September 2016 News & Views
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A Message from the Director

It's pouring rain this morning. I guess summer is over. Well, here at Seabeck, it's over in three more days. The Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind's annual Deaf/Blind Camp is here this week. They come just at the right time. Our staff is worn out by the end of summer. That is especially true at the end of August. Many of our staff return to school and it leaves us a little shorthanded. The Deaf/Blind Camp lifts all of our spirits. They are a great group of dedicated volunteers and very eager campers. It is a challenging week for the staff at times, but very rewarding.
In many ways September is busier than the summer. We host more groups, just for shorter amounts of time. We are looking forward to September 21-22 when we are empty and can catch our breath. It's short lived because October doesn't have an empty day. We are also busy 19 of the first 21 days of November!
We are moving ahead with plans for the fall and winter. Spruce bathrooms will get remodeled following the sleeping areas that were completed last year. We are gathering all the guest comments from the summer to start working on the ones that were mentioned the most. We will also get a chance to repave the areas torn apart last spring.
My story last month about a little boy giving me his savings to fix the paddle boat touched many people's hearts. A number of readers responded to the article with words of praise. I had to agree with the sentiment of the fans of this incredible young man. The parts came in and the boats have returned to the water as promised. One of them has a little reminder of this boy's generosity. A paddle boat has been named "Gavin's Gift" after his selfless act. He was very excited when his grandmother surprised him with the news.

Have a great September!  I hope to see you at Seabeck soon.
September Retreats at Seabeck

Seattle Bible Students
Allen Stone - YMCA Retirees
Bush School
Olympic College
Pacific Northwest Needlepoint Guild
Block Party Quilters
Peninsula Men's Gospel Singers
Leadership Kitsap
Full Gospel Holy Light Church
Rotary District 5020 Exchange Students
Holly Ridge Center
Community School
Quilts From the Heart
Peace Workshop International
Cedar River Quilters
The Applique Society
McKenzie Road Baptist Church
Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church
L'Arche Tahoma Hope
Hands All Around Quilters
New Beginnings Family Christian Center
Peace Lutheran Fellowship
Harbor Life Church

UPDATE: Does Anyone Recognize This Family?

We immediately received emails from people who knew the family in the pictures that were in the August edition of News & Views. The mother is a quilter and will be here with a group soon and will pick up all her memories. Glad we could make this happen!

Thanks for helping us connect with them!    

The Hawaiian Waters of Seabeck?

SEABECK, Wash. - A rare bloom of light-colored phytoplankton has turned most of the Hood Canal green.

The Kitsap Sun reports that Washington Sea Grant water quality specialist Teri King says she first noticed the change last week while driving near the canal in Brinnon. The water has changed colors from the bridge to Tahuya.

King says a massive bloom of coccolithophores, microscopic, one-celled organisms that coat themselves in limestone plating, can be thanked for the brilliant colors. King equated the color to that of water surrounding the Cayman Islands, a shade of teal somewhere between line and turquoise.

NASA satellite images show the deepest green hues in and around Dabob Bay and Seabeck.

Officials say the bloom isn't a threat to humans and shellfish can still be harvested.

The canal's last coccolithophore bloom was in 2007.  

Lighthouse for the Blind Salmon Bake

Thanks to our volunteers!
Big thanks to Jan, Arnie and Barbara from the Center for Spiritual Living Seattle for their help during the Lighthouse for the Blind Salmon Bake.  They helped serve the outside meal as the rain fell.  Thanks also to Rotary Exchange student Matej Kunak for his help in setting up and serving the alternative diets.  Finally, thanks to Fred just for offering to help with a Cemetery tour that got rained out.  If you would like to help out sometime, please contact Chuck at the Seabeck Office. We always have something that needs done, so we have projects ready for every skill level or interest.

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