Keep your creativity going with an art project inspired by the abstract art of Sam Gilliam and Joan Mitchell.

Colby students, faculty, and staff can pick up an art kit packed with art supplies and instructions for a project inspired by a work of art at the Museum. A new kit will be available, while supplies last, starting on the second Thursday of each month and can be picked up at the Museum Welcome Desk during open hours.

Abstract Shapes and Colors/Wearable Works of Art is the art project in the October kit. Participants will create their own colorful designs on a fabric mask using fabric markers and water, inspired by the abstract color work of Sam Gilliam and Joan Mitchell. This project was designed, prepped, and packed by CCMA Student Guides and other student volunteers.

To find this art project, visit the Welcome Desk at the Colby Museum of Art where you can learn more about other art projects, virtual programs and exhibitions, videos, and other resources.