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May 2017
Over 2,000 Canadians share their views...
...on car repair and maintenance in AIA's upcoming report.

Let's admit it. To some of your customers, it almost feels like 'pulling teeth' when it's time to take their car in for servicing. Well, maybe not as bad, but it is still a situation that affects your customers financially and emotionally. AIA's upcoming report presents the results of surveying over 2,000 Canadian car owners in order to understand how they approach the question of maintenance and repair of their vehicle.

The report unravels pertinent questions about car owners such as: do they prefer independent repair shops or dealerships? what do they look for in a repair shop? do they follow a maintenance schedule? and how much do they trust their technician?

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Important: Update on the Federal Ban on Asbestos
The public has until June 4, 2017 to comment on the proposed regulatory approach to prohibit all future activities respecting asbestos and products containing asbestos. Comments received will contribute to the further development/refinement of the proposed regulatory approach.

It is important that stakeholders, who might be impacted by the ban, submit comments. This will help to ensure that the regulatory approach to be implemented will take into account the interests and needs of the aftermarket sector.

Read more about this update on our blog.
AIA's Invite to Deliver Testimony on the Hill
One of the major wins that came out of AIA's Lobby Day on Parliament Hill was an invitation to deliver testimony in front of the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications on regulatory and technical issues related to the deployment of autonomous vehicles. The committee conducts studies on issues of importance and on proposed legislation or bills and government expenditures. At present time, AIA is one of the only non-governmental bodies to deliver testimony in front of the committee. One of the biggest gains AIA receives is confirmation that the voice of the aftermarket is being heard on topics that impact our industry. 

We'll keep you posted. 
Can you take a guess as to who is the most lobbied Minister on Parliament Hill? 

That would be Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development. This makes sense given the focus in Budget 2017 on innovation. 

Can you guess what organization has lobbied Bains the most? That would be General Motors of Canada Co.
Agree or Disagree?
"Governments are not very innovative and (with a few notable exceptions) consistently show themselves incapable of planning and developing innovative economies.  Governments are pretty lousy at picking winners and losers in an economy, and usually fail to achieve their goals when throwing cash at the winners.  Global competition to innovate is insane, which means that even if a given national government is halfway competent at economic planning, they're still likely to lose the innovation race."
To hear more of one person's take on why government is not the driver of a country's innovation, check out this article:

Continuing with our spotlight on Navdeep Bains, Bains recently stated that the software power - not horsepower - is the future of the Canadian automotive industry.

Interested in learning more about government relations at AIA? Are there issues happening in your region that impact the aftermarket that we should know about? 

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2017 Women's Conference Registration Now Open!
What do you want to be remembered for in your career?  Is it being a mentor to someone who can learn from the experience you have gained or is it paving the way for someone to follow in your footsteps? Or perhaps your legacy is to be the best person you can be?

The AIA AWAKE Women's Conference is an opportunity to help you define what your legacy will be.

Hear the unique perspectives of extraordinary women and men who have established themselves as dynamic and successful leaders and who are creating their own personal legacies. Take the opportunity to network with your peers and colleagues and share your diverse perspectives with each other.

The Women's Conference is an event about shared vision and connecting with like-minded people who know where you are coming from and where you want to go.

Quebec Division Annual Golf & Dinner
golf tee and ball on green

June 1st, 2017


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Thank you Greg!

AIA Canada says a fond farewell to Greg Sims, Executive Director for Western Canada since 2014. An experienced CEO in the automotive aftermarket, Greg was well-positioned to bring a member's perspective to the executive director role and advocate for added value to members. His involvement in our government relations activities provided a much needed Western perspective.
Greg had been instrumental in leading the creation of the AIA British Columbia (BC) Division which has been quite active since its inception the last year. Of note, Greg facilitated the ASP-inspired event "What keeps you awake at night?" which in turn was well-received by BC Division members. Thanks to Greg and division volunteers, AIA is now in a position to continue its engagement with the BC Division as well as continue its support of the aftermarket in British Columbia. AIA Canada Board of Directors, staff, members and volunteers would like to thank Greg for all the work that he has done for AIA Canada and its western divisions and wish him a happy and healthy retirement. 
Great People. Great Charities.
Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation
In April, AIA's Northern Alberta Division was out and about presenting donations through the High Fives for Kids Foundation.

The following charities received monies:

  • YWCA of Edmonton - $2,500
  • Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation - $4,000
  • The Children's Wish Foundation - $4,000

During Northern Alberta Division's visits, opportunity arose to tour the facilities and have a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes. The Children's Wish Foundation gifted the division with a plaque, illustrating a wonderful story of a recent wish that came true.

Overall, great people, great charities, great day in April.
The Children's Wish Foundation
YWCA of Edmonton

And the 2017 Hans McCorriston Scholarship Winners are...
Each year, AIA awards five (5) Hans McCorriston Scholarships of $1,000 to students of five (5) Canadian colleges that offer the Machinist program with a preference given to those with an interest in entering the automotive sector.

This year's recipients of the 2017 Hans McCorriston Scholarship:
  • Logan Ross (NAIT)
  • Tobias Donaldson (BCIT)
  • Vincent D.P.D. Dounemene (CCNB)
  • Eric Larson (Conestoga College)
  • Clayton Bone (Assiniboine Community College)

Congratulations to all the recipients!
June 15th: AIA and the University of the Aftermarket Scholarship Deadline

June 15th marks the deadline for scholarship submissions for the University of the Aftermarket Foundation Scholarship (UofAF). Priority in awarding the seven UofAF scholarships of $1,000 will be given to those pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket. As a bonus, a matching grant is awarded to recipients who become technicians in the automotive aftermarket. 

Learn more about the UofAF scholarship and share our application by visiting  our website.
Facebook Canada Brings Solutions to Automotive Industry
On March 23, Facebook Canada officially launched a dedicated vertical for advertisers in the automotive industry due to recent studies by Ipsos revealing consumers' dedication to online usage in relation to vehicle leasing and purchasing. 74% of Canadian auto shoppers said they used their mobile devices; 47% of shoppers said they used Facebook to get information on vehicles, and 29% said they used Instagram to do so.

Read more here. (Article in English only)
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