When asked how she became involved with NAASCA, Misty responded:

"In July 2017, I had just disclosed to my family about the child sexual abuse I suffered from my uncle, which led to a huge backlash from my family. I felt lost and was looking for support, because I didn’t want to keep that part of my life a secret anymore. Terri Lanahan was the first NAASCA member I talked with. We shared our stories and I joined the Ambassador program that Terri was just starting. Soon, after talking with Bill Murray, I started doing the NAASCA newsletter in September 2017, after sharing my story as a special guest on the NAASCA radio show. I enjoy the creativity of the newsletter formatting and writing articles."

What is it like being an Ambassador?

"As the Arizona Ambassador, I created a Facebook page called 'Abuse Awareness and Advocacy in Arizona' where I post information about organizations in Arizona that support at-risk kids, provide resources for parents to get help, post all related events happening in Arizona with links to the event page, include educational clips (for example, a bill regarding child abuse), and other informational, educational and outreach material."

"I also formed a Facebook Discussion Group, also called 'Abuse Awareness and Advocacy in Arizona' where people could post anything related to child abuse, such as advocacy for child abuse issues involving cases occurring in Arizona. The posts include articles to train parents (e.g., what is 'grooming') and what people can do to get involved in the community. The Discussion Group is open to anyone; they don’t have to live in Arizona to participate in the discussions. The focus is on child abuse education, information, and community involvement. I post on the Discussion Group page several times a week.