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June's Newsletter Theme:
How YOU Can Celebrate Your Journey
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NAASCA has a single purpose, to address issues related to childhood abuse and trauma including sexual assault, violent or physical abuse, emotional traumas and neglect .. and we do so from two specific perspectives :

  • educating the public, especially as related to getting society over the taboo of discussing childhood sexual abuse, presenting the facts that show child abuse to be a pandemic, worldwide problem that affects everyone

  • offering hope for healing through numerous paths, providing many services to adult survivors of child abuse and information for anyone interested in the many issues involving prevention, intervention and recovery

Building a survivor / activist / professional community ... because together we can do what we cannot do alone .

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Upcoming June Dates

June 8 : National Best Friends Day – honor your closest and dearest friends

June 9 : National Children’s Day (second Sunday in June) – slow down, focus on family, cherish children

June 11 : National Making Life Beautiful Day – volunteer, help someone, do something nice for someone

June 15 : National Smile Power Day – a smile tells someone they are valued and worth the gift of a smile

June 16 : Father’s Day (third Sunday in June)

June 21 : Longest Day – Summer Solstice – Summer Begins

June 27 : National PTSD Awareness Day – raise awareness of the extent and trauma of PTSD

Mid-to-late-June : LGBTQ Pride Festivals – many cities have Pride Day, celebrated on different June days

Dedicate your birthday to supporting NAASCA 

by Bill Murray 

Recently, and all of a sudden, it was that time again .. my BIRTHDAY !!! .. (March 26, 1953)

It seems like this happens every year! LOL

There are numerous ways to support our truly unique organization.

Here's a new one! The Birthday Campaign !!!
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We're building a survivor / activist community!
Celebrate the NAASCA Core Volunteers!

NAASCA continues to provide child abuse prevention information and great services for adult survivors of child abuse, thanks to our dedicated volunteers. Bill Murray, the founder and CEO of NAASCA, created, for each child abuse survivor, a safe, caring, loving “family of our own choosing”: the NAASCA family, which spans the Earth. NAASCA is able provide the Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) Blog Talk Radio show 6 nights per week and 30-plus other free services described on our website, , thanks to the tireless work and efforts of a core team of volunteers within the NAASCA family. Here are just a few of them:

  • Carol D Levine – New Jersey – NAASCA Vice-President, SCAN show host
  • Tammy Shoffstall – Florida – NAASCA Treasurer, SCAN show host
  • Terri Lanahan – Montana – NAASCA Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, SCAN/ LACP show host
  • Lisa Zarcone – Massachusetts – Executive Assistant to CEO
  • Debra Hunt – Arizona – Webmaster, SCAN and LACP show host, Internet support
  • Carolin O'Hara – England – Groups/Services online tool and Calendar tool
  • Sherry DiFonzo – Pennsylvania – Blue Ribbon campaign
  • Charlie Stecker – Pennsylvania – SCAN show host
  • Jo Calk – Oregon – SCAN show host, NAASCA graphics, newsletter contributor
  • Kathy Jones – CA – locates special guests for SCAN shows
  • Dwight Hurych – NC – places SCAN shows on podcast-sharing internet sites

  Celebrate the NAASCA Family!
NAASCA exists to serve the NAASCA family, which requires no dues, no membership fees, and no pressure for commitments. Above, you saw the core volunteers who help NAASCA operate with loving/caring support, free services, and resources for our recovery from child abuse. If volunteering is a part of your healing journey, please consider volunteering for NAASCA. We each have unique skills, talents, interests, and contributions we can apply to the growth and expansion of the NAASCA family.

If you have an interest in sharing of your time, or other resources such as funding, as a NAASCA volunteer/contributor, please contact Terri Lanahan of Butte, Montana: – 406 / 782-5235. She coordinates all our volunteers and can point you in the right direction. Introduce yourself, your skills, your interests, and how you would like to volunteer/contribute to the NAASCA family. You may find that sharing your talents and resources provides not only satisfaction at helping others, but also a recognition of your own value and worth, which you may have buried under the trauma. Let your Inner Light shine!

Celebrate Yourself, Celebrate Your Journey, Celebrate Your
Own Value and Worth, Celebrate NAASCA!

Bill Murray

NEW: International NAASCA Ambassadors Needed
NAASCA's Global Ambassadors .. representing the world !!
Having now completed what originally seemed like a daunting project, listing all the North American Ambassadors in the US and Canada, we've decided it's time to launch our International version. We're encouraging Global Ambassadors who'll represent NAASCA from around the world. We'll separate them in such a way as to organize by continent, country and, where appropriate, state or territory.
Remember, these are living lists. You can help us by volunteering to be the point person for the NAASCA organization in your area. A small amount of training by Terri Lanahan, who coordinates this project, may be required for all the volunteer Ambassadors, including a basic familiarity with our web site, projects, tools, services & resources, and a commitment to represent the NAASCA name, mission and family in one's country, state or province.

