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December's Newsletter Theme:
"Love is in the Giving"
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NAASCA has a single purpose, to address issues related to childhood abuse and trauma including sexual assault, violent or physical abuse, emotional traumas and neglect .. and we do so from two specific perspectives :

  • educating the public, especially as related to getting society over the taboo of discussing childhood sexual abuse, presenting the facts that show child abuse to be a pandemic, worldwide problem that affects everyone

  • offering hope for healing through numerous paths, providing many services to adult survivors of child abuse and information for anyone interested in the many issues involving prevention, intervention and recovery

Building a survivor / activist / professional community ... because together we can do what we cannot do alone .

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This month's newsletter theme is:

"Love is in the Giving"

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Upcoming December Dates

National Human Rights Month
Universal Human Rights Month

December 1 – National Rosa Parks Day
                     World AIDS Day
December 2 – National Special Education Day
December 2 – December 5 – World Tolerance Week
December 9 – December 13 – Human Rights Week
December 3 – National roof over your head day
                     National Day of Giving (giving Tuesday)
December 10 – Human Rights Day
December 21 – National Homeless Person Remembrance Day
December 31 – Universal Hour of Peace



I've many things for which to be grateful. Some seem 'incidental.' Recently I was shown a film that mirrored my life's path and feel compelled to share it with you. They say eventually you'll hear your own story.

" By the Grace of God " is now being shown in select theaters around the country. Set in France, it is the well-told story of three male adult survivors who come together to expose the priest who'd abused them as children, as well as the institution what had always protected him.

It's rare that I identify so much with a drama like this, and I believe it's with seeing. Here's the list of theaters where it'll be shown:

In gratitude to each of you, I am .. yours in service,


Dedicate your birthday to supporting NAASCA 

by Bill Murray 

Recently, and all of a sudden, it was that time again .. my BIRTHDAY !!! .. (March 26, 1953)

It seems like this happens every year! LOL

There are numerous ways to support our truly unique organization.

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NAASCA's SCAN Shows Now on Three Platforms!
All our "Stop Child Abuse Now" talk radio shows are now available as 'on-demand' podcasts on three different platforms!
by Bill Murray
It's amazing, but NAASCA and our 'sister effort' LACP (Los Angeles Community Policing) will soon have produced 2800 "Stop Child Abuse Now" and "Community Matters This Week" talk radio shows!
We do our shows on BlogTalkRadio five-nights-a-week, all but Saturday and Sunday evenings, and each is recorded as it's being aired. It doesn't take long for the library to add up.
Now there are three ways to access these podcasts:

1.  Directly through our NAASCA web site 's 'ARCHIVES' by simply clicking on the episode's name (a number)

2.  By using APPLE Podcasts for iPhone-style mobile devices – thanks to Dwight Hurych, North Carolina, for setting this up as a NAASCA volunteer!

3.  Through GOOGLE Podcasts for those who use Android phones – thanks to Charm Isom-Asenime for explaining how to hear our shows on the GOOGLE Podcast platform, too,
NAASCA's 'ARCHIVES' are accessed through the NAASCA website's HOME page where it says 'current schedule'. Each year is listed there.
Please see full details, including how to download the Apple and Google Podcast apps, on the NAASCA website page:

I am so pleased that NAASCA has increased its outreach through these two additional venues!
Please help us SHARE about these new platforms by spreading the word to as many survivors and advocates you can.
We hope this enhances our ability to execute our mission: educating the public about childhood abuse, and offering hope and healing to survivors.

 Give the Gift of Love - To Yourself

Let’s take a moment to be real. We are survivors of child abuse. Every single one of us reading this newsletter is a survivor. We are no longer victims and we will no longer allow ourselves to be victimized, nor will we allow injustices to continue in the world. We are fighters. We fight for those we love, and we love fiercely and protectively. As survivors, we are hyper-aware and will protect anyone we allow ourselves to care about. We are always healing and learning new things. But, as survivors, we often work so hard at loving and protecting others, that we forget about loving ourselves. We put ourselves last time and again to help others. Maybe we don’t believe we are worthy of love. Maybe we forget that we are more than survivors, we are vulnerable, living humans. Maybe we think we are being selfish if we show ourselves love.

