Therapeutic Massage Not Essential
Massage is off limits until at least April 30, according to Governor Sisolak's 04.01.2020
Declaration of Emergency Directive 20-010.

Yet, it is important that you maintain muscle health during this break. If working out at home, then a dynamic warm up and cool down with stretching 30-60 minutes afterward will keep your muscles healthy.

If you've fallen into couch potato mode, then know that stiffness and trigger points will result from being in any one position for a length of time. So I recommend standing up from time to time and doing dynamic movements to increase blood circulation, which will nourish your muscles.

Please EMAIL Glen if you have any questions about maintaining your muscle health at this time.

As you know by now, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc across the globe. I'm writing to reinforce guidelines to remain healthy and minimize the spread of any contagious disease so all of us can return to our norms.

  1. WASH YOUR HANDS often. Dirty hands are the #1 way germs are spread. Use soap and warm water for 20 seconds or hand sanitizer.
  2. DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE with dirty hands.
  3. COVER YOUR MOUTH when you cough or sneeze then wash your hands.
  4. AVOID PUBLIC PLACES when ill with flu-like symptoms.
  5. SOCIAL DISTANCING: the CDC recommends a 6-foot separation from others.
  6. SEE A DOCTOR if you have any symptoms.

  1. DO NOT get a massage if you have the flu, a fever, cold or cough; reschedule as soon as possible.
  2. DO NOT get a massage if you have consumed alcohol or used drugs within 8 hours of your appointment.
  3. DO NOT get a massage if you have taken pain medication within 2 hours of your appointment.

Also, Massage Therapists should always
  • wash their hands before and after giving a massage
  • sanitize equipment
  • use clean linens

Be Well!
If you have any concerns about your health and COVID-19, please feel free to reschedule your upcoming appointment.
Glen Alex , Author, LMT, LCSW, Speaker, Coach
It's All About Health!