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As 2019 kicks off, we look forward to a year filled with working together to make significant advancements in addressing mental health issues. Thank you for your ongoing support!
Canadian Educator Conference on Mental Health (CECMH)
On November 8th and 9 th, 2018 more that 330 Educators, Administrators and Mental Health professionals attended the MDSC's #CECMH18. The annual conference features leading mental health experts providing information and tools to help Educators better understand and address the impact mental health issues have on staff, students and families. We are already busy planning for CECMH 2019, to be held Nov 8 thand 9 thagain in Toronto so mark your calendars!
With over 2.5 million visitors to our website,  has become a significant resource for persons impacted by depression as well as their families, caregivers and health care providers. Offering information in four languages, this website has in-depth information, tools and supports. We are very proud provide these resources. Please visit the website today and share with family and friends.

Workplace Mental Health
MDSC’s Workplace Mental Health book provides tool and resources for employers and employees to create and sustain a mentally healthy workplace. It is a step by step guide to implement programs that will help maintain the wellness of your staff and support employees who are experiencing mental illness – so that they can get well and return to full productivity.
This Workplace resource provides the information needed to promote and support positive Mental Health in the Workplace, to access your copy visit the website  here. You can also join the MDSC Workplace Facebook page for ongoing support and discussions. 

Medications and You
As part of our popular public education activities, MDSC is proud to provide in our series, Medications and You.
We know that one in five Canadians will have a mental illness or issue each year. Often, the first step is a discussion with a family physician or other health professional about the challenges that you are experiencing. When you or a family member/ friend experience mental health issues, often medications are part of the recovery process. Through this book, it is our hope we can assist by providing you with easy to understand information on medications. You can access the easy to read booklet 

Transitions to Communities
The Transitions to Communities program continues to deliver professional skills development programming for veterans and others who are experiencing obstacles reintegrating into employment. Learn more on how this program may support someone you know today. 

Montreal - (514) 487-0165
Toronto - (416) 322-8387
Calgary - (587) 356-1816
Supporting Veterans and First Responders
MDSC's Project Trauma Support Receives Veteran's Affairs Funding
MDSC is very grateful to have received funding from the Government of Canada for Project Trauma Support, a community-based, 6-day residential program that employs a sanctuary model to create a safe and restorative environment in which veterans, military members, first responders and correctional officers find healing from PTSD. This physician-led multi-modal program integrates group and individual psychotherapeutic and activity-based interventions (team-building activities and equine-assisted learning) to help participants reconnect with, process and find meaning in their journey, and re-establish healthy relationships. Gaining new insights, new tools and healthy coping mechanisms leads to shifts in perception that have enabled participants to move forward in their lives.
Project Trauma Support is led by Dr. Manuela Joannou and a team of professionals and peer mentors. The three-year project will support 96 veterans to enroll in this innovative program based in Perth, Ontario. To learn more visit

True Patriot Love Supports Peer & Trauma Support Services
MDSC's Peer and Trauma Support Services team is honoured to receive a Bell True Patriot Love Foundation grant which enables us to provide Peer Support training to veterans in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary with training costs covered by the grant. If you are a veteran and wish to register for the training or learn

APEC Digital Hub
APEC Digital Hub
MDSC is proud to work with the University of British Columbia and University of Alberta as a Core partner in the APEC Digital Hub for Mental Health. To learn more about this project visit the website

Elephant In The Room
Elephant In The Room (EITR)
MDSC’s Elephant In The Room campaign is a national mental illness anti-stigma program implemented in hundreds of workplaces, agencies, government departments, colleges, universities and schools across the country to eliminate stigma.
When you display your blue elephant, you show that you care about the wellness of others and demonstrate that you offer a caring place to talk about mental illness, without any fear of being viewed differently.

To implement this incredible campaign visit our campaign website today
Follow us on Twitter:  @MDSC_Elephant 

Defeating Depression Across Canada
In 2018 the Defeat Depression campaign introduced our exciting new look and logo featuring the message of hope and recovery. We were joined by thousands of participants, donors, volunteers and sponsors across Canada. Brought together with a single common purpose, to improve the lives of those affected by Mental health.
We have raised 2,000,000 for community mental health in Canada.
We gratefully thank all of our participants who take part and raise funds, our generous donors, and our incredible national sponsors including, Vale, Lundbeck, Pfizer, the Mental Health Commission of Canada,, VIA Rail, Innovative Medicines Canada, and Webs9!
Join Us Together we can #DefeatDepression
We need your help to tackle mental illness and support local mental health programs and services. In 2019 we look forward to seeing all our event participants and community supporters come together to bring assistance to even more people. If you haven’t taken part yet, now is the time to get involved and join a local event, and stand up against mental illness and Move for Mental Health!

Thank you for your support!