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Etiquette Tip for the
Month of November
TIP:   When invited to dinner make sure you  take a gift to the host. Wine is appropriate  ONLY if you are sure that your host enjoys  wine with dinner. If you are unsure dessert
is always safe.

Getting Ready for the Holidays?
  Planning for Thanksgiving Guest?

The host should take a seat near the kitchen so he/she may manage the delivery of the courses. If you can hire wait staff, have the staff come at least 2 hours prior to the arrival of your guest to familiarize them with your meal plan, then you can enjoy your guest with minimum interruptions. 

If you are inviting a distinguish guest seat him/her to the right of the host and the next important guest to the right of the co-host. To keep conversation flowing you don't want to seat couples or people who work together besides each other. If possible make sure the "left-handed" person is on the end of the table to give them elbow room.

Placards are very appropriate, use your imagination and you could give them as a favor. An example would be a little ceramic pumpkin filled with mints or nuts with each guest name printed on it.
Trust me, they will love it and tell everyone who will listen.

Remember to research your guest diet habits. Vegan, Vegetarian,Gluten Free, and Nut Allergies are all very common. Check all the possibilities so you won't be embarrassed. Always keep a non-alcoholic bubbly beverage on hand for the toast. Remember, to create the perfect evening a good host does their homework.

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