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January's Newsletter Theme:
"Fresh Start"
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NAASCA has a single purpose, to address issues related to childhood abuse and trauma including sexual assault, violent or physical abuse, emotional traumas and neglect .. and we do so from two specific perspectives :

  • educating the public, especially as related to getting society over the taboo of discussing childhood sexual abuse, presenting the facts that show child abuse to be a pandemic, worldwide problem that affects everyone

  • offering hope for healing through numerous paths, providing many services to adult survivors of child abuse and information for anyone interested in the many issues involving prevention, intervention and recovery

Building a survivor / activist / professional community ... because together we can do what we cannot do alone .

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This month's newsletter theme is:

"Fresh Start"

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Upcoming January Dates

Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month (United States)
Stalking Awareness Month

January 1 - Global Family Day

January 9 - National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

January 11 - National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

January 16 – National Religious Freedom Day

January 20 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day



This Monday, 12/30/19, we'll be doing a very special SCAN talk radio show called, " A Retrospective and A Look Ahead ," where we'll review the first decade of our talk shows and NAASCA mission and a look forward to the next! I hope you'll join us. Let us know what you liked and perhaps what you didn't.

Also, the Board of Directors has decided to do away with the Monday night 'News of the Week' talk shows, opting instead to do THREE 'special guest' episodes each week .. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We'll need additional guests to tell their stories in January .. so there are now several slots open that we want to fill in! Please send me an email if you'd like to participate:

The 'Current Schedule' on the front page of our web site accurately reflects the OPEN dates (clearly marked in GRAY).

Here's looking ahead for a wonderful New Year in 2020!!

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PS: Before 2019 ends, I wish to express our gratitude to a specific group of NAASCA family members. First .. Terri Lanahan, from Butte, Montana, has just retired, along with her hubby, Dave. Terri was a long-standing and hard-working Board Member and we wish the couple a well-deserved retirement!

We also want to say thank you to three volunteers who you'll be seeing more of now. Bailey Smith (who already handles our social media outreach) and Linda Vidi are our two new SCAN talk radio show hosts and Debra Hunt is returning to the job. In addition, Debra will be helping me out with the web site. Whoo hooo !!

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Recently, and all of a sudden, it was that time again .. my BIRTHDAY !!! .. (March 26, 1953)

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by Bill Murray
It's amazing, but NAASCA and our 'sister effort' LACP (Los Angeles Community Policing) will soon have produced 2900 "Stop Child Abuse Now" and "Community Matters This Week" talk radio shows!
We do our shows on BlogTalkRadio five-nights-a-week, all but Saturday and Sunday evenings, and each is recorded as it's being aired. It doesn't take long for the library to add up.
Now there are three ways to access these podcasts:

1.  Directly through our NAASCA web site 's 'ARCHIVES' by simply clicking on the episode's name (a number)

2.  By using APPLE Podcasts for iPhone-style mobile devices – thanks to Dwight Hurych, North Carolina, for setting this up as a NAASCA volunteer!

3.  Through GOOGLE Podcasts for those who use Android phones – thanks to Charm Isom-Asenime for explaining how to hear our shows on the GOOGLE Podcast platform, too,
NAASCA's 'ARCHIVES' are accessed through the NAASCA website's HOME page where it says 'current schedule'. Each year is listed there.
Please see full details, including how to download the Apple and Google Podcast apps, on the NAASCA website page:

I am so pleased that NAASCA has increased its outreach through these two additional venues!
Please help us SHARE about these new platforms by spreading the word to as many survivors and advocates you can.
We hope this enhances our ability to execute our mission: educating the public about childhood abuse, and offering hope and healing to survivors.

 A New Year: A New Opportunity

Happy New Year! Let’s make it amazing! And let’s be real. The reality is everyone thinks the new year is a time to change. IT is a time of resolutions that are meant to make us better people in 2020. But as survivors, we need to change the definition of the New Year resolution. We have been through change. And we have come through on the other side as better people. Every day we resolve to have a better day than the last. And every day we resolve to be better people to help us move on. So instead of resolving to be a better person, let’s make a resolution to seize the day! See the new opportunities in front of us and take hold of the reins. Let’s resolve to accept every new day as a fresh start on life.

