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December 11th, 2014

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Newly Implemented Track at Nashville Training Event Cancelled

Foundations of Integrating Civil Rights Investigations into Existing Processes

As a result of unforeseen and unexpected scheduling conflicts, ATIXA needs to cancel a newly implemented track at its upcoming Nashville Certification event. �The Foundations of Integrating Civil Rights Investigations into Existing Processes Training & Certification Course will no longer be offered in Nashville, TN, January 26th & 27th, 2015. As of Wednesday, December 10th, 2014, this track only, has been cancelled. The Investigator, Coordinator and Coordinator Advanced tracks are going forward as planned. The team at ATIXA apologizes for any inconveniences this may cause. All currently confirmed attendees for this course may use received registration funds as a credit for another course offering in Nashville or a future ATIXA training event, or a full refund will be processed.�


ATIXA will offer this new track at its summer 2015 National Training & Certification Course event. An official announcement will be released in early 2015.�


ATIXA appreciates your understanding and hopes to see you at one of its upcoming training events for 2015!

Looking for Certification Opportunities from ATIXA? Join us in Nashville for the Title IX Coordinator and Investigator Training Courses


January 26th - 29th, 2015
The Renaissance Nashville Hotel
Nashville, TN

ATIXA has certified more than 4,000 Title IX Coordinators, Administrators and Investigators across the country. As the leading source for Title IX expertise, our training events feature multi-disciplinary, engaging faculty who have been writing, researching, litigating,�enforcing, training and working in-depth on Title IX for many years. Register today for the first regional training event for 2015! Your campus/school will have the opportunity to train your Coordinator and Investigators in the same location! You will be able to draw on the knowledge of a faculty of the foremost experts, as well as network with fellow Title IX officers and investigators.�

Join ATIXA for one of our MANY concurrent training courses in Nashville! Looking for Advanced Training Opportunities? First-time attendee? Check out our multiple types of training opportunities for both Coordinators and Investigators!

Four-Day Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Training & Certification Course
January 26th - 29th, 2015

Two- and Four-Day Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Advanced Training & Certification Courses
January 26th - 29th, 2015

Four-Day Title IX� Investigator Comprehensive Training & Certification Course
January 26th - 29th, 2015

Two-Day Title IX Investigator Introductory Training & Certification Course
January 26th & 27th, 2015

Two-Day Title IX Investigator Advanced Training & Certification Course
January 28th & 29th, 2015

Visit our Certification Events page for a complete list of training offerings from ATIXA.

How is this training event different from other Title IX or Sexual Misconduct Trainings you might attend? ATIXA's training is the ONLY one that touches on ALL�areas of Title IX compliance. Our courses are comprehensive and focus�broadly on the topics that you need to do your job well. ATIXA offers a complete set of course presentation materials, supporting documents and items that can used in your daily work. Participants who successfully complete a course will receive Certification from ATIXA.

Registration & Cost

Four-Day Training Courses

$2,500 per person. All registrations include a one-year Individual Membership with purchase. Current ATIXA Members: $2,500 per person. All registrations include a coupon (one-time use, $349 value) for a recent/archived online training from The NCHERM Group, LLC.

Two-Day Training Courses

$1,250 per person. All registrations include a one-year Individual Membership with purchase. Current ATIXA Members: $1,250 per person. All registrations include a coupon (one-time use, $349 value) for a recent/archived online training from The NCHERM Group, LLC.

Registration fee includes attendance for two or four days respectively, extensive training materials and certification. Continental breakfast each morning and afternoon snacks will be provided. All other meals, lodging and transportation costs will be paid by the participants.

Training Site Location and Lodging

The training course will be held at the�Renaissance Nashville�Hotel. Perfectly located in the heart of the business district, this downtown Nashville hotel�s location allows for maximum exploration. You�ll find access to many attractions including Bridgestone Arena, LP Field, B.B. King�s Blues Club, Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, Ryman Auditorium, and the Historic Second Avenue District.

The Renaissance Nashville Hotel ATIXA room block offers the room rate of $199 per night, plus applicable taxes and fees. The ATIXA room block closes on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015. Make your reservations online or call the reservations center at 877-901-6632 and mention the ATIXA Coordinator and Investigator Training to receive the ATIXA group rate.

Discover the country music capital of the world while staying at the Renaissance hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.��Setting the standard for sophisticated hospitality, this downtown Nashville hotel is redefining what it means to travel comfortably. Check out the Visitors Guide to Nashville and a list of local attractions.

Tips of the Week


Throughout the month of December, all ATIXA newsletters will reflect previously published Tips to provide our readership with a summary of the year's focus and work. It's our hope that you will reflect upon these items during your winter break with a fresh perspective that will allow you to refocus and reenergize your work in the spring. 


Thank you for your dedication to your professional development, your institution, and your field. We look forward to working with and learning from you in 2015!


January 9th, 2014

A student conduct officer attends a board hearing and asks questions of both the accused and complainant.  An appeal questioning the student conduct officer's right to ask questions during the hearing is filed. During the board hearing, does the Investigator present their investigative report and respond to questions?  If no, what should be shared with the hearing board, if anything, about the investigative report? Should an investigative report even be shared with the hearing board?

Tip of the Week authored by Belinda Guthrie, M.A., Advisory Board, ATIXA


Far too many schools are missing the mark by not having the investigator present at the hearing and by not having a well-written investigation report presented to the hearing board by the investigator. The investigation report is one of the most important aspects of your Title IX investigation. Here's how your team can develop a standardized report template and utilize best practices throughout the investigation and hearing.