This holiday season, it is time to change the narrative. It is time to be a bit selfish, because loving yourself is the only way you can really love others. So, this season of giving, you need to learn to give the gift of love to yourself. IT makes sense that you are trying to figure out what to get for everyone else in your life. After all, that is part of the holiday season. But let’s think outside of the box for just a moment. See, there is a saying that says that you cannot love others until you love yourself. As survivors, we forget that saying. Survival mode is about the bare essentials and making it day to day.

This holiday season, it is time to break away from survival mode and truly begin to live. TO live, means to love. And to love, means to love yourself first so you can really love others. Be the example of what life should be. Be the light for others to follow. BE the change you want to see. And start all of this by giving yourself the love you, and those you love, truly deserve.

Have a happy holiday season and start the new year in love. Love for yourself and love for others.

Deb Ferguson
NAASCA volunteer

Pastor Deborah -
Volunteer of the Month for December

NAASCA’s Newsletter Interview With Pastor Deborah on The Role of Spiritual Care and Adult Survivors of Child Abuse and their Healing from Trauma of Childhood
NAASCA: Hello, Pastor Deborah, and welcome to our volunteer guest spot in this December Newsletter of The National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. We are so honored to have you answering some questions for us about you and your relationship with NAASCA and the ministry you provide to Adult Survivors of Child Abuse.

NAASCA: Pastor Deborah, how did you come to volunteer with NAASCA?

Pastor Deborah: I had just learned the value of social media, LinkedIn, and had developed a Profile and a Company Page and began connecting with people and organizations that were on LinkedIn and helping people. I connected with Bill Murray and he and I messaged and emailed each other, after we checked each other’s website out, and he asked me to become a monthly radio guest on NAASCA and to speak and teach and talk about the role of spiritual care and adult survivors of child abuse. And I said yes. I was assigned the 4th Tuesday of every month to come on the Blog Talk Radio Show of NAASCA and talk about spiritual care, the role of spirituality and faith in healing and support of adults who had been sexually abused.

NAASCA: Pastor Deborah, how long have you been helping people?
Pastor Deborah: I began early, in my teens and continued on through college and became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida and a Nationally Clinically Certified Counselor and served in many areas where mental health counseling provided support, education and counseling. I also learned to give psychological testing in many areas including neuro-psychological testing to brain-injured individuals and to provide group education on many areas of rehabilitation.

NAASCA: When did you become a Pastor?

Pastor Deborah: Beginning in about 1993, I was beginning to desire to offer prayer and support of faith to those I was providing mental health counseling to and would get in trouble for doing such. I was beginning to leave one world of helping people and on my way to another way of helping people, Being a Pastor and from the realm of the Spirit to the Forever Person and to enter into the deep dark world of the occult, evil spirits, bondage, abuse and ignorance of the spiritual realm and it’s rulership on a life from the unseen realm. I was told to put down my ways of mental health counseling and to learn how to help people the LORD’S WAY. So, I did.
NAASCA: What kind of mental health issues have you worked in and are now working in?

Pastor Deborah: I began with some very hard and difficult cases of mental health that had deep spiritual relationships included with the mental health issues. My personal journey started with wanting to help people and finding a Sunday School Class on Spiritual Strongmen and sitting in the class. Then I joined the prayer team and learned about the deep needs of people, then I joined the Deliverance/Personal ministry team and began to see the impact of the Spiritual Strongmen, Word Curses, Generational Curses, The Occult had on lives of lovely Christian people. Then, I study books, YouTube, ancient history, true stories, learned about the effects of child abuse, multiple personalities, trauma, triggers, occult religions, spiritual power and authority.

Then I just keep going, studying and learning things I knew nothing about, but was learning and having personal experiences with. I knew I had to learn fast and grow and believe and then help people this new way, The Lord’s Way.