Just contact Terri Lanahan:
Celebrate Your Journey!
As a child abuse survivor, the idea that I would even accept and enjoy my life, much less celebrate it, was totally foreign to me for literally decades. Celebrations were for “other people” – you know, the ones who were able to have a childhood, who had parents who actually loved them and cared for them, for Beaver Cleaver and his family. It was about 10 years ago when I had those feelings; I have made significant progress in my journey over those 10 years. Those last years, plus the six decades prior, involved a lot of work – exhausting, frustrating, depressing work. I struggled to climb one mountain, only to be immediately faced with an even bigger mountain. Although “mountain-climbing” was never on my Bucket List, “recovery” held the top 10 slots.

Contemplating this month's theme, Celebrate!, I realized I DO have much to be grateful for and lots to Celebrate! A few of the accomplishments I celebrate:

  • actually liking myself
  • becoming my own best friend (BFF)
  • having a future that no longer repeats the past
  • writing and speaking my truth
  • joining the NAASCA family
  • having dreams/goals with the belief, the knowing, that I can reach them
  • listening to others with compassion and love
  • sitting on a “mountaintop” enjoying the view

My wish for all survivors of child abuse is that every one of us can find something to Celebrate this month. Some success, some breakthrough, some “mountaintop” that you reached and can rest for a while, enjoying the view. Celebrate each day, not just in June, but every day. It may not seem like much, and there's a long journey left, but you made it this far. Focus on your new insights, tools, coping skills, friends, and progress toward not just your recovery but your discovery that your biggest dreams and goals are now within reach. I Celebrate NAASCA, the NAASCA family, and all child abuse survivors who are on their journey from the darkness of pain and despair to the light of the bright future awaiting each of us. Take time from your “mountain-climbing” to Celebrate your accomplishments, your growth, your Self!

Jo Calk

Every Day is a Day to Celebrate Your Journey,
NAASCA, and Your NAASCA Family!

NAASCA's Grateful to All Our Members & Volunteers !

We Need YOU!

We Need Each Other!

Fighting For Kids,
Serving Adult Survivors
Did you know that NAASCA is entirely staffed by non-paid volunteers including the Board of Directors?

All the services, programs, tools, resources, and social media efforts that we offer entirely  FREE  to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world are staffed by volunteers from our NAASCA family!

It literally would not be possible without YOU .

There are many ways you can volunteer with NAASCA. If you have a little time or a lot, your help is greatly appreciated and needed. Check out our list of available positions here:

Check Out NAASCA's Promotions & Fundraising Tools !

Have You Listened to Our Talk Radio Show Lately ?

Sunday through Friday evenings we broadcast an internet-based live streaming talk show. This is one of the best FREE SERVICES we offer to our NAASCA members!

All shows start at 8pm EST so that's
7pm CEN , 6pm MTN & 5pm PAC .

We really want to hear from you!

Anyone can participate or just listen to the show by calling:

(646) 595-2118

Are You a Survivor of Child Abuse Looking for Support?

In need of support in your local community?

NAASCA provides listings for your local area in our Recovery Groups and Services page. We have gathered ALL the English speaking recovery groups and services we can find, not only in North America but from around the world. This list can connect you with numerous agencies, therapy, support groups and other resources in your local area.

Looking for support after hours or from home?

Can't find a group you can get to easily or want to connect when it is after business hours? Needing a way to talk about your story but want to stay anonymous? We also provide a link to another separate listing for Online Groups and Services , for Internet-based recovery groups.

As you can imagine, keeping this listing current and updated is a huge task. You can help other survivors find the support they need.

Submit updates for the Recovery Groups List to Carolin O'Hara:

Submit any updates for the Online Resource List to Valerie:

You are not alone, and never have to be, a day at a time!

All members of NAASCA are part of our 'NAASCA family', and that's not just something we say. We care about each other and that includes YOU.

We want you to feel comfortable reaching out to any of our volunteers, with any of your questions about what NAASCA offers, or for help navigating the website.

Even if you simply want someone to talk to when you are dealing with a difficult moment in your recovery as a survivor... we are here for you.

Some are listed as night owls, some as available 24/7, others are part of our International community, still others are young or helping some specific types of survivors. Try it!
A Note from Our Founder and CEO:
Healing from child abuse and trauma can be a very lonely journey .. but you'll never be alone again, a day at a time, if you don't want to be !!
NAASCA belongs to no other group and receives no outside funding. We're self-supporting through our own members' voluntary contributions.
Please consider a one time
or recurring donation .
Thanking you for all you do in the fight against child abuse and trauma and welcoming you to engage with your NAASCA family, I remain, as always,

Yours in service,

Bill Murray , Founder and CEO
National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse.   
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