Like it or not, the modern law firm couldn’t exist without technology. And in this issue of Administrator’s Advantage , we focus on the essential role that technology plays in our own work lives, not to mention our lawyers and clients. It usually makes the difference in how well we provide client service, and it’s vital to our achieving greater efficiency (and profits). 

As law firm leaders, we need to be at the forefront of understanding how the various types of hardware and software available in the marketplace can enhance processes and workflow – and how they can hinder it. Finally, we need to be mindful that even with the continuous onslaught of new technology options and features (and opportunities), there comes change. Managing that change and how it affects our most important resources – our people – can be one of the biggest challenges we face. This month’s newsletter, with an abundance of information from experts in our field, will inform and help guide you as you navigate and negotiate your way through buying, replacing, upgrading and using the technology needed to help your firm thrive.

Our chapter has an abundance of Business Partner sponsors available to discuss the seemingly endless choices of technology available. Sometimes we face conflicting demands: Do our attorneys and staff know how to use the technology we have? Should we spend the money on the latest and greatest that “everyone” is using? Do we ask ourselves what problem are we trying to solve before investing in new technologies? Our Business Partners stand ready to offer advice and guidance and likely some well-earned wisdom based on their experience working with law firms. Cultivating your connections with our BP’s will definitely pay dividends.