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On January 27, America's Top Dog Model  ®  launched its 15th national Contest!
The theme is "Fairy Tails." Get all the de 'tails in this issue.

Spring is in the air! Last week at America's Top Dog Model Fan Club, we presented a Casting Call for the cover and fashion spread of this Spring Style issue. Meet cover dog Shai and our three "Spring Style" models, Deliah, Betsey, and Addi Elyse. Thank you to all the beautiful contestants that participated in our casting call.
America's Top Dog Model Contest would not be a success without our generous sponsors. Each month throughout this competition we introduced our contest sponsors. T hank you all, for your generous contributions and support of America's Top Dog Model ® 2020 Contest. Please check our contest prize list and visit their websites. Also, I would like to thank the media  for all their support during our 2020 contest. 

We are all at home hunkering down during the coronavirus epidemic. No restaurants, no school, no libraries, no play-dates, but no problem with
"Romeo Reports: 10 Fun Indoor Activities with your Dog while Social Distancing." Check out these fun indoor ideas that will keep you and your dog entertained while staying safe and active.

For those of you who would like to learn how to take great photos, I am excited to introduce " Smartphone home pet photography" webinar by Vasi Siedman! It will be a class about how to take professional quality photos at home, including angles, lighting, backdrop, finding the best spot, avoiding distractions, and more. Mark your calendars for April 8 and 15th starting at 1 pm ET on Zoom. Both webinars will be on the same topic and at the same time. Sign up for the webinar at Petpix Academy

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Photo by Vasi Siedman
Sunnies by Susan Howard

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CEO/The Jo Jo Companies
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Shai's Photo by  Oxanakernan Studios


Meet Shai a 1 year, 11-month-old Afghan hound born in Sulley/Vancouver Canada. This super model, has a beautiful natural coat, that looks best when adorned in flowers and pastel colors.  Shai's mom Terre Moshe, shared her amazing story:

"Shai was a gift to me by a few close friends when she was 8 months old. Her name means "gift" in Hebrew. I trained her as my service dog which was very easy.

Shai has a special twinkle in her eyes which draws everyone in and she has a lovely personality. So, I decided to see if she would like modeling like my love Adar, who passed away. She fell in love with the camera and every shoot builds a special bond with the models, which shows in the uniqueness of the photographs.

She has done dog food commercial shoots, a TV Pilot, music videos, including a few artist music videos, a flower shop commercial shoot, and she has modeled for clothing lines, a variety of photography editorials and a few fashion magazines.

Shai's favorite pastimes are chasing squirrels in our yard, playing tag with our other dogs, and spending time cuddling with family and friends. I feel truly blessed to have her as part of our family."

Congratulations, Shai and the Moshe family! 

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                    Meet our Three Fabulous "Spring Style" Models 

Spring 2020 color trends include pastels as soft as cotton candy pink, baby blue, and muted yellow. Put a spring in your step with these colorful selections sure to elevate your mood. 

Deliah's Photo edited by Vasi Seidman

"Hi! My name is Deliah and I am tiny 3 lbs, maltipom who lives in Palm Beach, Florida. I am an Influencer on Instagram who spreads love and kindness, especially now since the outbreak of COVID19. People need more love and reasons to smile. I am the Ambassador of positivity and happiness. Visit me at @delilah_diary. I am wearing a custom tutu ensemble handmade in London by Furdrobe @furdrobe."

Photo by David Young

"My name is Betsey...Mommy says I was born for the runway! Mommy actually adopted me on the runway from Canine Rescue in Atlanta when I was just 6 weeks old. I've been modeling ever since for rescue events and fundraisers. I also help work with the Pugs for Pinky Foundation and I'm a pup scout. I'm wearing a design by Boshoun and hat by Wags to Riches."

                                                        Photo by Elizabeth Landry

"Hi everyone! I am Addi Elyse, a 1 year old, very confident model. I am modeling a beautiful, birdie gown from Pamela Crawford. Meet me this Spring under the arbor for a festive time."

Congratulations and Thank you lovely "Spring Style" models! 

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Want your dog to be the next top dog model? Enter America's Top Dog Model 2020 Contest "Fairy Tails!"  Contest runs through April 30.   
Romeo's photo by Vasi Siedman of  visstudiofl. Hat by Hayleys Hats.

