Abhi Panneerselvam is mom to 8 year old Aadhav. Originally from Tamil Nadu, India she moved to NC in 2012. Having experienced Aadhav's birth diagnosis, Abhi believes NCDSA is empowering individuals, families, and the community. She wanted to be associated with NCDSA and the pandemic helped her prioritize things and her schedule. She has been volunteering virtually from home all year, typically working a few hours a week at her convenience. In addition to keeping NCDSA records up to date, she has been instrumental in recruiting donations for the Mardi Gras Silent Auction items. She is happy to contribute her time giving back to this community. When not volunteering from home, she loves to travel and explore new places with family, take trips to all local ice cream shops no matter the season, as well as enjoying movie nights, reading, photography, and painting. Thank you Abhi!