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NCISS bi-monthly Member eNewsletter
May / June 2019
Welcome the bi-monthly NCISS Member eNewsletter!
In this issue:
  • From the President
  • Executive Director / Administrative Office Contact Information
  • NCISS Elections, Hit the Hill Update and Experiences
  • NCISS Mid-Term Meeting hosted by MCPI Annual Training Conference
  • Legislative News & Activity from Lobbyit and Privacy Special Report
  • Passing of Dale Wunderlich, NCISS Past President
  • NCISS Updates and Member News
  • Association Conferences
  • Welcome New NCISS Members
  • 2019 2nd Quarter Member Directory Available
  • and More!
President's Message - Andrea Orozco
I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. 
First I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President. I've been a member of NCISS   for several years and served as a board member in one capacity or another for quite some time. I've been a professional investigator for 19 years with my company API based in Colorado. 
I joined NCISS because of the importance of the legislative representation. We struggled with legislative issues within   my own state (Colorado), which made me realize how important it is to protect our profession and our legislative interests not only on the State level but also the Federal. I remember the first time I took part in Hit the Hill,  
and how humbled and honored I felt to walk  the halls of Congress. I still feel that way today. I've learned so much through the years, and all of it has made m e a better investigator and advocate for our profession. 
This year was no different with investigators from around the country representing  Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and Washington DC! There is no greater voice than a constituent from their perspective state speaking with the Senators or Representatives in Washington DC. Was your state represented? Make sure the heads of your state associations understand the importance of membership in NCISS and more important..being involved.  
I look forward to the next year and can tell you this board is comprised of some of the best professionals I've had the honor to meet. Your board consists of people that are dedicated to this profession and to this association and give tirelessly of their own time and own dime to make it better for you and the next generation coming in. 
Our doors are always open and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions. 
Remember, this is YOUR association and your voice matters. Thank you for your continued support and membership!    
Andrea Orozco 
NCISS President

(720) 933-9301   
Editor's Note
The eAdvocate was not published for March / April, as the Your Advocate was published at the same time.
This is a bi-monthly e-newsletter for NCISS members, to keep membership current on events and issues from NCISS. The digital magazine, Your Advocate, is a full featured magazine published three-times annually. The next issue will be in early August. Expanded and detailed association and member news, news and HTH photographs will be published at that time.
Finally, please note the updated NCISS Executive Director and administrative offices contact information:
Executive Director, Karen Beers
Updated Contact Information

P.O. Box 200615
Evans, CO. 80620-0615

(800) 445-8408
Fax - (970) 480-7794
NCISS Elections and Hit the Hill Update
Elections of Officers & Directors:
Board Chairman - Brad Duffy (IA)
President - Andrea Orozco (CO)

1st VP - Wes Bearden (TX)
2nd VP - Michael Julian (CA)
3rd VP - Lisa Turley (WV)
Secretary / Treasurer - Candace Ivey (MI)

Regional Director (1) - Tim Gilbert (MI)
Regional Director (2) - Paul Cicarella (CT)
Regional Director (3) - Bob Dunn (NC)
Regional Director (6) - Kelly Cory (CA) appointed
At Large Director - Brandy Lord (IN)
At Large Director - Mike Cook (MI)

Special Award Presentation:
Lifetime Achievement Award / Honorary Membership
Carol Ward (Executive Director, retired after 30 years)

Annual Awards Presentations:
John J. Duffy Memorial Achievement Award
John Talaganis (Past President) 
Wayne J. Wunder Memorial Award
James Huckabee (Past President) 
Vinson Award
Tim Gilbert (Regional Director)
A First Time Experience at Hit the Hill
The NCISS conference in Washington D.C. and Hit the Hill were an incredible experience! Honestly, I was skeptical about going, intimidated actually, given that I have never been very political in my life. As I've heard through the years about how legislation impacts our ability to work, and that we've seen an increase in sweeping privacy laws recently, I felt it was important to get involved. Just like in a new investigation, you figure it out how to do it and make it happen.

First, everyone at NCISS were terrific! I received so much great encouragement and support so by the time I arrived in D.C. I was ready to get out there and make a difference. Although it took some persistence to get appointments with legislators, they do want to meet with you and eventually each one I set out to schedule worked out. I found it most interesting that these aids, chief of staff, senior counsel and other members of the congress person's office had little insight other than TV on what investigators do. That was a good door opener to ask them and first explain how we serve a real purpose in society. That then allowed the conversation to flow naturally into the proposed bills and how the wording could inadvertently exclude us.  I felt that I had a good dialog with each one and by the end I was thanked for explaining to them how these laws could jeopardize our industry and effect how we can protect society with our services. I left feeling like they would certainly keep us in mind when these types of laws get proposed. 

