March 2018
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Dear Friends of SENG,

As April approaches I would like to take this time to speak about the upcoming SENG Conference in San Diego July 19-22. While I do understand that it is a busy time of the year and that traffic might be an issue, I do want to remind everyone of the uniqueness of this wonderful event. Each year I see gifted individuals, families, educators, and professionals coming together to share their expertise and personal experiences in a relaxed forum and each year I see so many that are overcome with emotion at finding themselves or an intellectual peer for the first time. Yes, the tears of joy do flow at the conference. It really is worth the extra effort to attend. The site is away from the business of downtown San Diego but right on the Trolley Line (Fashion Station) for easy access to the city/attractions. In addition, I believe we will be putting on the best conference yet. Here are some essential details:

  • 10 (3 hour) Pre-Conference APA accredited Workshops (separate registration)
  • Thursday Evening Gala featuring a Panel of G/T Experts
  • 3 Wonderful Keynotes
  • 90+ Regular Conference Sessions
  • 10 Topic-Driven Working Lunches on topics such as Gifted Young Adults, Creativity, Parenting, 2e, Diversity, Gifted Fathers/Males, and more
  • 9 Super Sunday Sessions (2 hour special sessions)
  • Awards Evening (Friday)
  • Full Children's Program with Animal Science as the theme (Friday/Saturday) followed by a possible surprise movie night (still confirming)
  • Vendor area
  • SMPG discussion room and SMPG training (Thursday)
  • Costume Saturday (Come as your favorite Character)
  • 2e2: Teaching the Twice Exceptional World Premier
  • And much more

This is a 'bucket list' type of event and certainly hope that you will be able to join us. 

Have a great April!

In gratitude,

Dr. Michael Postma
Interim Executive Director of SENG
Directors Corner - We are our Environment: The Eco-System of Gifted Development
by Kate Bachtel
Eco-literacy describes the strength of an individual’s relationship with the natural world. Molecular biologist turned expert counselor to the gifted and Dabrowski scholar, Michael Piechowski, believes a strong relationship with nature is essential for well-being (2014). Furthermore, emotional and sensual overexcitabilities can result in gifted students being more in tune with the natural world, and intellectual overexcitability may lead to advanced understanding of long and short term consequences of human behavior on the environment. Read More
Giftedness has always been part of my life.
by Lisa Hancock
Giftedness has always been part of my life, but there was a long period during which I didn’t realize it. Looking back as an adult and parent of four gifted kids, I can now see how being gifted affected every stage of my life. My own experience growing up gifted involved periods of displaying as well as hiding my abilities. Read More
Fire Chasers - Intensities to the Extreme
by Kathleen Casper, J.D.
Dabrowski was onto something with his overexcitabilities (OE’s) research. He recognized that different people experience certain stimuli in different ways- often with intensities beyond those of other people. But perhaps there is yet one other distinct OE…. the overexcitability of being intense about life itself- the intensity of being overexcited about everything. Read More
If You're So Smart, Why Do You Need Counseling?
by Deborah L. Ruf, Ph.D.
Self-indulgent. Whiny. Weak. Many of the generation who lived through the Great Depression and World War II would admit that they do not understand the current popularity of psychotherapy. If you’re depressed, get on with it. Fix it. Change your attitude. To many people, needing therapy implies lack of strength, self-sufficiency, or competence. Read More
by Evelyn Metcalf
It’s times like these, after a day in the trenches of teaching gifted eight-year-olds to write a paragraph, in the midst of “be nice,” “listen,” “use your ‘I’ statements” or “you’ve got a FISH in your pencil sharpener??” (this was discovered as water was leaking all over the student’s desk), that I come home to my own family thinking: “What about ME?” “When do MY needs get met?” The metaphor of the ‘oxygen mask on airplanes’ comes to mind. I need to breathe that metaphor in.  Read More
Spanish Language Corner - Intensidad emocional en los niños superdotados
by Lesley Kay Sword
La superdotación tiene un componente emocional así como intelectual. La complejidad intelectual va de la mano junto con una profundidad emocional. Del mismo modo que el pensamiento de los niños superdotados es más complejo y de mayor profundidad que el de otros niños, así lo son sus emociones en cuanto a complejidad e intensidad. Continuar...
Voices - Word Rocks Project
submitted by Carol Marques
Six years ago my only son (Antonio Monteiro) created Word Rocks Project: painted rocks left for people to find. Now the idea is a worldwide scavenger hunt to promote love and kindness.
Two years ago, my son was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. So we know a lot
about prejudice and challenges. They also say he is a gifted person too.
Although all his limitations and struggle, he was able to create something so touching and inspiring as Word Rocks Project.
I’d love to share his story with more people and let them all know that no matter who you are, you can ALWAYS deliver something positive to the world.
Are you gifted and creative?
SENGVine's "Voices" column seeks to share creative works reflecting the gifted experience. Accepting submissions from individuals of all ages - especially teens and young adults! We want your voice to be heard. Submit your art, poetry, essays, articles, and stories to: 
Four Dating Tips for Smart People
by Marty Nemko
These tips may help you find a well-suited romantic partner for a long-term relationship. Embrace your  intelligence . Today’s zeitgeist is about equality—Even the word “intelligence” is often disparaged as elitist, even racist. 
When Gifted Individuals Need Medication: Issues, Conflicts and Resolutions
by Dr. Jerald Grobman, MD
In this article Dr. Grobman utilizes his 40+ years’ experience working with the gifted population to provide a thoughtful and well-balanced analysis about how giftedness impacts an individual, how to utilize this knowledge to distinguish a gifted individual in crisis from one who has developed a psychiatric syndrome or pathologic personality disorder and how to develop a comprehensive treatment plan with specific, judicious and short-term use of psychotropic medication. The down side risk of developing a chronic crisis when employing self-styled treatments is also described. Read More

