July 2017

July  News & Updates
NSREA's 2017 Recertification Conference is quickly approaching. Within this installment you will find the latest news and updates regarding our event and your Recertification Conference Digital Program filled with all the information you'll need. 

As we approach this opportunity to sharpen our minds we encourage you to sharpen one another as well. Connect with and embolden those around you. Let each of us network with each other in a genuine fashion. Let us freely share information and resources thereby strengthening the foundation of this strong community of valuation professionals.
NID-HCA to Sponsor NSREA's 2017 Recertification Conference

NSREA would like to take this opportunity to thank our partner, NID-HCA (National Investment Division-Housing Counseling Agency), for t heir sponsorship of this year's Recertification Conference. It is with this generosity and support that NSREA is able to continue moving forward with our goal of training and empowering the next generation of black appraisers. 

Appraiser Shortage: Where Does it Stand and What are the Solutions?

One of the foremost goals of NSREA is to provide high quality mentorship and training to the next generation of black appraisers. This timely Inman article by Amber Taufen expresses one of the many reasons why this is so important; the tide of the appraisal industry depends upon it. The current environment of our industry is ripe for a surge of well-trained professionals. Join us as we strive towards realizing this aspiration, allowing the next generation of black appraisers to fill this need. Click here to read more about this appraiser shortage, the cause and potential consequences. 
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Recertification Conference Digital Program

This year we are pleased to provide a digital copy of the 2017 Recertification Conference Program. Click here  to download your copy and view it on your smartphone, tablet, or other device or feel free to print a hard copy.