April 7, 2018

A Message from John Lovelace, President and CEO of the Flying U Ranch:

In this issue we are proud to announce our ranch team for 2018. People are the backbone of any business and our employees are the single biggest reason people love the "U". We have worked hard to develop this group who share in the spirit and heritage of the Flying U Ranch. As you read this, you will see the constant thread of individuals who love animals, enjoy working with people and enjoy the great outdoors. Here they are, the Flying U Ranch team for 2018. 
2018 Staff

Steve Harris

Steve is the heart of the Flying U. He works at the ranch 12 months of the year and cares for the horses over the winter months. He is a favourite of the guests for his compassion for animals, children and working tirelessly as our senior wrangler.

Victoria Gallant
Victoria is the senior administrator at the ranch and is involved with everything from supervision of staff to reservations. This is her 3rd year and she has a passion for the herd and oversees veterinarian care and herd management. 

Rudy Karlen

Rudy is our ranch farrier and is involved with the care of the herd. Rudy lives across the lake at XH Buffalo ranch. This year he will also help out in the wrangling department. 

Paula Price

Paula has a love for animals. She grew up in rural Ontario on a farm with cattle, sheep, chickens and a welsh pony. She has ridden English flat and jumping, western riding on range moving cattle, rescued and desensitized horses for rehoming. Paula has been working with the herd this spring and she is looking forward to matching our equine staff to our guest riders. 

Brandon Reid

Brandon was a major part of our team involved with the care and feeding of the herd during the evacuation of 2017. He is now full time at the ranch working in maintenance and wrangling. He is a hands on guy and has the ability to fix anything.  

Kim Holland

Our head chef, Kim, is returning to the ranch for her 4th year! If Steve is the heart of the ranch, then Kim is the soul. You will often hear her talk about how the Flying U is the best place she has been. She has an overwhelming sense of care for our guests which is obvious from the first time you talk to her. 

Tanisha Annett

Tanisha Annett is a dedicated outdoor enthusiast who grew up in Squamish, BC. Her love of the mountains, nature and pushing herself to new limits led her to pursue studies in a broad range of areas including Olympic lifting, yoga and nutrition. She has an infectious passion for life and we expect that Tanisha will be a spark plug with our special events and school programs. 

Angela Deforge

Angela knows all the horses by name and watches over everyone like a den mother. She became very valuable to us last summer when we had the horses in 100 mile house. She borrowed a small travel trailer and moved right into the fairgrounds with her partner and two children.  We are so happy that Angela is back with us again this year as a full time wrangler!

Leanne Spurr

Leanne Spurr is our second cook and baker here at the ranch. She is an excellent pizza chef and her devotion is making her legendary desserts. She works hard to do her part to make sure that the kitchen runs smoothly for 14 hours a day. 

Debbie Blumauer

Debbie's family roots date back to the Cariboo Chilcotin gold rush. Her Great Great Grandfather was one of the first settlers from Pennsylvania. So working at Flying U with our old western customs and horses is like coming back to her heritage. She was a senior manager with Canadian Red Cross before joining our team. Her effervescent and energetic personality will be an asset to our guest ranch activities, awards ceremonies, guest welcoming and special events. 

Courtney Findlay

Courtney is a returning staff member for the third season. Usually works in Flying U office, but often seen in the kitchen, dining hall, housekeeping, and saloon. She is knowledgeable in special diets, due to being celiac and vegetarian herself. 

Alexis Tulloch

Alexis is our saloon and special events beverage manager. She will also work in guest services. She is a  consummate  traveler and has visited over 25 countries. She lives locally and is a proud mother of 2 boys. 

Angela Henderson

Angela grew up riding and showing horses. Angela is joining the team at the ranch as our new housekeeper. She lives locally and is a proud mom of 4 and a grandmother of 1. She is already working hard on getting the cabins cleaned up and ready to go for our first guests arriving next week. 

Matthew Lovelace

Matthew will be coming from Toronto to internat the ranch this year and help out at our Wild West Adventure Camp. He is an athlete and participates in school sports teams, is an avid golfer, played rep Ontario basketball and has mastered water skiing and wake boarding. He has exceptional customer service skills and loves meeting people and will be a smiling face around the ranch. 

Ninon Chiberches

Ninon grew up in France where she rode and showed her horses. She is returning to the ranch this year as a volunteer while she completes her degree for Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management. 

Nala Lee-Lovelace

Nala came here for a weekend visit 3 years ago with Jocelyn Lee, our marketing consultant. She had so much fun that she did not want to leave. Now she lives here full time as our "ranch dog". She is our official greeter, loves all other animals, guests and especially the children. 

Wild West Adventure Camp

Monday July 2 2018 to Friday July 6 2018

Have you heard about the FLYING U WILD WEST ADVENTURE CAMP designed for both parents and children!!!


Parents ride on their own and are free to take advantage of all the Ranch activities.  Children are enrolled in a supervised summer camp that includes horse orientation, basic riding, advanced trail riding, desensitization and a gymkhana event.  Kids also get lessons in nature hikes, survival skills, canoeing and water-skiing. 


Fun for the family entertainment including talent shows, archery, camp fires and game activities .

There are only a few spots left so do not hesitate to book now.

Our New Dinner Menu

Over the past 3 years the ranch has revamped the food services to rival the best guest ranches in North America. This year is the culmination of the shift in the culinary department.  We hope you enjoy our many new hearty soup recipes, rich new home cooked desserts, premium steak cuts, new zesty salads and delicious pasta dishes. Please check out our new menu below. 

Monday - Succulent stuffed chicken with a fresh greek salad, hearty potato with cream cheese and bacon bits, fresh from the oven home made bread, and local fresh vegetables. Finished off with Leanne's special home made desserts featuring 6 new recipes for 2018. 

Tuesday - A generous ranch size portion of saucy and savory ribs with home-made spinach salad, fresh baked dinner rolls, and garden-to-table vegetables.
Wednesday - Auntie Kim's home made shepherds pie, a fresh tossed salad and oven baked bread. Make sure you leave room for our decadent chocolate cake!
Thursday - Pasta night at the ranch features delicious pasta from around the world: beef stroganoff, Pacific seafood, Italian marinara, and chicken fettuccine alfredo. Served with vegetables, zesty caesar salad and a homemade dessert with a side of ice cream. 

Friday - New this year is our decadent Friday night all you can eat festival! Our menu is fresh from the oven pizza and chicken wings features our own made from scratch pizzas. It is all served up with veggies and dip, hummus and pita bread. The wings come in 2 different flavours, BBQ and sweet chili. This is the one night that you forget about your diet and enjoy the Flying U extravaganza. 
Saturday - Steak night! Enjoy a generous portion of premium marbled flat iron steak served with your choice of medium rare or well done. Comes with baked beans, baked potatoes, corn, caesar salad and dessert!
Sunday - We all eat healthy on Sunday which is our Fish night. Enjoy our poached salmon with white wine and dill. Served with roasted red potatoes, vegetables, homemade buns and dessert.

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