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In Memory of Alexinia Young Baldwin, Ph.D. (1925-2017)

The SENG Community was saddened recently to learn of the passing of Alexinia Young Baldwin, Ph.D. She had a long and distinguished career that resulted in significant contributions, in both the field of gifted education and education in general. She started the first gifted program in the nation for African American students in the then-segregated schools in Alabama. As a faculty member at the State University of New York in Albany, she developed one of the first gifted education teacher training programs in New York State. Her contributions to the gifted community will not be forgotten and she will be deeply missed.
SENG Mini Conference in Seattle, WA

Saturday, May 5, 2018
The Brig at Magnusson Park
Seattle, WA

Co-Sponsored by
Northwest Gifted Child Association
WA State Clock Hours Available

Join us for SMPG Facilitator Training, as well as sessions with Austina de Bonte, Dr. Beth Houskamp, Dr. Kristina Henry Collins, and more!
SENG Conference Registration is NOW OPEN!

Pre-Conference Activities: July 19
Conference: July 20-22

Join us at the  Town & Country Resort  
in San Diego!
We have a block of hotel rooms for a special rate – reserve your room by June 27!
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Mark the Date
SENGinars are online presentations on giftedness, hosted by many of the top experts in the gifted field.

Recordings of our past SENGinars are now available for purchase! Check out recordings for some of these popular SENGinars: 

SENG Connect Support Group:
Gifted Parenting

The SENG Connect Online Parent Group is a series of online guided discussions about the social and emotional needs of bright, gifted, and talented children and how to parent to meet those needs. Following the tried and true SENG Model, facilitators Joan Larson and Carol Malueg will be facilitating a 6-week parent support group specifically designed to support families with gifted children.

Learn why bright kids are different. Understand how to best communicate with, motivate, discipline, and guide your talented child. Share your successes and concerns in a safe and confidential environment.

Date & Time:  
Weekly,  April 3-May 8
7:30-9:00 pm EST

Carol Malueg & Joan Larson

SENG Connect Support Group:
Gifted Homeschooling Parents

Parents of gifted children frequently feel isolated from support. They experience an unsettling dissonance between the child-rearing practices recommended for average children and the reality of the child in their midst. The very strengths and characteristics of talented children often result in associated problems, particularly in social and emotional areas. Our group will provide a safe and supportive environment to freely discuss your child’s development and parenting challenges. You will connect with other parents, increase your awareness of your child’s unique needs, learn strategies for successful parenting, and expand your resources.

Following the tried and true SENG Model, Kasi Peters and Adriane Ransom will be facilitating a 4-week support group specifically designed to support novice, experienced, and somewhere-in-between homeschooling families raising gifted children.

This online facilitated group will meet weekly for 1 hour over the course of 4 weeks. Afterwards, you will receive continued support from our online community of like-minded families, as well an invitation to participate in our monthly “book-club” style guided discussion meetings.

Date & Time:  
Weekly, April 2-April 23
Noon-1:00 pm EDT

Kasi Peters and Adriane Ransom

SENG Connect's Upcoming Online Workshops
April 5 -  Promoting Executive Functions in a Congregated Classroom   with Ley-Anne Folks and Heather Lai

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