I went and became a minister with the denomination I was in, The Assembly of God, and it was recognized by man that I had a powerful call of God on my life and I was ordained to go and do. I never became officially Ordained with them because I was providing ministry to those in multi-generational Satanist and others in the occult and the denomination became fearful for these groups of people do not play at their faith but will seek to kill you and they did exactly that many times and failed. So out of this fear, I and the Assembly of God decided to separate from each other and go our separate ways.

Now, I am well educated and trained, tested by fire and death, have taken many of these into my own home, financially supported them, and was a spiritual mother to them all. But I had to have a NEW NAME, DEBORAH and be so confident of my education, my boss, His purposes and will for me and people. I am now a community Pastor and volunteer on many groups, am on social media and am a Pastor around the Globe, connected with many around the world and teach online. I also work and provide all free ministry and can speak to and minister from a mental health perspective and a spiritual perspective. I am a unique person who knows both realms, the mental health realm of helping people and the spiritual care realm of helping people in the spirit and out of one’s faith in a higher god, whatever or whoever that is.

I now can provide to the community of helpers a viewpoint from both sides, mental health and spiritual care. I am free to minister either way and am comfortable in both realms. I know that my purpose is to bring the role of spiritual care back into the realm of helping people as an equal partner and sitting at the Professional Table as EQUAL and VALUABLE to a people and their families. Now, I am also able to provide minister around the world without leaving my living room, yet face to face, personal and even pray words of deliverance and freedom, healing and hope to those on the social media. Also, the teacher gift has arisen and is now a global teacher to humanity through a YouTube Channel and Twitter, on LinkedIn and through the many Global Credentials I have.

I hope I answered your questions and would love to come again and for you to ask me more in-depth questions about spiritual care, childhood trauma and its effects on a human and its soul and spirit, about the occult, cults, and how a higher power connection provides help and healing. But, those would great topics to cover, maybe in a series of newsletters. Each topic needs to be talked about separately and how they affect the soul and spirit of a person in childhood and on into adulthood.

I have included a video on PTSD from my Teaching on Mental Health and The Forever Person:

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to everyone.

Love Pastor Deborah
The Hidden Kingdoms on YouTube
On Twitter and LinkedIn

NAASCA: Thank you, Pastor Deborah! 

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This was created for us by Terri Lanahan, Butte, Montana: NAASCA Secretary and Coordinator of Volunteers, author of " Hear My Voice "

Here's a tool anyone can download and use as a help whenever making a presentation on child abuse and trauma. It's a set of some two dozen PowerPoint slides that one can show on a laptop, send in an email, or can project on a screen for a larger group. Activist members of the NAASCA family might want to use it to explain any number of aspects of child abuse and trauma.

Terri's FINAL PowerPoint presentation is located on NAASCA web site's ' Promotional Tools ' page and in our social media groups."

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Are You a Survivor of Child Abuse Looking for Support?

In need of support in your local community?

NAASCA provides listings for your local area in our Recovery Groups and Services page. We have gathered ALL the English speaking recovery groups and services we can find, not only in North America but from around the world. This list can connect you with numerous agencies, therapy, support groups and other resources in your local area.

Looking for support after hours or from home?

Can't find a group you can get to easily or want to connect when it is after business hours? Needing a way to talk about your story but want to stay anonymous? We also provide a link to another separate listing for Online Groups and Services , for Internet-based recovery groups.

As you can imagine, keeping this listing current and updated is a huge task. You can help other survivors find the support they need.

Submit updates for the Recovery Groups List to Carolin O'Hara:

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All members of NAASCA are part of our 'NAASCA family', and that's not just something we say. We care about each other and that includes YOU.

We want you to feel comfortable reaching out to any of our volunteers, with any of your questions about what NAASCA offers, or for help navigating the website.

Even if you simply want someone to talk to when you are dealing with a difficult moment in your recovery as a survivor... we are here for you.

Some are listed as night owls, some as available 24/7, others are part of our International community, still others are young or helping some specific types of survivors. Try it!
A Note from Our Founder and CEO:
Healing from child abuse and trauma can be a very lonely journey .. but you'll never be alone again, a day at a time, if you don't want to be !!
NAASCA belongs to no other group and receives no outside funding. We're self-supporting through our own members' voluntary contributions.
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