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October 23rd, 2014


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Join ATIXA Experts for a Rapid Response Webinar

What Every College Needs to Know About the VAWA Section 304 Final Regulations

Monday, November 3rd, 3pm - 4:30pm ET
Register Today

In partnership with Innovative Educators, experts from ATIXA & The NCHERM Group, LLC are pleased to bring you an upcoming training opportunity from the nation's foremost authorities on the Clery Act and Higher Education legislation. When VAWA �304 went into effect in March of 2014, many campuses lacked clarity on the more than 70 new substantive, reporting and prevention requirements. On October 20th, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) issued final regulations implementing changes made to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (The Clery Act) by Section 304 of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA), also known as the Campus SaVE Act.

Join John Wesley Lowery, Ph.D., Brett A. Sokolow, J.D. & W. Scott Lewis, J.D. as they review the new regulations and offer clarification and explanation on what institutions must do next to fully comply with these new requirements.

Topics include:
� Reporting domestic violence, dating violence and stalking
� Substantive victim�s rights
� Procedural protections in campus resolutions
� The role of attorneys and other advisors in Title IX complaints
� New hate crimes categories
� Good faith compliance efforts
� How to meet prevention, risk reduction, awareness and education mandates
� How does a campus demonstrate effectiveness?
� Sharing of outcomes and state employment and other privacy laws
� Negligence and the new VAWA �304 standards � are campuses exposed?
� Challenges to the constitutionality of VAWA �304
� Addressing new fines and whistleblower protection concerns

What do these new regulations mean for your campus? Join the experts as they discuss the new regulations, answer your questions, review major takeaways and talk next steps for your campus. Learn more here.

Tip of the Week


A Tip to Congress & the Offices for Civil Rights
Tip of the Week authored by W. Scott Lewis, J.D., Advisory Board Member, ATIXA & Partner, The NCHERM Group, LLC


This week, instead of a tip for Title IX Coordinators, I would like to offer a tip to Congress and the Offices for Civil Rights.


There is pending legislation to increase the fines under the Clery Act and/or to increase fines for general violations of Title IX. Talk of $150,000 per violation and 1% of the gross revenue of schools has been bantered about. This makes no sense, but is consistent with the mindset of the historic view of the enforcing and legislative bodies.

To read the complete Tip, click here.

Resource Spotlight


Final Regulations - Violence Against Women Act


On October 20th, the U.S. Department of Education issued final regulations implementing changes made to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (The Clery Act) by Section 304 of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA), also known as the Campus SaVE Act.


To view and download the new regulations, visit the Federal Register here.

Save the Date: New Title IX Coordinator and Investigator Certification Opportunities Coming Spring 2015

Join ATIXA in Nashville, TN in Spring 2015, January 26th - 29th!

Courses currently scheduled to be offered include:
� Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Training & Certification
� Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Advanced I and Advanced II Training & Certification
� Title IX Investigator Introductory, Advanced and Comprehensive Training & Certification

Additional details on pricing, registration information and training location/logistics still to come! Visit our website here for up-to-date details!

Combination�Flat-Free Pricing for �Final Eyes� Service:
Off-Site Investigation Review + ATIXA Institutional Membership


You've come to the end of the investigation, hearing or appeal on a sexual misconduct complaint, and you want to be sure you�ve got it right. That's what the experts at The NCHERM Group are here for. �You'll have the confidence that one of the nation�s foremost experts on Title IX has laid final eyes on your findings, sanctions and/or remedies, and thinks you are on the right track. Final Eyes guarantees that an NCHERM Group partner will review your decision by phone and/or email, and let you know how they see it. �Final Eyes is the reassurance you need in a time when there is zero margin for error on campus sexual misconduct cases. �This service is usually billed hourly. �But now, your campus can subscribe to Final Eyes and also receive an institutional membership to ATIXA for a flat fee of $6,999�for the entire year, with no limit on how often it can be used.

To access Final Eyes on demand for your campus, click here

Title IX Training Opportunities

Title IX Investigator Introductory Certification Trainings

February 11th & 12th, 2015
Hosted by Emory University
Atlanta, GA
Registration deadline is Friday, January 30th, 2015


February 18th & 19th, 2015
Hosted by South Texas College
McAllen, TX
More information coming soon.


