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Embracing Mindfulness this Holiday Season
Welcome to the November issue. This month we'll revisit reflections on Gratitude and Generosity. And read on for opportunities to explore Joy, Balance and Inquiry in the coming weeks including Asking The Beautiful Questions, a mindfulness workshop on Saturday, December 2. Best, Marc

A Season of Gratitude, A Season of Generosity
Gratitude, generosity and joy excite me in their ability to bring us to a state of mindfulness. It is difficult to practice either without being present. They require an intentionality that takes us out of our "doing" mindset that drives us to charge through task after task without reflecting on our goals or motivations. This practice can even soothe our suffering as we open to a wider universe of possibilities.

In The Power of Gratitude, I write, 

"With gratitude, what we are not doing is nearly as important as what we are doing. Its hard to multitask while practicing gratitude. We are unlikely to be checking our cell phone or mindlessly eating a hamburger. When we practice gratitude, we aren't engaged in jealousy, greed, grasping or comparison. We are creating a space in our experience. As we leave the realm of judgment, comparison and criticism, our natural wisdom and compassion emerge."

I like the progression from the gratitude of Thanksgiving to the generosity of the holiday season. As we open our hearts to gratitude and the people and circumstances that caused it, we that generosity won't lead to scarcity but abundance. I suggest in The Power of Generosity that

"a mindset of abundance facilitates the ability to let go and share our gifts with others. This doesn't mean we must always be generous. Powerful research connects generosity to happiness but only if we are thoughtful about it."

Finally, we often associate this season with Joy. The Buddhist tradition offers the concept of Muditā, or Sympathetic Joy. We observe the happiness of others and allow it to nourish us. In Where Does Joy Come From and How Can I Get It, I write, 

"By finding joy in others, we can awaken the joy that lives in each of us. How beautiful to think, 'I know how you feel' when we see another person full of joy and delight! This activation carries the secret - that we hold the tools for joy inside of us. With presence, mindfulness, and of course practice, we can find joy and experience its benefits."

There is so much to explore! To hear more, check out my podcast including talks guided meditation practices on these three important qualities

Inquiry, Joy, and Equanimity come to life with practice!
Join me for Asking The Beautiful Questions, a talk and mindfulness workshop on Saturday, December 2 from 10 am to noon at the Tredyffrin Library, in Wayne, PA. Participants will learn and experience the power of using reframing questions to arrive at the intuition of our hearts. $10-20 donation requested. You don't want to miss it. 

On Monday, November 27 and December 4, I'll be leading the 
Beginner's Meditation: Cultivating the Heart series with workshops on  joy and  equanimity (balance) . Registration is required but there is no fee to attend. 

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Finally, Mindful Dads Meeting continues on Wednesday, December 13 and every second Wednesday thereafter.

Marc Balcer  brings his experience as a coach, entrepreneur and investor to Your Mindful Coach  and now Center for Self-Care, LLC. He has received training in  Mindfulness-Based Stress Management, Mindful Self-Compassion and Mindful Schools.