October 2016 News & Views
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A Message from the Director

Hello from London!
Once summer is over I start wandering around again. I am writing this on my phone while on a train heading from London to Leeds. We just stopped in Grantham. I wonder if that is the same as in Downton Abbey? I had dinner with longtime Seabeck guests, Mark and Kirstin Thompson last night. I have known Kirstin and her family for over 25 years. We both noticed that we had never gone to dinner in Seattle, just London. It was really fun to meet up. What a small world!
I just got the next set of plans for the new Pines. They look great! I find myself looking longingly at my construction helmet. Watch out, here we go again. HAHA.
Friends of Seabeck Weekend is December 9-11. I hope you will attend the event. It's turning into a Christmas tradition. 
Speaking of traditions, we are busily preparing for a huge crowd for the annual Halloween party. Let us know if you would like to come help. It is really something to see!
Two other dates to mark on your calendar are: the retirement party for our Maintenance Director, John Loveless, on March 26th at Seabeck and the Seabeck Annual meeting and Pines Capital Campaign Kickoff on April 30th at Seattle's Pacific Tower. 
Projects moving forward include: new tile in Spruce bathrooms, new carpet in Juniper, some structural work and two more room remodels in Reeser, and the final push to move into the new shop. The hardest part of scheduling is finding open time to work.
This weekend also starts our 24-hour desk experiment. Thursday through Sunday night will now have a 11pm to 7 am staff shift. It's quite a change, but as staffing changes on the campus, it has become more necessary. We will see how it goes. 
Thanks for your support of Seabeck. I can't wait to get home and start moving Pines forward!

October Retreats at Seabeck

Emmanuel Anglican Church
Western Rosemaler's
Crossroads Bible Church
Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church
Alki Congregational United Church of Christ
Christ the King Lutheran Church
Bible Baptist Church
St Joseph's Catholic Church
West Sound Quilters
Evergreen Piecemakers
Puyallup Valley Quilters
Silverdale Lutheran Church
Kilung Foundation
St Matthews Lutheran Church
Congregation Beth El
Puget Sound Partnership
Fidalgo Island Quilters
Block Party Quilters
21st Century Men
Co-Dependents Anonymous
Olympic College
Kitsap Animal Rescue & Education
Haiku Society of America
Marked Men for Christ
Summit Lighthouse

Have You Ever Gone Crabbing in Seabeck?

This is an interesting video if you have never seen what happens once the crab pot is dropped. The crabs seem to be desperate to get to the food. No wonder we catch so many of them.

A Poem about Seabeck

This poem was written by one of our Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind guests. Anyone who comes to Seabeck can understand exactly what it means.

Hello 2016 Seabeck campers and all else. These 7 days are... I haven't found words to describe these beautiful tactile experiences. As part of the process, I came up with a sketch. Enjoy!
The Seabeck Bridge by Robert T Sirvage

The shape of sitting on the edge. 
The thick sun-warmed log
Feeling the cool sea salt moisture on my face 
Getting up and the tip read
My gentle grip absorbs and amplify into my whole being
Between these Weather-soaked and weather planks 
Send jolts to nudge for the great awakening of heart and soul
The speed bump whisper to my tip 
"This bridge is your and so is the earth that lies ahead. Make it yours for you to share with all other"
The Pacific cooled breeze gently brushes my face to remember 
All kind sequences of jolts.
A warm trickle then second. 
"Are you okay?" 
"Yes, I now feel more than I did before I first cross this bridge."
The Seabeck Bridge, the one that lead to your heart. 
Letting the life to touch you comes with saying goodbye often. 
With courage, these goodbyes could become 
'Touch you later"
Touched by life.
Tami's note:  And just a note if it isn't immediately apparent... the symbols are a representation of the tactile experience of the bridge. The 'O' representing the round logs and the ~~~~*~~~~*~~~~ the planks and speed bumps. 
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