February 2016 News & Views
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A Message from the Director

Well January was an interesting month around here. We had trees falling, we flooded again, had open ditches, "nicked" gas lines, snapped cables, and one morning the Inn ran out of propane. You really don't realize how many things run on gas until you don't have it. All in all we came through OK. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
The Wi-Fi is in final testing and should be a great system. The trenches are covered and we are preparing to reseed the areas. All utilities are up and running. We lost a bunch of trees in the Cathedral in the Woods. Lucky for us, we were able to sell the logs and just about broke even with the bills from the loggers.
We are going to lose the last couple of large maples in front of Colman Center. They have been inspected and found to be unsafe. We will replace them with younger maples after they are removed. It's just a fact of nature that maple trees have a definite life span and these beauties have lasted way longer than normal.
February brings the Celtic Arts Foundation and their bagpipers, fiddlers and drummers. I hope you can join us on Monday February 15 th for their incredible concert. Limited housing is available if you don't want to drive home afterwards. Contact the office for more details.

Here's to a great (and drier) February!

February Retreats at Seabeck

Celtic Arts Foundation
Pacific Northwest American Needlepoint Guild
West Sound Quilters
Harbor Covenant Church
Bellarmine Preparatory School
St Jude Parish
Roosevelt High School
St Antony's Episcopal Church
Narrows Connection Quiltmaker's
Assemblies of God West Sound
Alcoholics Anonymous

We hope all of our groups enjoy their time at Seabeck!
New WiFi at Seabeck

What are these strange devices popping up all over campus?

IT"S WI-FI!!!!  The new system is in. The final tests are happening this week and every sleeping and meeting room at Seabeck will have reliable internet coverage. This has been a month long project of a few trenches, some drilling and many, many feet of cable. Huckleberry and Reeser are hard wired to the Inn and the other buildings are covered by a radio antenna system. We also raised the download speed of our internet by 40 times!

This should make for a much more enjoyable internet experience for all our guests.

Flooding at Seabeck

When it rains like it did on Thursday, January 21, 2016 all that water has to go somewhere. This is what it looked like.

2016 Flood

That is a lot of rain, mud and rocks. What a mess!


But check out the next pictures from the flood in 2008. Wow, now that's a mess!
2008 Flood

Seabeck Mastery of Scottish Arts Concert
Monday, February 15th 7:30pm
Concert takes place in the Meeting House
Tickets are $10 and available in the Seabeck Office

STARRING: ...  Fred Morrison and Gary West from Scotland on Smallpipes, Andrea Beaton and Wendy MacIsaac from Cape Breton, Canada and Katie McNally from Boston on fiddles.

Join Puyallup Valley Quilters at Seabeck

It's quilting season again at Seabeck! Are you a quilter but don't belong to
a group that comes to Se abeck? Or you come to Seabeck and just need a quilting retreat fix? Then we have an offer for you.

The Puyallup Valley Quilters have openings for their March 10-13, 2016 event and you are invited to join them. They are long time Seabeck quilters and just a fun group of quilters. Let us know if you are i nterested and we will pass your name on to their registrar. Just drop us an email at seabeck@seabeck.org.

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