March 16th & 17th, 2015
Hosted by St. Lawrence University

Canton, NY
Registration deadline is Friday, March 6th, 2015.


Fall Online Trainings Co-Sponsored by ATIXA

NCHERM Group Online Trainings










The NCHERM Group Online Trainings is an endeavor to provide quality, distance learning education and discussion opportunities to colleges and universities across the country and around the world.

Fall 2014 Online Trainings co-sponsored by ATIXA are now available.
Click here to register.


To see a list of all upcoming online trainings, as well as the large array of our recent online training recordings available, click here.

The ATIXA One Policy, One Process�Model


The NCHERM Group and ATIXA Model Policy and Procedure for Civil Rights Equity Grievance Resolution for all Faculty, Students and Employees


The NCHERM Group and ATIXA have developed an approach called the One Policy, One Process Model permitting all discrimination complaints to be resolved using one institution-wide policy, and one stand-alone resolution process, applied to all complaints involving faculty, students and staff. Visit our website to learn more. Ask ATIXA about how you can preview this resource�for free!


Model Clery Act ASR Language Now Available from ATIXA


Assisting in Compliance with VAWA Section 304


By now, many of you have taken a look at the VAWA Reauthorization section known as the Campus SaVE Act. This amendment changes the Clery Act in ways much more substantive than previous amendments. While amendments before asked us to disclose existing policies, they largely did not require us to create new policies except for the set of amendments contained in the 1992 Campus Sexual Assault Victim's Bill of Rights. Now, those disclosures and rights have been largely eclipsed by the SaVE amendments, which will require us to develop significant new policy language, much of the content of which is prescribed by the SaVE Act. Draft regulations were released in April 2014 by the Negotiated Rulemaking Committee, offering proposed changes to the Clery Act. Start planning now, because there is a lot to this new law.


We have a shortcut to SaVE you time. We have created template language to satisfy all of the new SaVE Act disclosure requirements - at least as best we can decipher them before final regulations are announced later this year. It's six pages of model language containing policy and procedure information outlined by Title IX and Campus SaVE, and is compliant with the most recent draft regulations of the VAWA Section 304 regulation. This template is available from The NCHERM Group for $249. To purchase our SaVE disclosure template, visit our online store or contact Michelle Issadore at (610) 993-0229, extension 1002. Please note that our template only includes the new ASR required disclosures, not all updates that were made by SaVE, such as those involving hate crimes statistics and hate crime categories.

The Title IX SaVE Act Prevention & Training Checklist

The Title IX SaVE Act Prevention & Training Checklist is a life-saver and time-saver that distills all the new and existing requirements into a single, detailed and copiously researched chart that will help institutions examine current policies and procedures and develop a comprehensive training plan for faculty, staff and students. We know how valuable this tool is for your campus. For additional details on the checklist and to share this resources with your colleagues and professional networks, visit our website here.


Keep Your Certification with ATIXA Up-to-Date


Have you been certified as a Title IX Coordinator or Investigator by ATIXA? Are you considering obtaining these certifications? Do you benefit from ongoing professional development from The NCHERM Group? If so, the CCC program is for you. We have heard your requests to update and renew your certifications online, and we are excited to announce our online professional development platform called the Continuing Certification Credit (CCC) program.


Relevant Articles


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This Week's Blog Posts:



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Coordinator of Sexual Assault Prevention and Advocacy- Brown University Health Services

Associate Director/Compliance Officer � University of Arkansas

Sexual Misconduct Investigator - University of Maryland College Park

Assistant Dean of Students / Title IX Investigator - Boise State University

Title IX Coordinator � Saint Louis University

Director of Accessibility, Title IX and EEO Compliance - Grand Rapids Community College

Title IX Adminstrator - Princeton University

Investigator  - Purdue University

Title IX Administrator - Princeton University

Sexual Violence Investigative Officer - University of Pennsylvania

Sr EEO Consultant- Arizona State University


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