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ISSUE 04, October 2016

It is hard to believe that we are already heading into the fourth quarter - which means many of you will be in the midst of preparing for your quarterly earnings. Your chapter has been quite busy since our last update. Before we delve into those details, we would like to congratulate fellow IR professionals who successfully completed the second IRC examinations in September - several of whom are Virtual Chapter members: Lee M. Ahlstrom, Jessica L. Hansen, Anne-Marie Megela, Raj K. Mehan and Thomas B. Ward. You can read the full release here .

Professional Development Update
We are committed to delivering relevant, thought-provoking and educational programming, and you won't be disappointed by the roster of programs that the Professional Development Committee has put together for 2016-2017. We started the year off strong with an update from Wells Fargo economist, Sarah House in September. We also recently held our first café chat of the year with Valerie Haertel, Global Head of Investor Relations at BNY Mellon and Chair, NIRI Advocacy Committee, and Ted Allen, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Practice Resources at NIRI. Valerie and Ted gave us a detailed update of the meeting between NIRI's Advocacy Committee and SEC staff to discuss proposed changes to equity ownership disclosure rules and the need for greater SEC oversight of proxy advisory firms.

Both events were well attended and, in case you missed them, you can access the archives
here . Our next event is scheduled for October 25 at 12:00 pm EDT, and the topic will be Understanding Options Activity and Strategies. Our full programming lineup for the year can be found here .
Membership Update
In September 2015, the Membership Committee introduced our Virtual Program Partners, an initiative to provide our high-quality programming to other Chapters and supplement their program needs. We would like to welcome new and returning partners: Boston, Central Ohio, Cleveland/Northern Ohio, Kansas City, Rocky Mountain, Seattle, South Florida and Triangle Chapters.

We are excited to work closely with these chapters and their members once again in 2016-2017.

Sponsorship Update
Our sponsors and their support are crucial to the success of our chapter. We would like to thank the following Virtual Chapter sponsors for their continued support. When appropriate, please express your appreciation for their sponsorship of Virtual Chapter if you actively engage with them:

Gold Level Financial Sponsors : Broadridge, S&P Global Market Intelligence and TalkPoint
Silver Level Financial Sponsors : IPREO and Q4
Bronze Level Sponsors : Business Wire, Corbin Perception, Craib Design & Communications and Pressley Johnson Design
We look forward to updating you in our next newsletter scheduled for early 2017.

Sheryl Joyce, Perfect Channel LTD and Tripp Sullivan, SCR Partners LLC

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Sheryl Joyce
Director of Marketing
Perfect Channel LTD
Tripp Sullivan
SCR Partners LLC



NIRI Virtual Chapter is pleased to bring virtual learning opportunities to your desktop.

Each 60-minute webinar the NIRI Virtual Chapter offers focuses on a specific investor relations topic, gives you the opportunity to get your questions answered by industry experts, and is one of the most convenient ways to further professional development for you, your staff and your colleagues. All of our webinars are scheduled from 12 Noon to 1 p.m. Eastern time to allow for maximum attendance. In addition, the Virtual Chapter is certified and CPE credits are offered for attendance.    
The NIRI Virtual Chapter (NIRI VC) is once again pleased to offer our members monthly webinars to help IROs like you:
  • Perform your job,
  • Build your skills,
  • Get CPE credits and
  • Expand your professional network
For your convenience, our 2016-17 program roster can be found on our website , where you can search by month and easily add them to your calendar. Or, find them here :
Understanding Options Activity and Strategies - Q4 Inc.
October 25, 2016 @ 12:00 pm EDT
IR Roadmap/Annual Planning and Development - Ipreo
November 15, 2016 @ 12:00 pm EDT
SEC Tick Size Pilot Program - NYSE and Modern IR
December 13, 2016 @ 12:00 pm EDT
Investor Perception Studies to Ensure your Messaging and Targeting is On Track - Barbara Doyle, Vice President of IR, Itron and Corbin Perception
January 10, 2017 @ 12:00 pm EDT
Hedge Fund Tracker and 13F Analysis- S&P Global Market Intelligence
February 16, 2017 @ 12:00 pm EDT
How Might the New Administration Impact the Economy? - Richmond Fed, Andy Bauer
March 14, 2017 @ 12:00 pm EDT
Award Winning IR Programs - TBD
April 11, 2017 @ 12:00 pm EDT
Managing Your Career in Investor Relations - TBD
May 9, 2017 @ 12:00 pm EDT
If you were unable to join us for our September event, "Fed up? A new look at economic and monetary policies as rate hikes loom," or would like to listen again, please find the archived version on our website here . If you have any questions about the 2016-17 programs, or have suggestions for a topic for 2017-18, just contact Jackie Powell, the NIRI VC Administrator, at 864-384-3265 , or by email at .