Its easy to think that one person may not make a difference. But I saw first hand how one or two people in a meeting like that really CAN make a difference. Although this was one staff member in one office, I felt that it was the start of a great ongoing dialog to educate these representatives on what we do and how they need to keep us in mind with proposed laws.

Its obvious to me now that each and every investigator should take interest in this as it not only will effect your individual business, but our industry as a whole if we do not keep this going an continue to speak up and make ourselves known. Investigations is still a mysterious and often misrepresented profession in media and its is up to US to educate our law makers on what we do and why it is important to keep us in mind when creating and proposing bills that could put us out of business.

The conference was great as well. Very informative workshops and highly educated professionals teaching us the current trends of our industry. I met so many great people, professional connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. What a cool experience coming together with investigators from all across the Country for one central cause-investigations.

Kelly Cory
Keystone Investigative Services, Inc. (CA)

Editor's note - Kelly was also appointed Region 6 Director!
Another Hit the Hill Experience - Multiple Years
Brandy Lord - At Large Director
The efforts at HTH this year were vital. Several bills that could have a drastic effect on our profession are pending and more are expected, with a focus on data privacy. While private investigators are not the target of the legislation, it could have unintended consequences. Having knowledgeable professionals present to explain the importance of our access and the detrimental effects these bills could have on the
investigation industry was imperative. Shout out to those who were on the ground "Hitting the Hill".
I was concerned that only 20 states were represented this year. I cannot express how important it is to maintain a relationship with your state reps and continue to educate them about professional investigators and security services. Without voices, we may not have a profession. It is equally as important to maintain a healthy relationship with our state associations. Looking forward to seeing you all this fall in Michigan!
- Brandy L. Lord, At Large Director - Integrity Investigations (IN)
NCISS Mid-Term / MCPI Conference Event
NCISS is honored to have the 2019 Mid-Term meeting hosted by the Michigan Council of Professional Investigators (MCPI).  

Sunday September 29th
Arrival / MCPI hosted Welcome Reception

Monday September 30th
NCISS Board Meeting
NCISS hosted Evening Reception

Tuesday October 1st
MCPI Training and Annual Conference

MCPI will host a Welcome reception and is extending the MCPI member discount conference registration fee to NCISS members.  

Please note these are two different registrations. For details visit and 
Legislative News & Activity - Lobbyit
Privacy Special Report
Your NCISS Board has been hard at work over the last few months including over the holiday season.  This year is going to be a tough year in Congress for our professions (investigators, security agencies, and process servers). 
The new Congress, just sworn in on January 3rd, is already proving to be a significant challenge to investigators, security agencies, and process servers in 2019. Here is an update on the activity and outlook to date - .  
As an Investigator, Security Agency, Process Server, or related professional... have you benefited from:
  • Having access to driving records and motor vehicle information from your state DMV and private data providers?
  • Having access to databases with permissible purposes under the GLBA?
  • Having access to Social Security Numbers, Birthdates, Address History and other important information, including credit reports?
  • Carry a firearm in the course of your professional duties?
  • Having the ability to use a pretext for undercover operations, shopping services and other permissible purposes?
  • Used the National Sex Offender Registry (Dru's Law) for background investigations?
  • Used GPS, drones and other modern technology in your investigations and security services?
If you answered YES to just one of these questions, you have directly benefited from the more than 40-year history of NCISS, volunteers, and support of NCISS every member. NCISS and membership have provided responsive testimony to Congress and federal regulators, as well as assisting state associations with similar issues at the state level.
How? Download and share this important Special Report from NCISS at!
If you wonder what NCISS does for you, view NCISS as your insurance policy. You don't make claims every day. When the big claim comes, and the upcoming privacy fight is that "claim," you will want NCISS protecting you at every turn.

Please share with your colleagues - 2019 is going to be a challenging year for all of us.