What to Do with Our New Day?
In honor of the new opportunities in front of us, let’s talk about what to do with each day as our new day.

1.   Don’t just wake up. Breathe in the day. Enjoy the smells around you. The sun, the air, the day that is ahead of you. Be glad that you have a new day instead of dreading it.

2.   Get out of bed. As your feet hit the floor, leave any fear and negativity in bed behind you. Think about the possibilities the day holds.

3.   Thank the higher power that you have, whether it is a being, the earth, or whatever it may be, for giving you a new day. Don't waste it.

4.   If you cannot make it through the day, it is OK. Do not beat yourself up over it. Be glad you tried and agree to try again tomorrow.

Each Day Is a New Opportunity
Here is the key. Try to allow each day to be a new opportunity. However, we are survivors and some days are better than others. So, resolve to be OK with the days that may not be good and allow yourself to get back into bed. And do not stay there. Agree to resolve that tomorrow is a new opportunity to try again. Remember, when all else fails, your friends at NAASCA are here to listen and here to help. Let’s make 2020 the year of new opportunities to seize the day.

Deb Ferguson
NAASCA volunteer


Barbara Joy Hansen
'Volunteer of the Month'
for January, 2020

NAASCA’s Newsletter Interview with Bobbie Joy Hansen, NAASCA Co-Host, International Author & Survivor
NAASCA:  Can you tell us about yourself, including some of the story of your abuse and the effect this had on your life?
Bobbie Joy:  I thought my childhood was normal. I had a wonderful loving home in the Manse as a daughter of a pastor. My parents loved my brother and me and one another dearly but no one except my very best childhood friend knew of the incest with my grandpa and her incest with her brother, because sexual abuse thrives on secrecy. Victimized from age 2-8, exposing himself in his car while treating me to ice cream was unthinkable! I felt very unprotected and very vulnerable as he entered my bath time without the knowledge of anyone else in the family. My cousins told me not only were they abused by him but by their dad, my uncle, who I then avoided. As a little girl I was intensely shy, quiet, very trusting, withdrawn and extremely vulnerable. Like a deaf mute, I became frozen in fear for decades desperately wanting to tell someone what was happening in my silent world of memories but unable to do so because of PTSD or traumatic amnesia.
At age 8, knowing something was terribly wrong, I decided never to let him get near me again or hug me hello or goodbye. I felt empowered! The abuse stopped until I went to youth camp at age 11 and was sexually assaulted by a 27-year-old youth pastor. As I grew into pre-adolescence, I looked anorexic, undernourished, undeveloped; hating the way I looked thinking I was ugly. Mortified at the age of sixteen when I hadn’t started my monthly cycle my mother took me to the doctor for hormone shots to begin my period. The pain of keeping these buried secrets took a tremendous toll on my body. Victims become stuck in both an emotional and physical time frame, shutting down and unable to function as we should. Who would have suspected it was because of the years of abuse, least of all me and nobody asked?
NAASCA:  What events caused you to begin breaking your silence?
Bobbie Joy:  How I got free from the decades of shame and years of not understanding myself was when, as an adult in 1998, I went back to the camp where I was violated. I saw one of my friends, also a pastor’s daughter who had recently gotten out of a drug treatment center. She had suffered for decades like me but didn’t have the courage to go back to the camp for 27 years, even though we both had cottages there. We began to discover what the former clergy had done to both of us – molesting us in the lake and in the missionary house where he stayed. In our preteen years he lured us to his room and did sexual things to himself, sending us downstairs with comic books and candy.
My friend wrote to our childhood denomination headquarters asking me to do so as well. Going back in my memories was extremely difficult but necessary to my restoration because I knew I’d get stronger and more empowered to live a life free of shame. Contacted, I was asked to write a letter in detail telling what happened at that camp. In 1999 a Committee of Discipline was set up for the elderly pastor, after learning that he had sexually assaulted others and was in complete denial. I was led into the room where he sat and timidly began telling my story. Several pastors and a psychologist sat near me. I realized that I needed to have courage to look into the eyes of the man that molested me long ago, telling him how those experiences affected me! My voice got strong! I spoke up showing him a photo of the scrawny scared preteen he had harmed. I couldn’t believe how sad I felt but how good to finally face one who had turned my life upside down and speak the truth!
NAASCA:  Hearing that you were able to face and forgive one of your perpetrators is powerful! How did that happen?
