Father Rob: Parishioner Has Virus; Ministries Stay in Touch

My brothers and sisters in Christ,

I am grateful every day for the many ways I continue to see members of Trinity reaching out, serving the community and connecting with people during this extraordinary time. I am sorry to share with you that we have our first case of COVID-19 within the congregation: Heather Eldridge has tested positive and is the first community-transmitted case in the area. That means that the source of her infection is unknown – not through travel to a heavily infected area or contact with someone known to be sick. Our prayers are with Heather, her husband, Brad, and their sons, Max and Dylan. I am in touch with the family and will pass along any special needs that may arise.

I am scheduling "face-to-face" conversations with parishioners via FaceTime, Zoom or Facebook Messenger. If you are looking to chat about what's going on with you and your household, please reach out to me via my email address  rb@trinitylawrence.org .

Many small ministries, teams and groups are using our Zoom account to "get together" and continue to support one another in discipleship. If you are part of a group that would like to schedule some "virtual" time together, please let me know.

March 25 is the feast day of the Annunciation, the day we celebrate Mary discovering that she was to be the bearer of the Incarnate God. The psalm for that day is Psalm 40, and verse 15 says:

"Your righteousness have I not hidden in my heart;
I have spoken of your faithfulness and your deliverance; 
I have not concealed your love and faithfulness from the great congregation."

Despite being separated in person, we will not conceal God's love and God's faithfulness in caring for us. God bless you all, and stay safe.

Yours in Christ, 
The Very Rev. Rob Baldwin 

Senior Warden: Suspension of Services Tough but Right Call

To our brothers and sisters in Christ,

Without a doubt, challenging times are upon us. I look back over my life and can reflect on at least a half dozen times life came to a standstill and we seemed to be on the cusp of wreckage and ruin. And through faith and fellowship, we survived them all. This too will pass.

The Vestry held an emergency meeting March 13 to consider taking the agonizing step of discontinuing services. We decided we must for the health and well-being of our congregation. It was not an easy decision, but as time has shown, it was the right one. 

That decision naturally opened more challenges. How would we continue to serve through our ministries? Could we do virtual services? How do we maintain Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry? BackSnack? Office operations? How do committees function? How do we serve the most vulnerable members of our congregation?
I have been renewed by the tireless effort of everyone involved. We found solutions. People have stood up, gone above and beyond to keep our communications fresh and active. We’ve introduced the Mini Corner to keep you updated more often. We’ve been updating the directory so that we can reach out to one another. Our office is staffed. Phones are answered. Our bills are being paid.
I feel sad but confident. We will regain normalcy. We are Trinity Strong! Please reach out if you need anything. Conversely reach out to your brethren. Make a call, write a letter. Many of us are isolated and just the sound of a warm, friendly voice at the other end of the line is priceless in its ability to share comfort. Both parties will benefit.

Help heal one another. Help maintain our Trinity family during these difficult times. Be sure to continue your financial support so we may. We will come out the other side stronger. Have faith.

Thank you,
Steven King
Senior Warden

Trinity Episcopal Church 
1011 Vermont St. Lawrence, Kansas 66044
Trinity Facebook page link:  https://www.facebook.com/TrinityLawrenceKS