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Moments ago we met with the White House to convey the urgency of delivering and disbursing Shuttered Venue Operators Grant awards as soon as possible to live performance venues, organizations, promoters, and talent representatives.

We continue to meet daily with the SBA on the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVOG) program. As always, we will keep you updated on what we know.

But first, we want to know the status of your application and what your experience has been like. Please take this short survey now.
Here are the latest updates.


As of earlier today, 12,340 applications have been "decisioned" of which 4,842 applicants have been notified of their status.

  • Of the 12,340 "decisioned", 4,472 have been notified of their awards, and 2,813 are queued for award notification, including 450 whose award amount is being adjusted upwards. (There are a number of applicants who are eligible for more money than they requested based on their tax forms and who will be given the option to accept this higher amount.)

  • Thus far, award notifications represent $3.4 billion of which $2.17 billion has been disbursed. The SBA reports an average of four days from award notification to disbursement.

  • 370 applications have been declined, and approximately 2,824 are queued for decline.

  • 540 have been sent requests for technical correction, and 1,321 more requests for technical correction are queued. ("Technical correction" is a category of likely eligible applicants that need a fix to their paperwork. For anyone in this category, you will not have to reapply for the program, but rather the SBA will work with you to address the specific issue that is holding up your application and will advise you on the documentation required to move your application to the next stage.)

  • Fewer than 700 applications have been submitted, but have not yet begun review. All of these applications are in the third priority period.


  • For those awardees who need to modify budgets, the SBA advises that further instruction is forthcoming, as it is currently prioritizing award disbursement.

  • As a reminder, you can adjust your budget 10% within each budget category without formal budget modification approval.


  • The Supplemental Grant process is expected to begin in late July.

  • If you have received a PPP loan and deducted it from your SVOG, your supplemental grant will be based on your pre-PPP amount. If you received a PPP loan and didn't deduct it, it will be deducted from your supplemental grant. If the PPP loan is greater than your supplemental grant, you will not receive any monies from a supplemental grant. However, you may still choose to benefit from the extended timeline that comes with supplemental funding.


  • The SBA plans to issue updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) next week.

  • The SBA is working to communicate more often with applicants. If you have not already received an email, you should expect to hear from the SBA at least once a week on the status of your application.

  • In the meantime, if you have a question for the SBA, you can send it to Currently, given the volume of email, it may take 72 hours or more for the SBA to respond.

  • Do you have a specific SVOG application issue you'd like us to submit to the SBA on your behalf? Have you gotten an award notification and are missing a NOA or 1222? If so, please submit your case (along with your grant #, if applicable) to Jenny Thomas, APAP Director of Marketing and Communications, at
APAP continues to advocate on your behalf. We are stronger together.

The APAP Team