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September / October 2019
Welcome the bi-monthly NCISS Member eNewsletter!
In this issue:
  • From the President
  • NCISS - Our Profession's Voice Nationwide
  • Executive Director / Administrative Office Contact Information
  • Mid-Term Board Meeting at MCPI
  • Update from NCISS Mid-Term Meeting
  • Member and Association News
  • Passing of Larry Webb (founding Board member - AZ)
  • Legislative News & Activity from Lobbyit and Privacy Special Report
  • Welcome New NCISS Members
  • 2019 3rd Quarter Member Directory Available
  • and More!
President's Message - Andrea Orozco
Sitting on my return flight to Colorado I'm reflecting about our mid term meeting in Michigan the past few days. First I must thank our Treasurer and Secretary on the NCISS board Candace Ivey, for inviting us to hold our meeting in conjunction with her state association MCPI conference.
The venue was an old seminary with a large golf course and was simply stunning. The building and grounds were beautiful and their conference was well run. I know how much work it is to put together even a 1 day conference. All of the thankless hours and worry that go into making an event like this possible and valuable to attendees did not go unnoticed. 
I would also like to thank the MCPI President Jerry Hardesty, Secretary Cheryl Gelnak, Board Member at Large Michael Cook (who is also a board member of NCISS) and Board Member at Large Katherine Johnston for hosting our mid term and their unwavering support of NCISS. Jerry announced they will be increasing their donation to NCISS to help with our legislative efforts. We truly appreciate associations like MCPI and their dedication to our cause.  
The speakers and topics were top notch and once again I learned new tidbits. I always walk away from these events wondering what I could have said different, or better in representing NCISS in hopes of getting our message across. I hope we made an impact to the members that were present. It's no secret I am very passionate about our association and our profession, particularly in safeguarding our members from negative legislation. There was a point about 10 of our board members stood in front of the conference attendees to tell them about NCISS, and looking down the line of our board members I was so proud to stand with all of them. It's easy to see how passionate these people are when you think of the dedication, the countless hours, the time they spend away from their families and their businesses just to make sure we are all protected from harmful legislation. Every single board member does this on a volunteer basis with their own time and money.  
This Mid-Term Meeting was productive and there are more changes coming that will provide more benefit for our members. Watch for an updated new look on our website in the coming months that will be easier to navigate. We will also be featuring members on the front page to help boost your visibility and market your business. Your board is constantly at work thinking of new ideas to improve your benefit as a member of NCISS.
I would like to thank all of the board members and our association members for realizing that it is only with all of our voices together that we can do this. Their valuable time and your membership dollars make a difference. Not only for now, but for the future generation of investigators.
Our doors are always open and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions. 
Remember, this is YOUR association and your voice matters. Thank you for your continued support and membership!    
Andrea Orozco 
NCISS President

(720) 933-9301   
NCISS - Our Profession's Voice Nationwide
Have we abandoned Hit the Hill? Absolutely not!  
Speaking of the MCPI conference, many of you may have noticed that we have been traveling around the country to hold our meetings. Although our mission is in legislative advocacy on the federal level, another part of our mission is also in supporting our state associations.  

Many legislative issues start statewide. How better to strengthen our profession than to support our state associations, teaching them how to talk to legislators, and watch for legislative issues that may impact their state members? Strengthening our legislative presence in each state will certainly make a difference on the federal level.  
Part of your membership dollars pay for YEAR AROUND lobbying in Washington D.C. Additionally, the board is committed to going to Washington D.C. on your behalf - volunteering their time and expenses - at any time if the need arises to address any bills that may affect our profession.  

Per our lobbyist, 2020 may not be a good year to hold a HTH event as it is an election year and may be pretty contentious. After all, we want our voices heard and not fall on deaf ears.  

Many of you took part in our first legislative round table a few months ago. We'd like to build on that, and hold an in person legislative round table with heads of state associations from around the country. This will give you an opportunity to strengthen your state association outreach legislatively, meet association heads from around the country, hear issues they've faced in other states, and learn how to advocate in your state more effectively. Please watch for information from your Regional Directors in the next few weeks.
Not only will this give association leaders an opportunity to be better
advocates legislatively within their perspective states, but also will give you a rare opportunity to share ideas on how to better improve your associations. By talking to state association leaders from around the country, sharing ideas on what has worked for the associations that are thriving in this economy of decreasing memberships might prove priceless for your association.  
Why are we doing this? We've heard many of our state associations need help in these areas and we're hoping to make future HTH events bigger and better than ever before. Legislators want to hear from constituents. The most powerful message we cangive in the future for our profession is to have state association heads from around the country there to represent their perspective states. This is simply the best way for us to be heard like never before.  
Remember "Together We're Better" and we most certainly need "Both Halves" with our state and national association working together to make a difference. 
Andrea Orozco - NCISS President
Executive Director, Karen Beers
Updated Contact Information

