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 Message from Chuck

It's hot in here! We are in the middle of a few hot days here at Seabeck. I am sure you are suffering through the same weather, maybe even hotter. I'm a typical Northwesterner, I guess, complaining about the rain and then complaining about the heat. I won't even mention snow days. For having pretty mild weather 95% of the time, we sure focus on it a lot. Did I mention my office is hot?
I saw a back to school ad last night. I thought it was early until I realized we are over half way done with summer groups. We only have four salmon bakes left this year. The groups have been full for the most part and the campus is humming with activity. This is when this great old place seems the most alive.
We had a great visit from Dr. Charles Wallace and Willistine Smith last week. It was great having them here for Seabeck Family Camp week. Charles came in to help pick up the slack for me while I was busy being the Chair of The Silverdale Rotary Duck Race. The race went off without a hitch and raised over $70,000 for the community. I am very glad to be done with this once in a lifetime responsibility. I will hand over the gavel of IACCA in October, so many of my responsibilities are going away. However, there is still a little conference center to run.
The Pines Campaign is rolling along. The plans have been very well received and the excitement level is building. We are currently looking for volunteers to be Ambassadors to the Campaign. These Seabeck devotees would help organize the giving for a specific group of donors. Most likely their own group. It would entail a startup meeting and a couple of cyber meetings to discuss the strategy. Please let me know if you like to volunteer or need more information. We plan to break ground at Pines in 13 months! That seems so close. With your help, we will get there.
Enjoy the remainder of the summer. Stay Cool!
August Groups

August Eliot Institute
Creative Arts Eliot
Rotary 5020
Block Party Quilters
Eckankar of Washington
Olympia Community School
Vashon Island Unitarian Church
Center for Spiritual Living
Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind
What's with the Water in Seabeck?
Just like in late July 2016, the waters of the Hood Canal are turning a brilliant blue, causing many residents and visitors to wonder what had happened to the usually dark waters of Washington State's most famous fjord. The answer is actually a pretty simple one- the water color changed due to a phytoplankton bloom. Thanks to satellite imagery, we are able to see just how impressive the bloom is, as it was visible from space.
According to NASA's Earth Observatory website, the bloom turned the waters a milky blue color, due to microscopic plankton called Coccolithophores that are plated with white calcium carbonate. The plates can impart a milky, turquoise hue to the water that is often visible from space.
The bloom is a natural occurring phenomenon, and was confirmed to be a Coccolithophores bloom by Bivalves for Clean Waters our of Shelton. Similar blooms, like the one in 2016 and the one this year, also appeared in Hood Canal in July and August of 2007. 
The Little Things Matter

This little one seems to be enjoying the rocking chairs with her mom. The rockers are always a big hit in the summer months, sitting out on the porch watching time go by.
Love Happens at Seabeck


Larry and Donna Dennis attended Seabeck in the 1970's with Youth of Unity. They returned this year with the Association for Research & Enlightenment.
Seabeck Group Profile

Eliot Institute

Mission Statement
To create and support an inclusive community of celebration, friendship, exploration, relaxation, and joy for Unitarian Universalist's, their families and friends.

People young and old come to Eliot, from infants to seniors. Most are from Unitarian Universalist churches in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. Usually 20 or more churches will be represented. Some people come in extended family groups as large as 12, including non-church members. Many others come as singles.
Most campers have attended in the past, but there are always newcomers as well. Newcomers are always welcome .
Eliot holds four retreats a year at Seabeck, as well as their Board Retreat.
Family Camp in July  -   Family Camp in August
Creative Arts Eliot in August  -   Winter Eliot in December
The summer conferences usually have around 250 participants and can be as high as 40% children and youth. Winter Eliot is especially popular with young adults.
The New Pines Campaign

We have a desire to continue to offer our services for many years to come. Seabeck Conference Center is happy to serve people like you, and we invite you to be a part of our legacy. Your donation will help us build a new Pines that will be a place for future generations to gather.

The New Pines will have:
  •  Flexible Floor/Bed Plans
  •  20 Private Bathrooms
  •  Two Meeting Rooms
  •  Spacious Lobby
  •  Kitchen
  •  Conversation Areas
  •  Increased Accessibility
  •  Hidden Parking
  •  New Plaza with Seating
  •  Keeps Big Trees 

Levels of Donor Recognition:
* All donors will be acknowledged in the new Pines
* $1,000 - Acknowledged on a brick in the Pines Patio
* $5,000 - Acknowledged on a bench in the Pines Plaza
* $20,000 - Acknowledged on Guest Rooms
* $50,000 - Acknowledged in Lounge Area

All gifts are welcome. Seabeck Conference Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your contribution may be tax deductible. If you have any questions, please contact our Executive Director, Chuck Kraining at (360) 830-5010 or email him at
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