St. Thomas Updates - May 11th, 2020
We know that many of you  really  want a peak at the new office layout and construction work! But please be patient. The church building is still closed due to coronavirus. To protect the construction workers, please stay away until the offices are officially opened. (Even then, masks and social distancing will be required.) Thank you so much.
Update from Heather Black, Chair of the St. Thomas Search Committee

The search committee has been very busy during this time of social distancing and stay-at-home orders. With no one able to travel, work being limited and appointments cancelled, this has created an abundance of opportunities for the committee to come together electronically to discuss committee business and conduct interviews. While we were originally concerned the pandemic might put us behind on our timeline, the reality is that we are right on schedule, if not slightly ahead.

To date we have received 12 applications with at least two more we know of headed our way shortly. There could yet be more as we had originally posted the ad for position of rector to run through April 30 th . In consideration of Holy Week and clergy working to care for their congregations during this time of pandemic, we felt it might be worthwhile to extend the deadline an extra two weeks to May 15 th , for those who might be interested, but had been otherwise occupied through April.

We feel good about the number of applications we have received and are particularly pleased with a number of the applicants. We will update you again as soon as we are able and we continue to appreciate your prayers in support of the search committee and its work.

Don't put off making your pledge or donation to the Capital Campaign!! There is about $10,000 left in the matching grant. Now is the time to double your donation!!
Thanks to all who have already participated for their generosity and support!!
Remember that you can sign up for our Virtual Coffee Hour on Sunday at  10:30 a.m.  - join your fellow parishioners for a Zoom Coffee Hour.

To do so,  register by email  with Judi Fuller by Saturday ( ). If enough people sign-up, you will be divided into Zoom groups! 
Sister Joyst  Shelters Together on Tuesdays at 2:00
Women's contemplative prayer via zoom. Peaceful silence & community.

All are welcome! Here's the link:

In Case You Missed It...
Sunday Virtual Service PJ/Robe Pictures Wanted!

Send us pictures of you and your family in your PJ, slippers and robes watching Virtual Sunday services to  by Thursday, May 14th at noon. 

Thank you for having fun with us!