In addition to the monthly programs, the Chair of the Professional Development Committee, Ron Parham, will host several cafe chats. The chats will be focused on NIRI National's ongoing advocacy efforts. NIRI supports a variety of financial regulatory reform issues. Valerie Haertel, Head of Global Investor Relations at BNY Mellon and 2015-2016 Chair, Advocacy Committee of the NIRI Board of Directors, and Ted Allen, Director, Regulatory Affairs and Practice Resources, NIRI National, provided updates on NIRI and its role as advocate for the IR profession.

Have an idea for a NIRI Virtual webinar? The Programs Committee invites you to send your submissions to 

Getting to Know:

John Connolly
John  Connolly  &  Partners  Pty  
Level 4, 155 King Street 
Sydney, NSW 2000 

What  led  you  to  IR  and  where  has  it  taken  you?    
After  working  in  a  consultancy  I  became  head  of  corporate  relations  for  an  Australian
multinational  and  shareholder  relations  was  included  in  my  responsibilities.  Even  then,  we
were  pioneering  what  was  an  extension  of  financial  media  relations.  The  major  step  forward   
for  me  was  meeting  Bill  Brantley,  the  VP  of  IR  at  Lowe's,  an  ardent  NIRI  advocate.  I  joined   
NIRI,  attended  a  national  conference  and,  for  the  first  time,  I  felt  like  I  knew  what  I  was   
doing!  That  was  back  in  1986,  and  I  was  recently  told  that  I'm  one  of  the  longest  standing   
NIRI  members  within  the  Virtual  Chapter!  The  next  major  step  forward  was  being  involved   
with  Bob  Zito  on  a  committee  of  the  NYSE,  which  gave  me  deeper  insights  into  our   
profession.  The  mixture  of  apprenticeship,  where  I  was  effectively  paid  to  make  mistakes,   
and  the  insights  from  Bill  and  Bob  as  well  as  ongoing  learning  from  NIRI,  led  me  to  start  my   
own  boutique  consultancy  25  years  ago.  Within  my  business,  I've  been  fortunate  to  have  the   
opportunity  to  work  with  some  of  the  world's  largest  global  companies  on  some  of  the  most   
difficult  issues.   
What  do  you  especially  like  about  the  IR  role?    What  do  you  find  most challenging?    Most  rewarding? 
I  think  for  anyone  in  our  profession  M&A  work  is  always  exciting  but  the  most  challenging  
technically.  The  most  exciting  for  me  had  to  be  the  mergers  and  shareholder  approvals  
leading  to  the  creation  of  two  of  the  world's  largest  dual-listed  companies.   
All  of  us  in  IR  do  the  most  important  corporate  work.  If  you  think  about  it,  there  are  very  few  
things  a  CEO  can  do  to  create  or  destroy  shareholder  value  as  quickly  as  a  speech  or   
presentation  which  we  advise  on.  The  most  challenging  aspect  of  our  work  is  getting  a  
Board  of  Directors  to  understand  where  the  market  is  right  and  where  it  is  wrong.  For   
instance,  if  a  corporation  is  believed  to  be  undervalued,  it's  often  because  of  a  gap  in  
understanding  between  the  company  and  the  investor  community.  As  IR  professionals,  our   
challenge  is  to  bridge  that  gap.  Corporate  self  esteem  sometimes  gets  in  the  way  of  
pragmatic  business  outcomes. 
Tell  me  about  your  involvement  with  NIRI  generally,  and the  Virtual 
specifically,  and  what  you  get  out  of  it.  
As  you  can  tell,  I  am  a  huge  NIRI  fan.  Living  in  Australia  and  traveling  as  much  as  I  do   
means  I  can't  be  there  in  person  at  NIRI  events  so  the  Virtual  Chapter  is  the  next  best  thing.   
I  appreciate  the  resources  available  and  participate  in  webinars  as  well  as  use  the  on-line   
Tell  me  a  fun  fact  about  yourself  that  not  a  lot  of  members  know.  
I  started  riding  a  skateboard  just  seven  years  ago!   

