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Market Returns

Value as of

Oct. 31 2016*


Year to date




13.7 %

-11,1 %

S&P 500


4.0 %

-0,7 %

Euro Stoxx 50 


-6.5 %

3,8 %

MCSI emerging markets


14.0 %

-17,0 %

Oil ($US/Barrel)

$ 46.86

26.5 %

-38,8 %

Gold ($US/oz)

$ 1,273

20.1 %

-10,8 %


$ 0.75

3.3 %

-16,5 %


Source : Bloomberg, Richardson GMP Limited

*Values are in local currency


Investment Strategies  

Six strategies for volatile markets
No investor likes to hear that the market has experienced a big drop. But volatility is part and parcel of investing. "Dramatic moves in the market may cause you to question your strategy and worry about your money," says John Sweeney, Fidelity executive vice president of retirement income and investment strategies. "A natural reaction to that fear might be to reduce or eliminate any exposure to stocks, thinking it will stem further losses and calm your fears, but that may not make sense in the long run."

Tax & Estate Planning Strategies 
Don't panic about corporate class funds
Advisor Jason Pereira will still be using corporate-class funds after September 30.
A longtime advocate of the structure, Pereira was disappointed by the federal budget's edict that  switching will no longer be tax-free.

In the news                                     

A Simple Trick That Will Help You Understand The Bond Market
With yields on 10-year Treasuries at a low 2.6%, many experts have been warning that bond investors could be in for unexpected pain if and when rates rise.

The Biggest Money Mistakes We Make-Decade by Decade
Our relationship to money changes as we get older. So do the mistakes that we make with it.   Every new stage of life brings new financial strategies we need to follow. And at every stage we find new ways not to follow those strategies, costing ourselves money and jeopardizing our security.


Canadian lifecos too cheap to ignore
When Canadian life insurance stocks get this cheap compared to banks - and they rarely do - returns in the following year are pretty attractive.  Yes, Canadian lifecos face plenty of challenges, most of them the result of persistently low interest rates. But Matthew Barasch, Canadian equity strategist at RBC Capital Markets, is starting to wonder whether things have got too extreme, and if lifecos are now too compelling to ignore.


Eddy Farina, Fin. Pl., CIM
Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor

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