To stay current, please visit 
Passing of Dale Wunderlich,
NCISS Past President / Ethics Committee Chair
Dale Wunderlich
(from Bob Heales)

Dear Members,
It is with deep sorrow that I announce the passing of our dear friend Dale Wunderlich. Dale passed away peacefully at his home in Ocala, Florida with his wife Pam at his side. Dale was diagnosed with brain cancer last September and was doing well until near the end. He was 82. I am so thankful that Rockne, his wife Joan, and I had a chance to visit Pam and Dale for lunch in Florida last January.  We were unaware of Dale's illness and he looked great.
I first met Dale in Denver by chance when I found out he had an office in the same building as I did. He had retired from the U.S. Secret Service not long before that. I went over to introduce myself and we quickly became good friends. He did a lot of Executive Protection and for 3 decades used my company for anything involving surveillance. My life has been enriched with Dale's stories of his early days in law enforcement and his career with the Secret Service.  Such wonderful memories of the Presidents, Kings, and Princes that he protected and even skied with.  Dale was on duty in Dallas when JFK was assassinated during the early days of his Secret Service career.  It was wonderful to enjoy his company as we traveled the world to our meetings. In 2007 he introduced me to Bill Livingood, a close friend of his who was the House Sergeant of Arms at the US Capitol. Our meeting was interrupted by two phone calls from Vice President Dick Cheney while we sat at his desk. Just some of my many fond memories of this special man and mentor. 
In 1986 I recruited Dale to join WAD.  We shared a room in Singapore later that year at his first meeting.  It was in 1990 when I recruited him to NCISS. Dale served as President of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado in 1985-1986.  I agreed to run under the condition I would serve as Vice President and then President the following year.  He was President of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services in 2002-2003. He served on the Board of WAD for many years and was a perennial attendee at our meetings.  He was the Ethics and Grievance Chairman for many years as well. 
A memorial service will be held in Denver, Colorado in June. Details will be announced later. Cards and notes may be sent to Pam Wunderlich, 10045 77th Loop, Ocala, Florida 34481 USA.  She has asked for no flowers. 
RIP dear friend.  I will miss you.  On behalf of all members I extend our sincere sympathy to his wife Pam and all who knew and loved Dale.

Passing of Bill Butcher
Long time NCISS member Bill Butcher from North Dakota passed away on April 5th.  His son-in-law, licensed private investigator Shadd Piehl, is managing W.T. Butcher & Associates along with the support of Dina Butcher.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.

Bill was a retired FBI agent, and long-time friend of Dale's. Together they enjoyed personal and professional friendships, and at both NCISS and WAD events. 
Member and Association News!
Continental Secret Service Bureau, Inc is celebrating 100 years!
Continental Secret Service Bureau was founded, April 19, 1919 in Toledo OH. Continental Secret Service Bureau was purchased by Wayne J. Wunder in 1965. Wayne was the 6th NCISS President and is the namesake of the Wayne J. Wunder Memorial Award. Today, Scott P. Wunder, CEO, is third generation of the Wunder family presiding over its operations.
- Scott Wunder, CEO

