December's Featured Program 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 11:30 AM - Tangier's

Safe 4 the Right Reasons

Wylie Davidson

DiVal Safety Equipment

Getting employees to value safety and safe behavior are the constant challenges faced by today's companies.

"Safe 4 the Right Reasons" is a basic understanding of human behavior and why we do the things we do. This program motivates employees in avoiding accidents and to value their own safety and addresses how to get employee's to adopt and value safe behavior. "Safe 4 the Right Reasons" offers a fresh approach and makes the message personal for every employee which is the key to its effectiveness. Wylie's ability to incorporate audience participation, fun, humor, real world situations that everyone can relate to and the ability to uncover each and every  attendee's personal motivation for safety has made this presentation a national favorite. 

Wylie Davidson is the Training and Culture Specialist, as well as a Motivational speaker and Presenter for DiVal Safety Equipment, located in Buffalo, NY. Wylie has been the Keynote or featured presenter at numerous national and regional accounts that include John Deere, Exxon, Kellogg's, Georgia Pacific, NASA and Toyota as well as numerous national and regional conferences throughout the United States.Throughout his 20 years of safety and management experience, he has visited and toured hundreds of manufacturing plants and job sites that include virtually every aspect of industry, construction, municipality and utility. As a motivational speaker and safety trainer, Wylie has impacted thousands and has a unique ability to effectively deliver his message so it is relevant and personal for each attendee.

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Thank You to Our Sponsor...

Thank You For Making Our Holiday Food Drive a 
Suc cess!

Our recent food/funds drive in support of The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank was a hugh success! Thank you to everyone who donated food and/or funds!

October and November's donations totaled $1,377.00 and 2727 lbs. of food/water - equivalent to 7,780 meals! 

Cari Gray
Industrial Safety Consultant (BWC)
Cari's Safety Corner

Q: Why should I bother with a Wellness Program at my Company?

A: There is a lot of talk recently about wellness programs in the safety world, especially in Ohio, since the BWC has rolled out the Better you, Better Ohio free wellness program for Ohio Employees in high risk industries.  

So, a big question is: Why should a company want a wellness program?  Employees are your most important asset - so you want them healthy! Let's review just a few other reasons you want healthier employees:  
  1.  Fewer injuries and if injured they recover quicker
  2.  Less absenteeism and more presenteeism - Boost Productivity!
  3.  Boost morale, reduce stress, create a sense of accomplishment, reduce  depression and build community at work
  4.  Lower healthcare costs and good return on investment. Studies show for  every $1 spent on health intervention employees recoup $1.40 to $4.60 in  avoided medical cost and productivity losses.
These are just a few reasons and they sound pretty good! If you are eligible, consider promoting the BWC Better you, Better Ohio free wellness program. If you are a larger company, it still makes sense. You can also talk with your insurance carrier, they may have programs to assist you as well.  

Big News for Employers with up to 150 Employees

Better You Better Ohio    A program designed to provide free health and wellness resources to employees of small employers is now opened up to employers with up to 150 employees (not just 50).

Representatives of the BWC are willing to come and lead a short presentation for your employees to enroll in this program. If interested - contact Cari Gray at

Cold Stress Guide

Anyone working in a cold environment may be at risk of cold stress. Some workers may be required to work outdoors in cold environments and for extended periods, for example, snow cleanup crews, sanitation workers, police officers and emergency response and recovery personnel, like firefighters, and emergency medical technicians. Cold stress can be encountered in these types of work environment. The following frequently asked questions will help workers understand what cold stress is, how it may affect their health and safety, and how it can be prevented.

SCSC Workshop/Seminar Schedule

January 22, 2019 (8 AM to 11:30 AM)

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February 5, 2019 (9 AM to 3:00 PM)

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March 19, 2019 (8 AM to 5 PM)

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Above classes qualify for a regular meeting credit and CEO attendance credit for the Safety Council Rebate Program.

External Training Opportunities

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Upcoming BWC Class Schedule (North Canton)

339 E. Maple St., Suite 200
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**Free** BWC Classes at the North Canton office:

OSHA10: Construction Safety Basics - December 4-5
Safety for the Non-safety Professional - December 12
Transportation-injury Prevention Tips for Truck Drivers - January 8 - 8:30 AM to 12 Noon
Combustible Dust Hazards: Recognition, Evaluation and Control Recommendations - January 31
Accident Analysis Half-day Workshop - February 21- 8:30 AM to 12 Noon
OSHA Recordkeeping Half-day Workshop - February 21 - 1 PM to 4:30 PM
Fall Hazards in Construction and Maintenance - February 27-28

Above classes qualify for an external training credit for the Safety Council Rebate Program. Certificate must be presented to Summit County Safety Council.

FY 19 Safety Council Rebate Program Requirements

The FY 19 Safety Council Program year began 7/1/18. 
For those members who are eligible to participate in BWC's Safety Council Rebate Program this year, the following requirements must be met between 7/1/18 and 6/30/19:
  • Enrollment with safety council by 7/31/18.
  • Attendance at 10 Safety council meetings/events. At least 8 thru the local safety council. You can get credit for up to two meetings at BWC's safety training courses or other offsite industry-specific training courses/seminars. Certificates must be submitted to safety council no later than 6/30/19. Online courses do not qualify.
  • CEO attendance at one safety council sponsored meeting.
  • Submit semi-annual reports for the 2018 calendar year.

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Sponsor a Safety Council Meeting

Did you know that your company can sponsor a safety council meeting? This is a great way to reach 200+ companies and highlight your services. The average attendance at these meetings is 200-240. 

A $150.00 sponsorship includes your corporate logo in our newsletter (as above) and in the overhead scrolling announcements played 1 hour prior to the meeting for the month you choose to sponsor, 5 minutes of business related commercial time at the podium, a table for display items, an opportunity to giveaway promotional items and two complimentary meals.

Interested in sponsoring a meeting? Have questions or need more  information? Call Sally Cox at 330-806-1676 or email

Highlights from last month...

Donald Cooper, City of Tallmadge, our 50/50 winner (with Paul Alic). Donald and SCSC donated both shares in the total amount of $260.00 to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank in support of our Food/Funds drive!

Jason Chakey of Akron Energy Systems received our Safe Employee Award. Jason was nominated by Michael Hall of Akron Energy Systems

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