New &  
Renewed Members
NIRI Virtual would like to welcome and congratulate both our new and renewed members.

Lee Ahlstrom    
Paragon Offshore
  Amy Giuffre                     
Harley-Davidson, Inc.
  Nicholas Perez                       
Kei Advisors LLC
Brian Alford                     
Enable Midstream Partners
  Gerald Gradwell     
Walgreens Boots Alliance
  Carey Phelps                       
BMC Stock Holdings, Inc.
Tania Almond                        
WR Grace
  Stephanie Gregor           
Fiserv, Inc.
  Mary Winn Pilkington   
Dollar General
Scott Beilharz                       
Erie Insurance Group
  Michael Herley                 
Kekst and Company
  Melinda Pipes                       
VF Corporation
Jimmie Blotter                   
PNM Resources Inc.
  Sheryl Joyce                   
Perfect Channel, LTD
  Claudia Pitre                 
Barrick Gold Corporation
Julie Bull                       
Dillard's Inc.
  Jon Kathol                         
Tyson Foods, Inc.
  Heather Pribyl               
Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc.
Melody Carey                         
Rx Communications Group
  Julie Kegley                    
Tyson Foods, Inc.
  Richard Ramlall
Ramlall Partners LLC
Rebecca Corbin               
Corbin Perception Group
  Cory Kos                       
Cameco Corporation
  Heather Rowe                       
Five Prime Therapeutics
Janet Craig                          
Fortis Inc.
  Gregg Lampf                     
CIENA Corporation
  Francisco Victor Salas      
Aboitiz Equity Ventures
Patrick Davidson 
Oshkosh Corporation
  Patricia Leahy   Jeffrey Schoenborn        
Casteel Schoenborn
Richard Davies               
Richard Davies Investor Relations
  Daniel Leckburg                     
CACI International Inc
  Ramesh Shettigar     
Troy Dewar             
Photronics, Inc.
  Heather Livingston               
The Cheesecake Factory, Inc.
  Taryn Shulman                    
 Q4 Inc.
Chris Donaghey               
 KEYW Corporation
  Renee Lyall                   
  Joost Slooten                 
Barbara Doyle                   
Itron, Inc.
  Kelly McGeehan               
  Brian Smith                  
Electro Scientific Industries
Patricia Eisenhaur          
Albany Molecular Research
  Michael McGuire                 
CVS Health Corporation
  Tripp Sullivan                       
SCR Partners, LLC
Thomas Eureste           
  Francis Milano            
 Strategic Investor Relations
  Peter Vozzo             
Westwicke Partners, LLC
J.P. Fielder                         
Exact Sciences Corp.
  Henrietta Nagy                     
 Kei Advisors LLC
  Ian Westbrook                     
Hill + Knowlton Australia
Mark Fioravanti         
Gaylord Entertainment Co.
  Kayleigh Painter             
Cedar Fair Entertainment Co.
  Erin Winters                     
Bemis Company, Inc.
Dennis Gerber               
Kimball International, Inc.
  Shaleen Pellerin         
MidSouth Bancorp, Inc.
  Erik Wright                             
The Taubman Company

Hi ghlight

Investor targeting and shareholder outreach are at the heart of an IRO's mandate, and a critical measure of an IR program's success.  In fact, the quality of investor one-on-one meetings is the most widely used qualitative metric employed to judge the effectiveness of an IR program (BNY Mellon "Global Trends in Investor Relations - 2015").

Given the importance of investor meetings and shareholder outreach, it is critical that an IRO leverages all of his/her resources to secure meetings and ensure that those meetings are as effective and productive as possible. Q4 dives into how IROs are leveraging real-time surveillance to navigate today's trading ecosystem and pinpoint the most qualified targets available.

For more information on innovative IR solutions including websites, webcasting, intelligence and more, please visit our website at:

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