ADSAI Hots OSINT Training Event
In April Associated Detectives & Security Agencies of Illinois (ADSAI) hosted its first full-day training event on the topics of hard-core computer-aided investigation, open source intelligence (OSINT) and digital officer safety. The seminar was presented by Steven Rambam. Almost 40 people were in attendance from ADSAI, Greater Chicago Chapter of ACFE, ILAPPS, ASIS and IAPI.
- Bia Tyk, President - ADSAI / Tri County Investigations (IL)
Tina Thomas (Regional Director - Region 5) 
(Subrosa Investigations AZ)   
Colorado - long time private investigator and NCISS Member, Andrea Orozco, has become the new President of NCISS.  Andrea and her husband, Robert Orozco, co-founded and co-own Advanced Professional Investigations (API) in Colorado ( ).  She is licensed in both Colorado and Arizona.  Andrea has held many positions with NCISS and has elevated our legislative voice in Washington D.C. as well as many other states.  She is passionate about our industry and has been a wonderful mentor to many individuals on the board.  Congratulations, Andrea - you will serve NCISS very well in the upcoming year!
Utah - NCISS member, Michelle Palmer, was appointed as a Board Member to The of Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) in Utah earlier this year.  Michelle Palmer owns Corner Canyon Investigations located in Utah (, and she is also the Legislative Chair of the Private Investigator's Association of Utah (PIAU).  Congratulations, Michelle, this is a well deserved honor!    
Minnesota - Tim Braatz the President of Minnesota Association of Private Investigators and Protective Agents (MAPI) shared they recently held the Spring Seminar and because of NCISS, he was able to save over $250  in copying costs with Office Max.  Tim has been able to save MAPI over $1500 with the Office Max discounts by being an NCISS State Association Member and Individual Member for copying and supplies.  Further, Tim extends his thanks for the legislative help and assistance NCISS provides in promoting MAPI events, providing door prizes and other vital industry information!
NCISS at the 2019 CALI Conference 2019
Kelly Cory (Regional Director - Region 6)
(Keystone Investigations CA) 
The CALI Conference was a huge hit for NCISS. I shared what NCISS is about and why it is important to join; citing my own personal reason being that I felt it was my professional responsibility to do so. I also recounted briefly what it was like on Capitol Hill at the Hit the Hill event, and encouraged everyone to consider becoming members and noted that they could be as active as they choose. We had several new members join, and also renew! Many NCISS members came by the booth to show their support. Some like John Talaganis came and sat with me for a bit at the table.
South Carolina Association of Licensed Investigators (SCALI)
Investigator of the Year and State Director's Award
Jeremy Whitesell
Whitesell Investigative is honored to have recieved two awards for 2019. South Carolina Investigator of the Year and the SCALI State Director's Award were both recieved by Mr. Whitesell. A special thank you to professional investigators across SC for the nomination and selection of Mr. Whitesell. He is thankful for his many supportive colleagues.  
Brandy Lord - At Large Director
(Integrity Investigations IN) 
In May the Indiana Society of Professional Investigators (INspi) held their quarterly training conference at the Blue Chip Hotel & Casino in Michigan City, Indiana. The event was themed Investigator Tech-Day for "investigators embracing the future". The conference was well-attended with investigators from five different states, close to $1,000 worth of cash and door prizes was given away to several lucky attendees! Four NICSS board members attended the conference, addressed attendees, and
assisted with the vendor table (donated by INspi). Thank you Dean Gluth, Tim Glibert, and Mike Cook for your assistance. We are equally excited about the five (5) new NCISS members who signed up to support our profession. INspi has decided to fore-go offering a training conference this fall, and instead encourages everyone to attend the NCISS/MCPI conference near Detroit, MI September 29 - October 1, 2019. 
Association Conferences
An association events calendar and information is at    
Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI) Annual Conference
07/17-07/20 - San Antonio TX
Details at

National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) Annual Conference
07/18-07/19 - Philadelphia PA
Details at
Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC) Annual Conference
07/24-07/26 - Colorado Springs CO
Details at  
National Council of Investigation & Security Services (NCISS)  
Mid-Term Meeting  
hosted by Michigan Council of Professional Investigators (MCPI)  
Annual Training Conference
09/29-10/01 - Plymouth, MI
Details at
Welcome New Members!
Colleen Belongea
Assured PI
Appleton WI
Leonard DeSanti
NZO Services
Temecula CA
Benedict Frosceno
Benmar Investigations
East Haven CT
Andre Gardner
Andre Gardner Investigations
Cincinnati OH
Roger Getz
Getz Investigations
Valparaiso IN
Jill Goffin
Assured PI
Appleton WI
Martin Hernandez
Bearden Investigative Agency
Dallas TX
Keith Johnson
Keith Johnson Investigations
Charlton MA
Brianne Joseph
Sly Fox Investigations
Baton Rouge LA
Venus Lovetere
Venus Investigations
Las Vegas NV
Adora Myers
General Dynamic Information Technology
Bossier City LA
John Powers
John Powers Investigations
Temecula CA
Andy Ring
El Dorado Insurance Agency
Houston TX
Madeline Ring
Signature Investigations Grp
Grand Rapids MI
Benjamin Seabolt
Seabolt Investigations
Sugar Grove OH
Mark Sintich
On the Mark Investigations
Bethlehem GA
Tammy Spencer
Premier Intel Corporation
Naperville IL
Christopher Tripi
Tripi Detective Agency
Albany NY
Yenny Valdes
Alpha Fem PI
Virginia Gardens FL
Marty Vander Vliet
Northport Security
Ada MI
Sean Warrington
Lionheart Investigative & Protective Svcs
Lakeland FL

Jeanine Weddel-Koste
Lifeline Investigations
Pinconning MI

Mark Zane
Zane Investigations
Reno NV

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