March 20th, 2014

If a female student was sexually assaulted off-campus by a non-student, does Title IX require an investigation?  What if the accused person was a student, but the incident still did not happen on campus?

Tip of the Week authored by Brett A. Sokolow, Esq., ATIXA Executive Director


Title IX would require us to act to remedy on behalf of our female student, but not to investigate, as the incident does not fall within the jurisdiction covered by Title IX. Neither the harasser nor the context of the harassment falls within the control of the campus. But what should my campus be doing? Read more here.


June 5th, 2014

Informal Administrative Resolution

Tip of the Week authored by W. Scott Lewis, J.D., ATIXA Advisory Board


Recently, a client who has adopted the ATIXA Model Policy, raised an interesting question in regards to language.  The client issued the following statement:


The language of our appeal policy says “In the event that an accused individual accepts the findings of the investigation, those findings cannot be appealed.”  In the ATIXA Model Policy, the language states, “Present the findings to the accused student, who may accept the findings, accept the findings in part and reject them in part, or may reject all findings. Where the accused student is found not responsible for the alleged violation(s), the investigation should be closed. 


The question raised, is this an equitable approach?  What if the complaining party does not agree with the investigator’s findings?

To read the complete Tip, click here.

Resource Spotlight


ATIXA is pleased to highlight, Addressing Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence: Athletics' Role in Support of Healthy and Safe Campuses, from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and its Executive Committee on Violence Prevention.

Final Eyes Service: Off-Site Investigation Review


You’ve come to the end of the investigation, hearing or appeal on a sexual misconduct complaint, and you want to be sure you’ve got it right. That’s what the experts at The NCHERM Group are here for. You’ll have the confidence that one of the nation’s foremost experts on Title IX has laid final eyes on your findings, sanctions and/or remedies, and thinks you are on the right track. Final-Eyes guarantees that an NCHERM Group partner will review your decision by phone and/or email, and let you know how they see it. Final-Eyes is the reassurance you need in a time when there is zero margin for error on campus sexual misconduct cases. This service is usually billed hourly, but instead you can subscribe to Final-Eyes for a flat-fee of $5,000 for the entire year, with no limit on how often it can be used. When your campus becomes a Final-Eyes subscriber, you will receive a coupon code for $500 off an institutional membership to ATIXA (discount is only valid for upcoming new and renewal memberships; cannot be combined with any other offer). Subscribe to Final-Eyes online or request an invoice. For more information, contact Alisha DiGiandomenico, Assistant Vice President for Client Relations, at (610) 644-3387.

Title IX Training Opportunities

Title IX Investigator Introductory Certification Trainings

February 11th & 12th, 2015
Hosted by Emory University
Atlanta, GA
Registration deadline is Friday, January 30th, 2015.


February 18th & 19th, 2015
Hosted by South Texas College
McAllen, TX
Registration deadline is Friday, February 6th, 2015.


March 16th & 17th, 2015
Hosted by St. Lawrence University

Canton, NY
Registration deadline is Friday, March 6th, 2015.

The ATIXA One Policy, One Process�Model


The NCHERM Group and ATIXA Model Policy and Procedure for Civil Rights Equity Grievance Resolution for all Faculty, Students and Employees


The NCHERM Group and ATIXA have developed an approach called the One Policy, One Process Model permitting all discrimination complaints to be resolved using one institution-wide policy, and one stand-alone resolution process, applied to all complaints involving faculty, students and staff. Visit our website to learn more. Ask ATIXA about how you can preview this resource�for free!


Model Clery Act ASR Language Now Available from ATIXA


Assisting in Compliance with VAWA Section 304


By now, many of you have taken a look at the VAWA Reauthorization section known as the Campus SaVE Act. This amendment changes the Clery Act in ways much more substantive than previous amendments. While amendments before asked us to disclose existing policies, they largely did not require us to create new policies except for the set of amendments contained in the 1992 Campus Sexual Assault Victim's Bill of Rights. Now, those disclosures and rights have been largely eclipsed by the SaVE amendments, which will require us to develop significant new policy language, much of the content of which is prescribed by the SaVE Act. Draft regulations were released in April 2014 by the Negotiated Rulemaking Committee, offering proposed changes to the Clery Act. Start planning now, because there is a lot to this new law.


We have a shortcut to SaVE you time. We have created template language to satisfy all of the new SaVE Act disclosure requirements - at least as best we can decipher them before final regulations are announced later this year. It's six pages of model language containing policy and procedure information outlined by Title IX and Campus SaVE, and is compliant with the most recent draft regulations of the VAWA Section 304 regulation. This template is available from The NCHERM Group for $249. To purchase our SaVE disclosure template, visit our online store or contact Michelle Issadore at (610) 993-0229, extension 1002. Please note that our template only includes the new ASR required disclosures, not all updates that were made by SaVE, such as those involving hate crimes statistics and hate crime categories.

The Title IX SaVE Act Prevention & Training Checklist

The Title IX SaVE Act Prevention & Training Checklist is a life-saver and time-saver that distills all the new and existing requirements into a single, detailed and copiously researched chart that will help institutions examine current policies and procedures and develop a comprehensive training plan for faculty, staff and students. We know how valuable this tool is for your campus. For additional details on the checklist and to share this resources with your colleagues and professional networks, visit our website here.


Keep Your Certification with ATIXA Up-to-Date


Have you been certified as a Title IX Coordinator or Investigator by ATIXA? Are you considering obtaining these certifications? Do you benefit from ongoing professional development from The NCHERM Group? If so, the CCC program is for you. We have heard your requests to update and renew your certifications online, and we are excited to announce our online professional development platform called the Continuing Certification Credit (CCC) program.


Relevant Articles


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