P.O. Box 200615
Evans, CO. 80620-0615

(800) 445-8408
Fax - (970) 480-7794
NCISS Mid-Term Board Meeting at MCPI

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Andrea & Robert Orozco
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Update from NCISS Mid-Term Meeting
The main topic of concern at the Mid-Term was the latest in privacy advocates are constantly trying to find ways to restrict information for Private Investigators.  
In their stories they certainly don't speak of legal or legitimate purpose in the course of an investigation, but rather make it sound like we utilize the information in nefarious ways. Why is this important to you as an investigator? Motherboard drawing attention on a state level and federal level is requesting Congress look at DPPA to revise and restrict to our profession.  
This Company Built a Private Surveillance Network
Repo men are passively scanning and uploading the locations of every car they drive by into DRN, a surveillance database of 9 billion license plate scans accessible by private investigators.
Experts Say Law Should Change to Stop DMVs From Selling Your Personal Data
Motherboard found that DMVs across the country are selling personal data likely without drivers' knowledge, including to private investigators.
The DMV is selling driver data and Eve Maler weighs in
The DMV is selling driver data and Eve Maler, co-creator of the XML language has a few things to say about how DMV's across the nation are making millions by selling driver data to a variety of companies, including insurance companies, tow companies, and more.
Long-Time Private Investigator Sentenced for Practice of Making Pretextual Phone Calls
Keven McCleve worked as a licensed private investigator for over 30 years. During this time period, he developed a practice of making phone calls to banks and other financial institutions and lying about his identity. He made pretextual calls in an attempt to obtain personal banking information about individuals he was investigating.
This session may be crucial for your involvement and membership in NCISS. How can you help? Become a member of NCISS today and consider a legislative donation. NCISS is watching out for potential legislation that may limit DMV information in the upcoming session. For more information and member application visit We need your voice!

Member and Association News!
Also at the Mid-Term, with the discussion of the rising concerns of pending data restrictive legislation, two recent successes from the assistance of NCISS to supporting state associations were discussed, and show the importance of these partnerships of associations and members.

Utah (Tina Thomas, Regional 5 Director):
Utah Rep. Marie Poulson introduced House Bill 0223 "Unlawful Installation of a Tracking Device." earlier this year. Licensed private investigators in Utah were faced with proposed legislation which would have made it illegal for licensed private investigators in the state to use GPS in the normal scope of a legitimate investigation. The state association, PIAU worked with NCISS and other interests including prosecutors and law enforcement to allow private investigators to use GPS for a legitimate business purposes.

California (Kelly Cory, Regional 6 Director):
Assembly Bill 5 legislation that was proposed to change the way subcontractors were classified with regards to worker status. The new ABC approach would pretty much prevent investigators from subcontracting to other investigators by the definition of the way it was written. With legislative action from CALI and NCISS, licensed private investigators were exempted from the new law.
Passing of Larry Webb (AZ)
We are sorry to announce the passing of Larry Webb of Phoenix, AZ. Larry was one of 35 persons who sat down at the first organizational meeting to form the National Council of Investigation & Security Services, Inc. in December 1975. Larry was elected as a Director on the first Board.
Larry and Bette Webb have since been members of NCISS. Larry and Bette began dating in their teens and married at a young age.
Larry ran the investigations side and Bette ran the security side of Capitol Detective Agency. NCISS Past President Bob Heales recalled "I considered Larry another one of my mentors. In my early years I learned so much about investigations and business from members like Larry.  He had a big heart, a hearty laugh, and a great sense of humor." Bob also knew Larry through WAD, and added, "He assigned a lot of surveillance work to WAD Members for decades".
He was a founder of the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators in 1974 and served as their first President. He remained active in the Arizona PI Association and was fundamental in getting PI licensing in Arizona many years ago. Larry also served on and chaired many of our committees over the years. Larry loved to take many pictures and hours of video at our conferences and often went on post conference tours.
May God bless you and comfort you Bette. Please accept our sincere sympathy to your beautiful family and you. RIP dear friend.

Legislative News & Activity - Lobbyit
Privacy Special Report
Your NCISS Board has been hard at work over the last few months including over the holiday season.  This year is going to be a tough year in Congress for our professions (investigators, security agencies, and process servers). 
The new Congress, just sworn in on January 3rd, is already proving to be a significant challenge to investigators, security agencies, and process servers in 2019.  
  1. Several data privacy bills are stalling out for this year; however, they will likely be re-introduced next year.
  2. Several pushes are being made to re-amend certain data acts or to amend many data privacy acts, including a push to amend the DPPA, including at the state level. This could cut us off of any access to driver license data.
  3. Monitoring several state "Ban the Box" legislation, and being proposed in Congress. This would seriously damper the need for pre-employment background checks.
NCISS warned of this in January, with the new Congress and following the European Union very restrictive privacy act, followed by the same passed in California.  
As an Investigator, Security Agency, Process Server, or related professional... have you benefited from:
  • Having access to driving records and motor vehicle information from your state DMV and private data providers?
  • Having access to databases with permissible purposes under the GLBA?
  • Having access to Social Security Numbers, Birthdates, Address History and other important information, including credit reports?
  • Carry a firearm in the course of your professional duties?
  • Having the ability to use a pretext for undercover operations, shopping services and other permissible purposes?
  • Used the National Sex Offender Registry (Dru's Law) for background investigations?
  • Used GPS, drones and other modern technology in your investigations and security services?
If you answered YES to just one of these questions, you have directly benefited from the more than 40-year history of NCISS, volunteers, and support of NCISS every member. NCISS and membership have provided responsive testimony to Congress and federal regulators, as well as assisting state associations with similar issues at the state level.
How? Download and share this important Special Report from NCISS at!
If you wonder what NCISS does for you, view NCISS as your insurance policy. You don't make claims every day. When the big claim comes, and the upcoming privacy fight is that "claim," you will want NCISS protecting you at every turn.

Please share with your colleagues - 2019 is going to be a challenging year for all of us.

To stay current, please visit 
Welcome New Members!

Jim Baldwin
Discovery Investigations
Howell MI
Dan Bellich
Protek International
Willowbrook IL
Edward Bonnie
EJB Security Consulting
Port Washington NY
Gordon Bowers
ABI Security Group
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Nichols Cannon
Trident Investigative Service
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Kirk Carson
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Investigative Support Unit
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Denver B. Moore Investigations
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Apple Investigations
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Bedrock Protection Agency
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MJ Pivarnik & Co
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Truth Verification
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Woodhaven MI
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Colorado Springs CO
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Radius Investigations & Security Consulting
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