NJP News | Volume 3| Issue 2
Just released!  NJP's 2016 Annual Report highlights the life changing work you and all of our supporters make possible. Last year NJP legal assistance directly helped nearly 30,000 people in Washington address their basic human needs. We could not do this without your support, the support of our elected officials, and our partners in Washington's equal justice community. Thank you. 
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Senior Citizen's Home Saved

Amal * a 90 year-old Somali woman was saved from homelessness when NJP's Foreclosure Prevention Unit (FPU) intervened. Amal had fallen behind on her homeowner association (HOA) dues and had few options when the HOA filed a judicial foreclosure. FPU located an estranged relative living in Canada who was also named on the deed, and arranged a transfer of title to her. FPU then assisted her with an application for a Rescue Loan that allowed her to pay off the debt and save Amal's home.

*Not the real name
A New Life, Free of Fear

Barbara* is now free from the constant fear she lived in for twenty years. Married to an extremely controlling, coercive man who was capable of grave violence, her life was filled with dread. He controlled virtually every aspect of Barbara's life. She was prohibited from leaving the house, having friends outside the home, and working. The constant threatening and abusive behavior had a profoundly damaging effect on her.

When Barbara was finally able to reach out for help, NJP's King County office represented her in a lengthy divorce trial. After her detailed and graphic testimony the judge entered a parenting plan giving her primary custody and sole-decision making authority for her teenage son. This was a huge relief that Barbara would not have to interact with the father. The judge also granted a 10-year restraining order to protect the client from further abuse or harassment.

*Not the real name
Clearing the Road for a Fresh Start

Susan,* a recovering meth addict, got a big boost in her efforts to turn her life around. She completed drug treatment and is working toward an Associate degree to pursue her goal of becoming a landscape architect. A suspended driver's license and $2,000 in civil traffic fines, mostly from penalties and interest from the collection agency, presented a huge obstacle to her success.

NJP petitioned the court on her behalf. After reviewing NJP's arguments and Susan's sympathetic supporting declaration, the court waived the traffic infraction in its entirety along with all the discretionary fees and costs for her criminal citation. This left a greatly reduced balance of $145, for which the court ordered a $10 monthly payment plan. With this obstacle removed, Susan's goals are that much closer to reality.

*Not the real name

Charlie Mitchell , (NJP-Vancouver), was honored by the Clark County Board of Health for: " Advancing social justice for low-income clients by ensuring their access to affordable, quality healthcare."  This recognition for Charlie's expertise in health law and his life-long legal aid advocacy work took place at the 2017 Public Health Community Awards on April 26, 2017. Congratulations Charlie!
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