February 2017 News & Views
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A Message from Chuck

They say as you get older, time accelerates. I guess that is true because it's February already. It really seems like yesterday we were saying goodbye to our Eliot friends on New Year's Day. Part of it is we have been very busy. That is always a good thing.
We enjoyed another great Seabeck Celtic Arts concert on Monday. Performers from the U.S., Cape Breton, Canada and Scotland wowed the audience with their incredible talent. I saw many toes tapping and heard a few yelps during the show. I just love sharing our groups with Seabeck community members.
John White, Facilities Director, has a full month under his belt as the person in charge of the grounds and maintenance. He is starting to make some changes in policies and procedure and we are on track to a bright future.
John Loveless, Maintenance Director, has given up day to day responsibilities and will fully retire on April 1st after exactly 28 years of service. Please join us on March 26th at 5:00 pm in our Dining Room as we say goodbye. It will be a fun party honoring his long tenure at Seabeck.
We're gearing up to kick off the Pines Capital Campaign. The first event will be the afternoon of April 30th at the Pacific Towers in Seattle. We will be hosting a great celebration that will include our Annual Meeting and the unveiling of the New Pines design. FareStart will cater the party. I hope you can join us!
We have a bunch of bagpipers and drummers in right now. When they leave, the next two groups are harpists and then a high school jazz band takes over the campus. Quite a musical way to start our year!

February Groups

Puget Sound Folk Harp Society
West Sound Quilters
PNW American Needlepoint Guild
Community Health Care
Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church
Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County
Harbor Covenant Church
Roosevelt High Jazz Boosters
St Jude Parish
Bellarmine Preparatory School
Seabeck Group Profile

Camp Seabeck
Coming to Seabeck since 1990 

Mission Statement
Camp Seabeck's mission is to promote the development of a caring, inter-generational community through education, family activities, and volunteer leadership.


Camp Seabeck is full of fun activities. It's an easy choice for family fun, with a balance of scheduled activities and free time. There is an emphasis on family and neighborhood activities without tv, video games, and computers. It's an affordable family vacation and more fun than pricier destinations or hotels.

The time at Seabeck builds relationships that you and your kids will value for decades, even generations. Camp families come back year after year, and often span generations. By the time your kids are teenagers, some of their longest-lived friendships will be other camp kids. Campers of all ages build ties to people from different communities, schools, professions, and life situations.
Campers will teach & learn the values of a traditional neighborhood through shared activities and meals. You will be instantly welcomed and "part of the family" when you arrive. Kids have freedom and independence, guided by an old-fashioned ethic to look after the smaller ones, and kids and adults interact in groups, with strong role models and expectation for respect and responsibility.
Camp Seabeck holds there retreat at Seabeck every June and brings over 150 campers.

February Snow at Seabeck

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