Calling all storytellers and their top dogs! You are invited to enter America's Top Dog Model 2020 Contest "Fairy Tails!" If you can imagine your dog as a star in a book of fairy tails, this contest is for you!  The Grand Prize Winner will receive the following: 
Finalists Prizes:
Eleven Finalists will have their photo and story published in America's Top Dog Model book of Fairy Tails and photos on the website. Finalists 
will also receive six-month subscription to  PetPIX Academy online photography classes and an autographed copy of  How to Become a Top Dog Model.

Official contest rules and Information on how to enter our 2020 contest is available on  America's Top Dog Model website.                                  


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 Romeo Reports: 10 Indoor Activites with your Dog while Social Distancing

Romeo is enjoying an indoor Easter egg hunt, with a beautiful view of  the garden
Photo by Vasi Siedman

  1. Tricks of the trade: A productive way to entertain your dog is to teach them new tricks. Train them to bark on command, shake hands, follow hand signals, or roll over. If you are planning on getting your dog into television and film, these tricks will help get their paw in the door.
  2. Fun and games: If you have a spacious living room or a long corridor, and valuable pieces are safely stowed away, indoor fetch can make for a fun, afternoon. A good old-fashioned game of fetch with a soft ball or toy is a great way to entertain a dog while getting plenty of exercise. Dogs need activities that challenge them mentally, as well. Dog puzzles can provide stimulation and alleviate boredom. Check out This Dog's Life for "19 Interactive Dog Puzzles and Games for Your Bored Pooch."
  3. Practice doga: This is a wonderful yoga practice, in which you and your dog perform traditional Hatha yoga postures. Dogs are incorporated into human yoga poses, which involves yogic breathing and has a calming, relaxing, and soothing effect. A great dog yoga class that's easy to follow is AnimalWised on YouTube.
  4. Build a doggy den: Every dog needs a den where they can go when they are stressed. Dogs love to snuggle in a cozy space. Whether its blankets piled in a corner or draped over a chair, your dog will be very grateful for their own little sanctuary to retreat to.
  5. At-home spa day: Dogs love to be pampered, and grooming provides an opportunity to spend quality time together. Plan a spa day that includes the works: Soft music, bath, pet-icure, teeth-brushing, ear cleaning, and massage.
  6. Healthy dog treats: Being home a lot more means more meals. When hungry pups start begging that might be a good time for a healthy treat, like apple slices, carrots, or blueberries. Better yet, bake a batch of healthy dog treats. These Pooch Pleasing Natural Dog Treats will keep your dog's tail wagging!
  7. Strike a pose: Plan a fun fashion photo shoot with your dog. Snap a few well-lit and clear shots of your dog that capture his or her personality. If your pup is a top dog model, dress her up and let her strut her stuff! Or, if your dog is a true "pup star," get the costume to show it. Be creative with your photo shoot ideas and maybe your pooch will become Insta-famous.
  8. Throw an Easter egg hunt: Plastic eggs are an ideal option for hiding treats. They can, however, pose some risks for dogs that you can avoid by choosing plastic eggs that are large enough, that they can't be swallowed whole. When your dog sniffs them out, pop the plastic egg open and reward him/her with the treat. If your dog insists on chewing on the plastic eggs, simply hide the treats around your home without using them. The idea is the same, and the game is still just as fun! Be sure to monitor the Easter egg hunt at all times. 
  9. Chase Bubbles: Dogs are fascinated with catching bubbles, and this is a simple way to keep your dog happy, entertained and active. There's a wide selection of pet bubble making toys on the market. But you don't have to go out and buy special bubbles. The ones that are available for children are nontoxic.
  10. Shower with love: Engaging with your pup is important. The extra care and attention will be appreciated, as the coronavirus crisis is stressing, and dogs feel it, too. If your dog loves napping next to you, grab some blankets and snuggle up.
  For more fun ideas for people and their dogs, visit my "Top Dog Blog."
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Inspired by America's Top Dog Model's twelve national winners Linda, Mia, Daphne Simone, Maia, Dudley, Giana, Hellen, Moo, Johnny B. Goode, Rose, Peaches, and Pearl.

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