Bobbie Joy:  After giving my deposition, I told the clergy I had one question to ask him but wanted him to think about it before he answered. I then asked him, “who harmed you that you had to hurt me so badly?” You could have heard a pin drop! He spoke softly, looking at me and said, “like you, I was raised in a Christian home and I don’t recall being molested.” Then he said something to me that would change my life forever! “I don’t know if you can find it in your heart to forgive me?”
“Forgive you?” I said. “I never could have come here to face you had I not already forgiven you, but I don’t know if you asked for my forgiveness because you got caught, because that really isn’t true repentance. You need to run into recovery as I am doing! These pastors are willing to help you begin your way back to God and seek help!” The shame began to lift as I said, “I forgive you!” Seven weeks later I got a shocking phone call learning that this clergy who I had seen and confronted just seven weeks earlier had fallen down the stairs, broke his back, and died!
NAASCA:  How did this experience begin to bring changes to your life, others and your marriage?
Bobbie Joy:  For me writing has been necessary and cathartic. I began looking at my journals I had not had courage to open for many years with much pain in my marriage by addictions on the part of my husband as a result of PTSD resulting from his father’s suicide. My book, ‘ Listen to the Cry of the Child: the Deafening Silence of Sexual Abuse’ had to be written in order for the healing and deliverance to come forward. It took a vulnerability, courage and honesty deep inside me that I couldn’t believe I was finally able to face with the many things that I had encountered but not uncovered for so long. My life now is a peace offering to others who are caught in the web of deceit, who need to hear and experience hope, joy & freedom. It is a deep calling by God Himself, like the sound of a distant drum from within. I feel so unworthy by the wonder of the gift He’s given me.
I began facilitating my domestic violence sexual abuse support group called ‘Beauty Out of Ashes,’ which has gone into treatment centers for sex offenders and prisons to help inmates and victims of abuse come clean with their secrets. I have been invited to present my story at domestic violence and prison conferences, speaking all over the world as a humanitarian aid worker as well. I won the Poster Presentation at IVAT in San Diego, CA and am a member of RAINN Speaker’s Bureau. I’ve spoken in schools, universities, to the US Army and have had many interviews, including CBN Asia The 700 Club with an interview with their film crew in Manila, Philippines. Filipino actors made a 4-minute movie of my life. My marriage is whole and healed as I began helping my husband understand that he needed help out of darkness from generational curses as well. We began reading books on sexual addictions including how to break free from the vice of pornography and infidelity. We are both helping others find freedom and are more in love with one another than when we were married 54 years ago by my pastor dad who performed the ceremony.
NAASCA:  As a survivor-professional Co-Host of a NAASCA show, how have you heard that your life has affected other survivors?
Bobbie Joy:  When Bill Murray and Debra Hunt called me in February, 2019 almost immediately after receiving my podcasts and links, asking me to come on their show that evening, I was delighted! The following evening, they asked me to come back on as a survivor-professional Co-Host. Recently someone wrote to me telling me that the type of book and memoir I’ve written, that is focused on the healing aspect of my journey, has helped her tremendously. She didn’t think it was possible to be happy again but hearing from one who’s walked in her shoes that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel and a chance for laughter to come after reading my memoir has inspired her. Another evening a survivor struggling with suicidal thoughts called into my show. When I told her about our family’s tragedy of my father in law’s suicide and how devastating this was for our family, she told me how much it helped her knowing how each family member was deeply affected, causing her to rethink about her life. Fear needs to be released and worked through in order for our soul to live free and the garden of our lives can bloom in the mission we were created to become to set others free!
NAASCA:  Do you have contact information you would like to share?
Bobbie Joy:  Visit my website
To order my personally signed published illustrated book ($20.00 + S/H) contact me at:
NAASCA:  Thank you, Bobbie Joy, for sharing your story so others can be encouraged to seek help and healing. NAASCA encourages everyone to listen, and perhaps call in, to Bobbie Joy co-hosting the NAASCA Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) online show on the second Tuesdays of every month.
NAASCA’s SCAN shows are broadcast live 5 nights a week, Monday through Friday, LIVE at 8pm EST (so 5pm PST) for 90 minutes, at this link:

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