and called this the "mastermind group." Masterminding is a simple concept. Basically a mastermind is a group of similar minded/hearted individuals that gather on a regular basis to help each other attain their goals from the space of imagination and by asking "What if ?"
We will meet monthly in order to raise our consciousness to reflect a state of harmony, love and joy. 
DATE: Tuesday, April 24th at 7:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Serenity Center in Remsenburg
RESERVE: Email  kathybradleyconsulting@yahoo.com  or call 516-635-7248 

The Empowerment Process

What if you were to increase your spiritual practice by 15 minutes per day, and that would decrease time wasted in negativity of 1 hour a day? 
Would you choose to make a change, and do something different, if you KNEW it would work? 

Here's what I absolutely know: when we cling to anything that is false, it will upset us. Truth is never upsetting. It's liberation. 
We can choose to learn through pain, or we can learn through Joy. It's up to us. We are the deciders.
The choice to learn through pain or Joy is ours. Learn exactly HOW to become the joy-FULL learner. Learning through pain is very time consuming and laborious. Learning through Joy is much faster and easier.

What I've learned is this: we are the deciders. 
It may not look as though we're the ones who decide, but we are. Admitting that, realizing that, and owning that, is critical to having a breakthrough from the pattern of learning through pain. 100% responsibility with 0% blame, shame and guilt. 
If it were easy to make this shift, everyone would do it, and the world's pain would dissolve.
If you know right now that you'd like to have a free Exploratory Call with me, so I can answer the questions you have, let me know. 

This is Not sales oriented. I only am dedicated and willing to support you in discovering what's best for YOU. You're the one who knows what's best for you. I can help you get clarity.
If you'd like to book an appointment to get clear about your next steps right now, please let me offer you the free Exploratory Call
 with me. People always feel more empowered after they have these calls.
Go for it! It's my gift to you.
If you're willing, I'm willing. 

Together, we will move a mountain of false beliefs!
Empowerment Process 
Stop Playing Small & Live Your Life on Purpose

* Be willing to develop a divine discipline to stay focused.
* Get inspired and motivated to make 2018 your best year EVER!!
* Become Clear about the Life you're creating for yourself.
* Stop self-sabotage in it's tracks.  
* Learn how to create your environment And not be affected by other people.
* Connect with the The Power of the Word.
* Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.
* See how the Universe works~and attract what you do want into your life.
* Envision and create a new story.
* Release what no longer serves you.
* Manifest your reality with Intention. 
Program consisting of online recorded classes Plus weekly private sessions.
Call 516-635-7248 or email kathybradleyconsulting@yahoo.com

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If you are on a spiritual path, and are ready to release fear, limitation, stress, anger, worry and anxiety, my new book provides the platform and structure to awaken and guide you in the transformation of your life.  Learn more about the book and The Empowerment Process.   

Please check out the list of services below, including: Trinfinity8, John of God Quantum Healing, Reiki, Divine Coaching and Angelic Readings. Click on each one for more details. 
As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule your session at:  kathybradleyconsulting@yahoo.com  or 516-635-7248. 

Teacher and Angel Therapy Practitioner@, Kathy offers her clients clear, concise intuitive guidance as well as the techniques and practical tools toward exploration, inspiring them to awaken to their true divine path and purpose. 
Kathy's, training includes studies with such names as Doreen Virtue and Jennifer McClean & has been granted Permission to own and operate the special John of God Crystal Healing Bed. 
BS for Business from Niagara University, Certified Interior Refiner/ Design with Laurie Ward, Mastering Alchemy, Sound Therapy & Success Signature trainings with "Healing with the Masters", Jennifer McClean
  •  Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher
  •  Angel Therapy Practitioner®
 Consciousness Facilitator